Sunday, July 16, 2023

Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter's File Hi-Res Scans Now Available

High resolution scans of the long-out-of-print Rockman DASH 2 Final Digouter's File are now available at the Internet Archive courtesy of our friends Vii (@0xmortis) and RockmanCosmo. This book's contents have been sporadically shared online over the years, but never before in such excellent quality and all in one place.

While the majority of the book serves as a game guide, it also includes several pages of rare and never-republished concept artwork. You'll find a treasure trove of unused Bonne and Glyde Gangs mechs, Reaverbots, characters, and more odds and ends like Rock Volnutt's civilian clothing. There's even a few early cutscene story boards too!

Please note that the scans are currently presented in their original Japanese format. However, if there's enough interest in a full scanlation similar to the Great Adventure Guide, this miiiight be something we can pursue in the future. 

For now, hit up the link above and thumb through this fantastic piece of history! 

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  1. I love this art style so much, the characters just have such unique shapes and personality to them;
    truly part of what makes this series so charming.

    I'm getting to a point though were I'll accept a lower budget Legends 3 game done in the style
    of a Metroidvania game with Shantae like aesthetic, as long as it means getting SOMETHING
    from this amazing series.

    Anyways, always great to see lost works like these getting revived and archived!


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