Thursday, May 11, 2023

SOFVIPS Rockman Toys Pre-Order Details

Following the reveal of SOFVIP's Rockman toy back in March, Japanese toy maker Electric Toys has finally open pre-orders. Not only that, there's a Cut Man toy too!

Both toys are made of soft vinyl and will be sold for 9,340 Yen (approximately $70/63€) each. Rockman's toy measures 17cm tall and Cut Man 21cm tall. Both will be on sale this coming November.

In the case of Rockman, you can pose him with or without his buster. Worth noting that they recommend warming the vinyl up a little before attempting to change his regular arm. Cut Man, meanwhile, comes with no extra parts.

You can check out more images after the break!

If you wan to pre-order or see more images you can do so here!


  1. I dunno... $70 is kinda steep for something that's kinda fugly

    1. These seem like small-batch art figures, imported, and not mass-produced action figures, so that's probably why they're $70. They might even be hand-made in Japan as opposed to a factory in China.

      I'd happily add that Cut Man to my collection, and I like this Rockman figure more than the Jazwares Retro Roto ... though comparing them isn't fair; Jazwares was only $10.

    2. Yeah, that's cute, but would it be nice if toy makers i.e to the Megaman/Rockman franchise would develope models of all the other robot masters, sub-bosses, vehicles (Rush Jet, Rush Marine, Rush Bike), items, power adapters (Super Megaman and Super Bass) ,allies and minor enemies instead of just main characters in particular! I personally believe that fully articulated or authentic pvc figures would really bring in an abundance of sales, but who knows! Maybe I'm wrong! L.o.l " Cut Man "! Please!?!

  2. The style works much better on Cutman than on Rock.

  3. Okay, yes, I pre-ordered these.
    I guess I collect sofubi now, because those X-Plus figures totally count.

  4. I tried ordering them, and the store said that they don't ship overseas.


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