Monday, May 15, 2023

Kotobukiya Mega Man Mega Man 11 Version Trailer, Pre-Orders

After 10 years, Kotobukiya is finally rolling out the new and improved Mega Man 11 version of the blue bomber. And starting today, pre-orders are now being accepted! You can snag yours from our friends at Hobby Link Japan right here.

Kotobukiya also released a brief trailer showcasing various action poses and a comprehensive overview of the kit's contents. You can find a more extensive rundown of the kit's features and accessories from the video description above.

Mega Man Mega Man 11 Version is due sometime in winter 2023. We'll have a better idea of an exact release date over the coming months!


  1. Looks beautiful! The MM11 art style is quite awkward and eh in my opinion but this kit remedies that, looks like a more modernized version of the old Rock kit from 2010. Definitely buying.

  2. This is mine and this is mine... “looks at first X and blade X... AND this is MINE!

  3. Preordered. Can't wait for this one.

  4. How much does it cost to ship this? All it shows me is the private warehouse but no way am I ordering it until I know the shipping.

    1. The Blade Armor shipping was approx $32.

      If it helps BBTS preorder isnlive at $69.99

    2. Right but BBTS also charges tax (for US states with sales tax) , and at least $4 shipping.
      It's easy to forget about tax from them because they don't charge that until you ship your "Pile of Loot."

      My guess is that importing -- even from some place like AmiAmi of HLJ -- will be cheaper (or at worst: comparable) after shipping from BBTS, and you'll get it 2-4 months earlier.

    3. Yeah, I might just go HLJ this time around. Even with shipping the price difference is $5 or so in the end.
      And I managed to get the Blade Armor from them in like a week, BEFORE KotoUS delivered the First Armor.

  5. I love it! I've already made it my mission to get every new kit in the line and this is certainly on the top of my list. I wasn't a fan if the way Mega Man looked in the original kit but this is certainly an improvement


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