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Kotobukiya Blade Armor X Review

Kotobukiya is back again with their latest offering: the Blade Armor from Rockman X6 which released in April 2023.

While X6 isn't everyone's cup of tea, its visually striking armor and unique gimmick cannot be denied. But did Kotobukiya successfully execute this complex design? Let's Mach Dash past the break and see what this one has to offer!
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I feel like I say this with every review, but I truly mean it when I say that these kits are getting better and better with each release. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though, because there is a lot to say about this beauty. 

The Blade Armor was the main armor upgrade in Rockman X6, allowing X to junction the Z-Saber into his Buster for a never-before-seen level of power! While it visually takes several design cues from the First Armor, the Blade Armor stands on its own with multiple small details. Adorned with several green gems, this kit will really stand out in your display.

Much like the previous release, X's First Armor, the Blade Armor is made of the softer ABS plastic, so the pieces are much less rigid and easier to work with. This also makes the kit easier to pose and move around.

Don't let this kit's complicated design or thick instruction manual scare you; it's one of the easier builds in the line. Kotobukiya really got a feel for how these characters should be built. Plus, the excellent color separation delivers a complete experience right out of the box. So grab your tools, take your time, and have fun building!

The main gimmick here is X's ability to switch the buster between two states: one for ranged combat and one for close combat. Thankfully, this kit allows us to easily switch between the two modes. First, we will look at the ranged mode. The fins on the buster close inward to resemble a bow, allowing X to fire his buster unhindered.

The second buster-mode is the namesake of the armor: Blade Mode. In this mode, the Blade Armor buster's funs open wide to resemble a sword hilt. Included with this kit are two blades for your buster, a shorter blade, and a slashing blade! Even with just two different blade options, you can use these to create all sorts of interesting and unique poses, so have fun with it! But by now, you may be wondering how to change the modes of the buster...

Well, fear not, because it is actually a very simple process. Included with the kit is an item used to help you out. It may look like it, but this isn't the Z-Pipe from Zero's flashbacks in Rockman X4. It's actually a small tool used to take off the side-panels from the buster while it is in ranged-mode. This is a very simple process, due to some smart engineering. The red portions of the fins have a little divot that the tool fits right inside. Due to this being made of the softer ABS plastic, there is no danger of your parts getting damaged from this process.

Before adding a blade, you will first need to remove the buster gem, which, again, is extremely easy. Just slide the backside of the tool into the buster to pop out the gem, and you'll be good to go. I was a bit intimidated by this process at first, but it is incredibly simple and nothing to worry about. There are two sets of the larger yellow fins, and they slide in and out very easily, so you just need to swap them depending on what look you're going for.

The kit also comes with a Z-Saber and hands to hold it. As a bonus, since the parts are interchangeable, you can use these hands to have your Second Armor X or Rising Fire Fourth Armor X hold a saber if you'd like.

This kit also includes saber-holding hands for normal X. And while this exact look cannot be done in the actual games, with everything being interchangeable, you are free to use your sense and skill to create any look you'd like! Personally, I like seeing this armor one piece at a time like the older armors, and now I can do that whenever I want, and now you can too!

Included are the usual sets of hands (in red), a Z-Saber, a buster with two configurations, two different blades for the buster, three faces, two sets of saber-holding hands, and a Z-Pipe tool to help with the buster mode changes. This guy is just loaded with accessories, so have fun with this unique armor! 

That's it for this one. This is another top-of-the-line kit, so get it while you can! With the recently revealed Falcon Armor incoming, we will finally have representation for the first 6 Rockman X games in a single line! Let's hope this momentum continues!

Second Armor X (Double Charge Shot Ver.) - to be released in August, 2023


  1. Nice. Now I just gotta decide where to order it from.
    HLJ is a premium after shipping... But maybe I'll do that and get a 3mm stand or something to make it worth it.
    If I order from KotoUS, the other sites get it first.
    If I order it from BBTS, KotoUS gets it first.
    So whichever I order from, it will be the wrong place 😡
    Still waiting for KotoUS to get the First Armor in stock. It's getting silly.

    1. Have you checked Amazon Japan? I already received mine by ordering there

    2. I wont do business with Amazon. So that would be no.

  2. Sure is expensive on BBTS but a good price on HLJ. How much does it cost to import a kit from HLJ?

    1. For me, $32 bucks (cheapest option). That was with this kit and a display stand ($7).
      It's more expensive in the US because of freight fees getting the models off the boat. It's cheaper on HLJ cause you grab your ankles on shipping and handling.

    2. ordered this kit from HLJ, last time I received one customs fees were about $30

  3. I ordered all of mine from Amazon Japan to deliver in Europe. Fast, reliable and good prices. Cheper than importing from elsewhere or buying locally.

  4. In theory it was nice but figuratively... nom nom nom nom nommmm... “TMNT Rise purple”

  5. Already order at the first announce, I love X6 and of course the Blade armor! The release is again a winner. The line is frankly beautiful and amazing. Sadly, The price of those MK are more expensive since's a pain but the passion is here.

  6. I wish these weren't so expensive. I would love to own x, zero, and axl, etc. but i can't afford it.

  7. I love this honest review of Blade Armor. Love reading the blog.


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