Thursday, April 27, 2023

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Sells Over 1 Million Units Worldwide

Capcom has announced that two weeks after its launch, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection has officially sold over 1 million units worldwide, making it the fastest selling Mega Man game of all time. Without question, it's on track to overtake Mega Man 11's lifetime sales of 1.6 million units, a feat that took around four years to accomplish.

The one million unit milestone consists of combined Volume 1 and Volume 2 sales across Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. Needless to say, this achievement is truly outstanding and unprecedented in the franchise's 35-year history. We haven't seen anything like this before. 

The Battle Network sweep is here. 

Source: @MegaMan


  1. Welp, that confirms it. Battle Network is the future of the franchise. The blood is in the water for all the sharks to whiff!

    1. Battle Network wouldn't have that future if it wasn't for the original that it depends on so much.

    2. Don't do that, don't give me hope.

    3. If anything, the lesson Capcom will learn is that re-releasing the old games is the future of the franchise.

    4. Yeah, tired of seeing just re-releases and 3+ years of just dive. That is taking the lazy and cheap way out. A one trick pony these days.

    5. I sure hope BN is not the future, the X series fans have been waiting for a x9 since 2005 while Legends fans have been waiting even longer. I’d even rather see MM 12 over a new BN game.

    6. I'd rather see a new Battle Network over a Legends game, but I will tell you straight-up, I love the platformers as much, if not more than BN. I'll take an X9, ZX3, BN7, SF4 or heck even a Zero 5, (His, is probably my favorite series, and he, my favorite protagonist) even if it retconned/undermined things for future series, or Capcom can make remakes (that adjusts some of the quirks of his character design and the games' gameplay). Speaking of that, I wish they could go back on their word and retcon Legends out of the main timeline. That whole everything "leads to Legends" is a big ol' bummer. Legends can be its own sub series, just separate its universe like Battle Network.

    7. Really? You poor soul. You dislike Legends that much you’ll take any if the other subseries? I get everyone has their own opinion but…yikes.

      I could care less if it was branched into a separate timeline, but honestly it isn’t nearly as bleak (minus that cliffhanger ending) compared to the events of X or Zero.

      Seriously man, Legends deserves a sequel before any of those games. Try it again, rediscover the charm.

    8. I mean... I am not actively hating on Legends, it has some.... charm,... But I will not lie to you and say I don't like the gameplay loop, aesthetics, music, story etc etc of the other games more. Legends is just bland to me, and not that engaging. It can get a 4th chance and that's fine, I wouldn't be angry about that, but I just would rather the other ones get updated more.

      I will say this tho, let's say Capcom makes a new Legends, and it is up to the quality of Breath of the Wild but with maybe better combat.... That....

      A. Would probably be the best game in existance to me, even irrespective of how I feel about the lore and story. I would like the designs updated tho.

      B. Would likely never happen... It just wouldn't.

      C. Even if it did, it might bomb commercially, cause I can see it now, everybody and thier cat will be comparing it to Zelda (an impossible standard, becuase Zelda has this culture of prestige ingrained in its massive influence), making it come off as a knockoff and trend chaser. I know Battle Network will come up as justification, but the difference is, Battle Network isn't actually like Pokemon at all. Those two games have radically different game designs and what you get from one cannot be interchanged with the other. People who say it is a Pokemon knockoff really have very little basis for that claim and are often people who just want to smear with disrespect. Legends of Mega Man and Zelda though, legitimately play like eachother. One has emphasis on projectiles and the other on close combat, and even than that is a shallow practical distinction. Actually most differences between them are like that.

    9. Legends needs a Remake with re4r quality and effort.

    10. I do prefer more Legends games and X and ZX, but also yeah, it needs a graphical remake.

    11. "Legends needs a Remake with re4r quality and effort."

      No. That would fail spectacularly... It will never, EVER do anywhere NEAR the level of sales to justify that cost.
      What it needed was just a $5 dollar uncut release on PS4/5, X Box, Switch and most importantly Steam, along with the PSP games and other niche titles they can't be arsed with putting in a box.
      It's almost free money at that point.
      Then let the modding community have a blast with it.

    12. You really think in the age of BOTW and Elden Ring that a well made, high effort open world 3rd person shooter platformer hybrid would sell poorly? Absolutely not.

      And besides, RE Engine is perfectly capable of making things without murdering a resource budget with all the assets they can reuse and how simple it would be to make things in that art style.

      Heck, just making circle a souls like dodge button alone drastically opens up the combat. They can get the monster hunter and Street Fighter team to aid in enemy design to make the gameplay pop like they clearly did with RE4R. Take inspiration from Kingdom Hearts for visuals and they literally have a multi million seller.

      The potential to snatch the young Nintendo crowd with a fixed modern version of what they have solidified would work WONDERS for Capcom in terms of both profit and merchandising. There is literally no better way for Capcom to get huge in the public eye than to just reintroduce the general population to the Servbots.

    13. Speaking of Steam, it's pretty funny that BN isn't listed under Mega Man lol.
      Right now there are 6 games, 2 DLCc's and 28 soundtracks on the list and BN ain't one of em...
      That's freaking hilarious 🤣

    14. "You really think in the age of BOTW and Elden Ring that a well made, high effort open world 3rd person shooter platformer hybrid would sell poorly?"

      Yes I do. Not enough to match Resident Evil... If that's the standard we are going with. Legends is niche. MEGA MAN is niche. It took MM11, with pretty BoTW level graphics, several YEARS to get to 1.6M units sold. It took RE4R less than a month to get to 4M units sold.

    15. You're not getting it. Megaman is niche but he also got a spot on the Smash roster and a massive publicity boost with Battle Network Legacy. A game that looks like a faster paced take on Breath of the Wild with Megaman Legends charm is PERFECT for the current gaming landscape.

      Look at how well Genshin, a sequel in the impact franchise that was a niche of a niche of a niche, ended up doing with how it reminded people of BOTW. A kid looking at a video of something that looks like the in between of Botw and Mario with robots and charming characters like the Servbots and Kattleox residents would be a SMASH hit compared to a 2.5D platformer that doesn't even look half as good as indie offerings with more content that existed at the time of MM11s release, like Hollow Knight.

      I truly hope Capcom sees the money on the table and picks it up. Megaman can very easily go from Niche to Household brand again if they simply capitalize on it's success and really put forth an effort.

      A Legends Remake would very easily fit the bill, but there's also hope for whatever Taisen is too.

    16. "Right now there are 6 games, 2 DLCc's and 28 soundtracks on the list and BN ain't one of em...
      That's freaking hilarious 🤣"

      Not really, it might just be because it is new. It'd actually be funny if tomorrow Mega Man Battle Network was included in the Mega Man list of games, and it was just general practice to be added later historically, thus making you look like you are reaching and grasping at straws to confirm your bias. Now that would be funny. I mean it's funny anyway that it's this of all things that amuses you since the game is CLEARLY a Mega Man game evidenced by, you know, everything about its branding and production, right down to the Legacy Collection series... Which on a funny note, now that I think of it, skipped right past Legends.

    17. I "get" it just fine. I strongly disagree with you. I am telling you it wont sell what you think. Mystery Audience X is just that. For 35 years Mega Man has been around. It has NEVER done Mario or Resident Evil levels. So why would Capcom make an investment like that? He's been in smash for years. So what? He had a cartoon too. Several even. Where's that mystical audience? All you can tell me right now is there is maybe a little over a million of em. At best 2. Thats your scope. They can work within those means and grow slowly. Rockman's not a new IP to gamble on. Its got a proven track record and they have the cost benefit of the work figured out by now.

      And you know... BN may have 1M units sold. That does NOT mean you have 1M new customers NOR 1M existing for that matter, when people buy mutiple copies. And whats more its a "combined" sales figure of volume 1 and 2. So its closer to 500K customers than 1M, right?

      It doesnt matter what other games and genres do. Its not that simple. Theres a lot of random chance involved. Legends just didnt break out. And considering it was quite bland in a lot of ways (the dungeons, the reaverbots, etc) I dont see how it would fare much better today with a new paint job. And if your gonna remake it with radical changes might as well just do something new. Hello Taisen (probably, if its not dead yet). And that comes with yet MORE problems.

      Look at BN. It came out and, to my eyes, cashed in on the Pokemon era boom. Yet last time I looked only one of them broke 1M.

      Anonymous #3477269210047B plural Z
      No shit.

    18. @DarkDreamTCK

      "compared to a 2.5D platformer that doesn't even look half as good as indie offerings with more content that existed at the time of MM11s release, like Hollow Knight."

      Gonna have to disagree with you there, not only does MM11 look half as good as Hollow Knight, it looks straight-up better, plays better too. Also way to throw the very foundation of Mega Man (the 2.D action games) under the bus for BotW clout. Also, last I check, Mega Man 11 had more modes of play than Hollow Knight, and was sold for less on certain platforms, correct me if I am wrong. By the way, using that logic, 2D Mega Man should sell gangbusters since 2D Mario games sell in the 10s of millions, right?

      I mean if you're gonna treat 2D Mega Man like that and want the franchise to be carried by becoming BotW 2.0 (never gonna happen) for "non Nintendo users", than why not just abandon the franchise all together and create a new IP????

      You hear that Shrap. At least us Battle Network fans have reverence and respect for the main timeline games (especially Classic, especially 11). Meanwhile Legends enthusiasts treat them like they are cheap throwaways even in the face of indie games of over half a decade ago.

      PS. Being a BotW alt is only a small part of the reason Genshin is successful, I'd estimate that being a gotcha, mobile style looter RPG, that has a wide variety of cross-platform play made possible by a account carry over system with high production value for such a game, and waifus as a hook, is a much bigger part of the equation. In other words Gention is like X-Dive the most, your proposal just wants to take any semblance of Mega Man out of that except servbots (not even Mets) which literal only ever appeared in the Legends games, and.... I don't know, human or whatever, mechanic Roll or something?

    19. My God neither of you actually understand the point that I'm trying to make and it's genuinely frustrating to the degree of which I damn near am no longer interested in entertaining this. But because we are all on the SAME SIDE I will try one more time.

      Shrap- my point is, if they're going to do something with Legends, it should be in the remake faction rather than the rerelease faction, in a manner akin to RE4 Remake. It doesn't have to have the production values or money thrown in, it can be similar in fidelity to monster hunter rise on a pretty low budget and it will do very well in this other, altho I truly believe that getting Servbots in the public eye is the best type of brand appeal to making Megaman one of the most profitable franchises out there because they hit the appeal of minions and Pokemon cuteness. My ultimate goal is the health of the brand to encourage more Megaman EVERYTHING and the best way to do that is to get those cute lil buggers in the public eye.

      @anon- I meant that from thru point of the general public, not that i think that way myself. I love Megaman 11 but casuals I've talked with as I tried to sell them on it basically all say the same stuff. Hollow Knight is a solid 30-40 hour game compared to Megaman 11s 4-5. A Legends Remake would have a wider appeal than a 2d platformer just from how many platformers there are as opposed to 3d ones. If it was actually a Remade, as dang near a brand new game like how Capcom has been doing the Resident Evil remakes. Just the Legends equivalent of that.

      But again, idc at the end of the day it it's that or a new thing or whatever. This is just in the case of what they should do with Legends, as releasing those games as they were in a collection like the others will DEFINITELY fail. Those games did not age well enough for the Minecraft generation to be able to gel with em.

      Either way, I want them to take advantage. Megaman is in the perfect position to be a brand as big as Mario or Sonic. He has too many qualities of the biggest brands, he's just not in the public eye like he should be

    20. Hmm, following this conversation, I had remembered hearing offhand on the Battle Network subreddit that Capcom's advertisements for hiring on the Japanese side recently added the Battle Network series to their portfolio there, alongside Capcom's obvious flagship franchises.

      As I have no idea how to navigate there on my own, is anyone here more familiar with that matter?

    21. I've been poking around the JP site and I can't even find anything remotely like what I read in that comment.

      I did find a very old presumably pre-release article talking about the development of MM11 though, and it apparently alludes to discussions about which MM series to attempt to revive around the time that they decided on MM11. I assume you've already seen it, but just in case...

    22. @DarkDreamTCK

      "I love Megaman 11 but casuals I've talked with as I tried to sell them on it basically all say the same stuff. Hollow Knight is a solid 30-40 hour game compared to Megaman 11s 4-5."

      Yeah but, that assumes length is measured only by the main campaign. Whereas speed-running can artificially lengthen the gameplay of a game like Hollow Knight, time attack etc is built into Mega Man 11 proper, giving it density. You are not taking into account achievement value within the game design.

      That said I had no idea you were speaking for others. The way you wrote it comes off as YOUR opinion entirely.

      "something that looks like the in between of Botw and Mario with robots and charming characters like the Servbots and Kattleox residents would be a SMASH hit compared to a 2.5D platformer that doesn't even look half as good as indie offerings with more content that existed at the time of MM11s release, like Hollow Knight."

      This comes off as a write-off of Mega Man 11 specifically. If you were making a general analysis of market trends or demographic data, you would have worded it something like this

      "something that looks like the in between of Botw and Mario with robots and charming characters like the Servbots and Kattleox residents would be a SMASH hit. Trends have shown 2.5D platformers outside of Nintendo first party titles don't do as well as premier 3D action adventure games generally. Even when compared to lengthy acclaimed 2D games with stylized hand drawn vector graphics like Hollow Knight, which many believe to be a better value than Mega Man 11 is."

      This is more akin to what you say you were trying to convey.

      Even then I would say Cuphead, Metroid, Ori, Sonic etc is proof positive that there is a thriving market for 2D platformers of varying success and marketing strategies. I would argue that even then the potential has not been met for what a 2D action platformer could achieve with the right IP, timing etc. Either way, that is neither here nor there.

    23. Oh snap I forgot to put the original in quotes. Yeah that's totally my bad man. Wasn't gonna type all that with a single thumb but yeah that correction is basically the gist.

      Cuz the simplicity of Megaman 11 in the current landscape just generally doesn't grab people as much as content thick Metroidvanias, stylized experiences like Cuphead or roguelites. Mania is kinda an exception due to the intricacies that is Sonic's brand appeal, but even then Mania didn't seem to perform too much better than Megaman 11. It's just really hard to sell zoomers on platformers unless they really pop these days. And we need the babies buying

  2. That's great news! it's only a matter of time before they announce a new battle network game or a star force or legends legacy collection.

  3. When I used my psyche to predict Capcom's official sale number, I got 1.75 million.

  4. At this point, we might get another RPG before another platformer

    1. That's exactly what I want! xD I mean I wouldn't mind another X/Zero/ZX game or a Legends game but if we got another Rockman EXE/Ryuusei no Rockman title I would be on cloud nine.

  5. Letsss gooooooo!!!! Megaman ExE

  6. What are the other collections at?

  7. In fairness you can't really compare the collections sales to 11. Mega Man 11 is one game. This is 6 Battle Network games NEVER released in a collection ever -with- online play that 11 didn't have.

    I just hope this at least means we'll still at least get a 12 and/or X9 soon too. I'll like ANY news on a Mega Man 12/X9 at this point. Even a "we'll tell you in a few months what's going to happen" thing.

    1. I think there'll be news regarding any other game after this one has been out for a while.
      strategically, it's what make the most sense. Relaunch the hype around the franchise when it's starting to settle, avoid having Mega Man games competing with each other like in the 2000.
      I'm pretty sure it's no coincidence that they have been doing that since 11. Announcing one after the previous has run its course.

    2. Odds are, if we do get any more Mega Man soon, it will be Battle Network. Capcom is a company, and they would judge it by sales, not necessarily what people are asking for. They will see how successful the LC was, and realize they can make money off of another game. The OG Legacy Collection sold well, so 11 got made. X Legacy Collection sold, so they made X DiVE (Not that that counts much). I have a feeling something similar will happen here with BN.

    3. Also the sales are split across 2 volumes and a bundle while mm11 is one release lol

    4. Alright - Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 took a little over a year for 1.2 million.

    5. "Odds are, if we do get any more Mega Man soon, it will be Battle Network."

      History shows that every few years Capcom decides to just make a brand new spinoff to chase a new audience rather than cater to the one it has. We shall see.

    6. Mega Man 11 also got released on XBOx ONE and Luna if we are really going to be petty.

    7. "History shows that every few years Capcom decides to just make a brand new spinoff to chase a new audience rather than cater to the one it has. We shall see."

      History doesn't show anything because Capcom has been markedly inconsistent over the last two decades.

      The 2000s were an oversaturation of games in the market, with new releases for every series and some of them nearly annually.

      The first half of the 2010s were the dark ages, we all know the history. Inafune leaving, cancellations, and nothing but licensed merch and fangames to show for it.

      The latter half of the 2010s were when things started to pick up. Initial divisiveness over the first LC but which led us to MM11. Sales numbers have been nothing short of great for the various collections, and I think we face the very real prospect of a new title being announced over the next year or so. Compare right now to 5 years ago and it's a completely different tone.

    8. "X Legacy Collection sold, so they made X DiVE (Not that that counts much)"
      technically Dive was in the work at the same time (if not before) the X collection.

      @Shrap, currently it's clear that Tsuchiya is going for a "focus on the already existing series" approach, likely to consolidate the franchise as a whole. That's why they make legacy collections for each series to make them easily available to a large audience.
      Which is arguably the best way to chase a new audience.
      Plus each new series had different factors behind their creations (Legend happened at the time where every franchise was expected to switch to 3d, Star Force and ZX when their respective series had concluded their stories while still qualifying from 2000's Capcom rule of everything that sold decently enough get a sequel. And X was intended to cater to the same, now older, audience as it's predecessor). As you say, we shall see.

      "Odds are, if we do get any more Mega Man soon, it will be Battle Network." That is a possibility, but then again 11's success opened the way for collection of the other series and not just another classic.
      Again, Current Capcom seems to go by a logic of Mega Man as a whole rather than each series separately.

      My best guess is that we'll get Legend or Star Force collection next. But anything could happen.

    9. "History doesn't show anything because Capcom has been markedly inconsistent over the last two decades."
      Inconsistent yest, but history has proven.
      EXE itself was a reboot. They tried to do it by turning X into Iron Man but that failed to launch. Fully Charged was just the latest reboot attempt and that was 2018.

      "I think we face the very real prospect of a new title being announced over the next year or so. Compare right now to 5 years ago and it's a completely different tone. "
      They will do something, sure. I got a feeling they will do one of two things: They will go the safest route possible or they will do something completely bonkers. Probably both at the same time. Like when they released EXE the first time around, with Zero right on it's heals. They might do the safe route and announce 12 (which doesn't take 5 years to make) or an EXE and then Project Taisen which, just hypothetically speaking, is gonna be some sort of attempt to appeal to current gaming trends rather than existing styles.
      We shall see what it is.

    10. "EXE itself was a reboot."

      A reboot of what? Certainly not the Classic timeline, since you know.... X, Zero and even Classic (yes OSS counts), continued congruently with it.

    11. Given the reboots have failed more and more as the years go by, with Fully Charged and the Pachislot game being complete financial disasters that even Capcom doesn't like to discuss, and the Bayformer X and Universe not even making it out of early development...

      And there are plenty of ways to make "12" take 5 years, trust me.

    12. "Alright - Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 took a little over a year for 1.2 million."
      It was more than 1.4 million and if it was anything like Megaman 11 most of the sales were some time in its first quarter of release.

    13. 1.4 million, correct. However, from July 2018 to February 2019, XLC1+2 was around 920,000 units WW.

    14. Now that's a substantial showing to compare. Impressive!

    15. The gap between MM8 to 9 was 12 years. 9 to 10 was about 1 and a half years, then suddenly 10 to 11 was 8 years. Now we're at 5 years and counting for the possibility of MM12.

      Capcom does whatever the hell they want.

      TBH a new Battle Network-style game is absolutely going to be a reboot no matter what, given how the 6th game ended + it being almost two decades since the last new game in that series. Sure, we could get a new sub series picking up with what was mentioned at the end of Battle Network 6, but I think today's Capcom has far loftier goals.

      Capcom is much more likely to swing for the stars, going in a direction that every single Battle Network fan back in the old days had imagined at least once, but such theoretical ideas weren't possible in that time period outside of MMOs. The ability to create your own human/navi duo with the standard BN plot and setting, with post-launch Monster Hunter-style updates with new areas/enemies/battlechips and accompanying story being released every few months, multiplayer being optional hub-based, and largely monetized via cosmetics options.

    16. @AnonymousApril 28, 2023 at 11:47 AM

      "A reboot of what? Certainly not the Classic timeline, since you know.... X, Zero and even Classic (yes OSS counts), continued congruently with it."
      Just because Classic continues congruently with Exe doesn't mean Exe wasn't a reboot since it features the cast of the first game even if it's in a different order. It's as much a reboot as the Pachislot game or Fully Charged since it re-creates its characters, plotlines and backstory from the beginning with both small and big changes in scope.

      @AlilatiasMay 5, 2023 at 4:34 AM
      "That's not how any of this has ever worked, everyone not buying Network timeline games doesn't mean more Robotics timeline games get made or vice-versa. It realistically just means THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE enters hibernation again."
      Not really, if one sells more than the other then of course it means they would consider making a new game to the one that sold more but still not being a guarantee. Hibernation? Not necessarily, they could still make a new game without it having anything to do with sales of a previous game.

      "Or did we all somehow magically forget what happened for the entire past 15 years? Star Force ended and Inafune torpedo'd Legends forever,"
      Headcanon, how would you even know what Inafune did? Were you in the office with him?

      "we got an 8 year gap between MM10 and 11, and we're at 5 years and counting waiting for 12. We never got a new X game out of the deal either, just a monetized mobile game that failed and then a rebooted gacha in X-Dive five years after that."
      Why are you assuming they would be making a new game from sales alone? Capcom has shown they make a new game whenever they feel like it. X-Dive is a rebooted gatcha? Since when?

  8. I expected it, but didn't think it would be THAT fast.

  9. Capcom's results this year are going to be insane with Re4 late in the 1st quarter, this collection now and Street Fighter 6 in early June...


  11. Still no new game. Hmph I say HMPH!

  12. Dare we hope for a new Battle Network game that spends more than a single year in development and not beholden to the space limitations of GBA carts?

  13. Quite frankly, this result isn't surprising to anyone that was actually paying attention. Maybe to a fandom that only had reason to care about the platformers for the past decade (for good reason, at least), and the fandom wars of old between the platformer timeline and the network timeline fans likely made the latter seem a lot more niche around these parts. But the fandom for the Battle Network games largely existed out of sight, especially since most of the fandom at the time was mostly concentrated in Japan, and the English MM fansites used to be a very hostile place to be for the English Battle Network fans.

    Anyway, these games had also been building up a reputation among the general gaming community for having a story premise and combat system still considered completely unique for the past two decades. Even in the years building up to the collection's announcement, you had people like Dirge on Youtube making combo demonstration videos a decade after the series ended that still managed to get like 1+ million views, and a small dedicated PC emulation playerbase setting up their own multiplayer network and creating their own netcode for it, long before Capcom announced the collection. Word about the latter spread far enough that people were calling the series GBA E-sport games a few years back.

    (Very serious about the last two points, as seen below.)

    The announcement of the collection was also rather low-key, to the point where a bunch of people weren't even aware the collection even existed until the Capcom stream before TGS last year. There was even one amusing point where the Monster Hunter subreddit in particular somehow went kinda nuts seeing the Battle Network collection in the stream lineup.

    Plenty of people who had never owned a GBA or didn't play the Battle Network games in the series heyday were rather eager to jump on the collection, to experience a game series and combat system that many fans were saying were a decade ahead of its time. That coupled with 20 years of nostalgia for people who had played the series (or those who had played one entry but dropped out at the time, but are now interested enough to see the rest of the series through), and the collection hitting 1+ million this soon was a very expected result.

    1. Can I ask why this was the length of a essay

    2. Don’t mind me, it’s just vindication almost 20 years in the making.

    3. @Alilatias
      sales = vindication???

  14. While I'd love to get another X game, I'm glad sales are good for MMBN and wouldn't mind a new entry that actually integrates online play in the game in ways the original games only wished. I do also wish the other collections got the love the MMBN collection did. I'd just be happy if they released DLC in the form of the side games like MMX RPG, Maverick Hunter X, Saturn versions of MMX4 and MM8, translating Super Adventure Rockman, etc.

  15. That's pretty impressive. Talk about raking in the sales fast.

  16. I love Battle Network and I did NOT think that would happen! .... Come on, DLC3; Other Spin-off like Network Transmission; WS, 4.5, (Chip Challenge)... Heck maybe Operate Shooting Star!

  17. I agree with alilatias wholeheartily

  18. Me again, like said before, i hope star force and legends get legacy collections.

  19. I expected this to sell well over a long time but i did not expect to sell that fast. The Bn community from long ago was okay in size but never anything to write home about. But now the hype and overall fan base growing over the last 2 decades really has shown that this series is loved by many and in turn that is shown by sells of the collection.

    very happy to see this sell so damn well and in a short time. Maybe this is the start of the franchise having a new renaissance with sells going up. This is starting to give me the same vibes as Fire emblem Kakusei, That was the final shot they were giving FE and if it didnt do well they would kill it off. But look at what 1 game did for that franchise.

    My hopes for the future of megaman are at a all time hi. I hope with this we have a better future with maybe ZX3 finally getting out and x9 along with other games. I cant wait to see what this brings

  20. Now do Ryuusei 😭

    1. Yeah!! do that, mega man star force needs more love!

    2. It wouldn't be much of a collection. All you could do with each title is make them one game that has all the exclusive forms between their versions. Even then, it would only amount to three games for a hypothetical Star Force Legacy Collection. They'd need to add a lot of bonuses to justify it.

  21. cool, but honestly, still not expecting much to come from this in terms of a new game. Even when MM11 met quality records and became the best selling game in the series or whatever they didn't really capitalize off of it. Even with a fanbase dying for a continuation of any part of the franchise, Classic, X, Legends, BN, with indie companies literally just making their own MegaMan type games, Capcom just....don't seem to really care. I've got at this point such negative faith in capcom's ability to work off the constantly dying momentum of the MegaMan franchise. Not gonna get my hopes up just to wait another decade for an okay game based off of some good sales numbers on a collection once. Neat news, but I fr can't bring myself to care unless they seriously say/show they're making something.

    1. What are you talking about? They're capitalizing on it like, righ now.
      How exactly do you think they got to bring every series to modern systems?
      If it wasn't for 11 success, they wouldn't have tried to release a X collection.
      And why do you think they bother doing that?
      They won't make a X9 to sell it to the 200 people who bought X8 in the 2000's, they need the rest of the serie available.
      Sadly this means waiting a long time until they bring everything back up.
      Think of the bigger picture.
      And how can you say the momentum is dying when you're literally reading a new about the best launch of a game in the franchise's History?

    2. "And how can you say the momentum is dying when you're literally reading a new about the best launch of a game in the franchise's History?"

      This is Rockman Corner, home to some of the most passionate, yet cynical folks in the fandom.

      I do get a kick out of the ones who clamor for some of these sequels, year after year. I agree with the Classic and X series needing new entries, but the reality is Capcom isn't going to invest in developing sequels to games last released 15-20yrs ago and barely broke six figures in units sold (Legends 2, ZXA, etc.). I'd love it as much as anyone but I just don't see it happening.

      What Capcom is likely doing is being very deliberate in understanding market demands. Collections/remakes are very common in the industry right now and for good measure. Many people here absolutely trashed the Legacy Collections, calling them "cash grabs" and to boycott them, but from a sales perspective they've been phenomenal, which shows that both longtime and casual fans are happy to spend money on replaying these games from their childhood.

      I like to go on social media and view comments on the Mega Man official accounts to see what most casual fans are asking for, and yup, it's MM12 and X9. I can see either (or both) of these becoming a reality in the next 1-3yrs, maybe a new BN entry or spin-off thanks to the sales of this collection, but that's probably about it. Just my two cents.

    3. Which is why I support the idea of a Legends 3 anime/comic/whatever to fill the gap.

    4. Agreed with DeepSigh. Capcom can't be trusted, honestly they couldn't be trusted since ps2 to ps3 era with their double dipping and DLC=Disk Locked Content days. For Megaman specific, they never knew what to do with them. Reading interviews and the artbooks, they tell you how nobody knew nor really cared what to do. Inafune was checked out by X2 merely dropping in to do stuff with Zero here and there.

      Capcom is a company of very uncreative and lazy people. They never want to take risks. Lightning in a bottle does strike every now and then, but they never do it more because it takes too much work.

      Look at how many times they report Resident evil games as failures despite the sales. Honestly, best to just take the franchise away from them at this point. I believe we won't see a substantive Megaman game ever again. How many anniversaries go completely unacknowledged by Capcom. Can't celebrate a 35 anniversary when you've had two periods of nearly a decade without a game. 35 years old? More like 15, 20 at most.

    5. Uh... what are you talking about? Capcom is crushing it in gaming. Resident Evil has regained the crown as THE horror/third person action shooter series in the world. Monster Hunter is crushing, Street Fighter is about to be crushing, Devil may Cry is crushing, Ghost and Goblins did good. They are making Dragon's Dogma 2, a game regarded as the best combat and class system of any hi-fantasy 3rd person action adventure RPG. They are taking risks with Exoprimal and Pragmata.

      PS2-PS3 era Capcom BTW was responsible for some of the greatest experimental games ever made. Viewtiful Joe, Onimusha, Devil may Cry, Monster Hunter, Okami, Dead Rising, Ace Attorney etc and some banger cult classics like Lost Planet, Asura's Wrath, God Hand, Shadow of Rome etc. Not to mention the Mega Man games and series.

      Also personally I think Mega Man 11 is the best game in the classic series and was a great look into how good the current Capcom team is at level design, visuals and game mechanics. All they need is a top tier musician and a bigger budget, and they are on the verge of a masterful team that could create a masterpiece or two.

    6. Capcom as a whole is doing well, but I'm speaking of specifically the MegaMan content that I just feel has been kinda lacking. I've seen a lot of comments over the year say that an X9 or Legends3 would only sell to a niche crowd, but I don't know if people are just thinking a sequel would be more of the exact same thing or what, but I've always felt like if they just put in some serious effort and expanded the game both in quality and content, then it could appeal to a larger demographic than just people that played the old games. Similarly to how SF6 is doing currently. It might not be the biggest thing ever but it'd be a nice start and a good addition to work from. It seemed like a lot of people felt MM11 would be like that and work as a solid launching point for another stronger title, but the momentum from that kinda fell to the wayside for a while. Most people that aren't glued to MegaMan content don't even known XDive is a thing (plus the game kinda weak anyway), and the legacy collections are neat, super glad they exist but it's nothing particularly new. And even with that, seeing the recent interview where capcom guy said how they were surprised at all the support for the BN collection is just like....why? How is that even surprising? Makes me wonder if Capcom truly recognizes the value of the franchise and the fanbase.'s been around a decade and the only solid food we've gotten are collections, subpar mobile game Dive, and MM11. No tangible sign of anything else in the works, just speculations. What are we doing. After the community got burned with Legends 3 back in the day followed by the massive content drought for ever, the cynicism from people isn't too unexpected. Like, I agree, this corner of the web does have some extra toxic commenting to the point where I often don't like being around here lately, but damn when you're starving for some actual fresh and fulfilling MegaMan food, it's hard to suddenly be hopeful because of sales stats. You can say this news proves good momentum, but you could've said that with MM11 and that was 2018. It's 5 years later and not much has happened in my opinion. It's mad frustrating so I can't even be too upset when people are heavy venting.

      But hey, I guess we'll see in 2-3 years if they do something with this momentum. They certainly could, but I'm not holding my breath. And to be honest, even outside of games, the MegaMan content feels so underutilized. if they want an audience they can build that. You got an official Medabots v-tuber channel, you got Wendy's literally twitch streaming and interacting constantly with people via twitter directly, you got Studio Trigger gaining more attention through twitch, discord and youtube recently, Sonic with full orchestrated anniversaries, solid april fool's games for free, and streams. Meanwhile, what the MegaMan doin in a present day environment literally 20XX current day not taking advantage of platforms or new tech when this current day world is dang near built for it. There's a few things here and there, they got inclusion in Teppen and a fresh Rie Tanaka cover of Freesia from MMZ4 3 years ago, a translation of some old stuff here, and comic page there... but that stuff is pretty under the radar. My feeling is, Cap could do way more with MM but aren't and if it's not because they don't care, then I don't get it. But I guess we'll see within 3 years.

  22. Great. . .Now maybe Capcom will feel compelled to mint more physical copies.

    1. You're going to have digital releases only and you're going to like it! >:D

    2. God damn it tiny protoman stop with that sass

  23. Replies
    1. Totally! Just finished Xenoblade 3! One of the best stories I've experienced in a LONG TIME.

  24. It's probably successful from the PVP elements (and first collection, including three whole platforms rather than one) rather than some secret eruption of Battle Network fans. Especially in Japan were small games are at a premium over console things due to smaller spaces and long commutes.

    Capcom has always been bad at business and bad with Megaman. They've never known what to do and honestly treat him with contempt. Their badness at business is why they've nearly destroyed themselves twice now, or at least killed the fighting genre a few times, with all their reboots, double dips, and releases of the same game with minor changes. Hell, there are 7 versions of Street Fighter 2. Even when a game does sell well like a Resident Evil, they usually report it as loss anyway because they had insane unobtainable expectations. I don't know if it's "creative" unethical accounting or genuine stupidity.

    Capcom is generally responsible for their own problems and failures and they've never liked Megaman past SNES and X4. They kill it themselves more than alleged lack of sales and interest. They are a microcosm of EA. Buy(make) an IP, give it no marketing or attention or force it to do something it's not known for or comfortable with, it sells poorly, act surprised and kill it thinking it's the fans or sales rather than their own piss poor management.

    And MM11 was only ever a one-off FU you Inafune who rightfully deserved it at the time.

    Capcom does not care and are generally incompetent. It's only the magic lightning in a bottle chance that the standout hits ever appear like DMC5 and Monster Hunter World.

    The people speculating generally don't understand how business REALLY works in the industry now and how Capcom are responsible for their own failures and not the game not selling well to consumers. Voting with your wallet has never been a thing for about two decades at least.

    The main triple series of classic, X, and Legends have tremendous untapped power but they have no one creative or interested to handle it. You read interviews and you find out how scared employees are to take up mantles and responsibilities. They are afraid to try and do new things mainly out the pressure from the business units and higher-ups only caring about money-making.

    1. Your comment isn't bad overall, but the implication that "CAPCOM didn't like Megaman past SNES and X4" is extremely silly. There were many developers - not just Inti, who sought to bring their love towards the series and their vision to life. You might not like what they made, but I'd argue that almost any game past that time has at least more passion behind it than Mega Man 5 or X3. If you mean CAPCOM as in those at high up, then you should have specified so. Inafune isn't the only person with a vision, nor is his vision particularly good if you ask me.

    2. I do think this comment is bad overall. Don't blame Capcom cause they invested in 2000 Mega Man games that only like 3 were "bad" and people returned that effort by buying 8 copies each.

      Ain't no company has time to sink into financial failures. Vote with your wallet... gimmie a break. Only now with these sparse new entries and re-releases has the series seen consistent decent sales. I also bet, I BET a Legend's collection not bundled with any other series to carry it, will be the worst selling of these collections. So far the collection do seem to reflect the original popularity of the series they feature, and Mega Man Legends was almost never as universally beloved as it is now in retrospect. It always had its hardcore, sure, everything does, but to pretend like it didn't have like 4 chances and magazine ads and commercial spots (JP) etc and still bomb, and was critically and community controversially received, is a complete rewriting of history (a history I experienced first hand).

  25. Can't wait for Capcom to oversaturate the franchise with Battle Network crap again and cause another Megaman drought before we get X9 or Legends 3

    1. Classic caused the oversaturation and drought. With .EXE at least we have the chance of seeing NetNavi versions of X and Legends characters.

    2. Yeah, like you, I don't care for Dive of battle network (I assume you feel as I do on this). For me, it is the main timeline series all the way. We need X9, Legends 3, ZX3, and even MM12, and needs to release as often as in the 90s or 2000s. I would rather they once again over-saturate the main timeline real MM games vs a drought. Tired of these spin off distractions. An excuse for capcom to be lazy and make easy money. The best thing people can do is stop buying Dive and show less interest in BN to hopefully get more main timeline stuff. People need to up their standards. None of this stuff lately counts as MM, as far as I'm concerned.

    3. What caused the oversaturation was actually the continuation of no less than 3 subseries simultaneously. Pretty sure zero 2, bn4 and x7 all released in the same exact year. Classic didn't have any entries during the oversaturation era.

    4. "An excuse for capcom to be lazy and make easy money."

      I don't think Battle Network, or heck even X-Dive is lazy, but I do think they make easy money. What is wrong with easy money?

      "People need to up their standards."

      I think Battle Network is some of the, if not, THEE, highest quality games on the GBA (along with Metroid, Mega Man Zero and maybe Zelda) translations aside. So where else does my standards need to go... Legends, the circle strafe marathon with tank controls? What's the "raised" standard? Battle Network never replaced the 2D action games, EVER, it just was better received than most of them during their run.

      "The best thing people can do is stop buying Dive and show less interest in BN to hopefully get more main timeline stuff."

      Nope, the best thing people can do is buy a ton of "main timeline" games. Capcom did make a ton of them before, I'm sure if money is on the table again, they will make more (like MM11). They are not even made by the same teams of people.

      "None of this stuff lately counts as MM, as far as I'm concerned."

      Luckily that's not that far.

    5. Yes Gary, we know you hate Dive and want to see more sequels, you bring it up ad-nauseam. And stop with the gatekeeping. "This doesn't count as MM" or "I've been a fan longer than you" is just infantile.

      What makes you think Legends 3 or ZX3 will be a successful endeavor for Capcom? Legends 2 and ZXA sold about a tenth of what the BN LC just did in a week. We all want more MM games, and I enjoyed ZX and Legends as much as anyone, but MM is a niche franchise, Capcom knows this and are likely to invest in just one or two series moving forward to ensure they actually get an ROI. This whole mentality of "Stop buying X so Capcom makes Y instead" is silly and not something I'd expect for someone as old as you claim to be.

    6. Again, a BN7 would be much better for Legends/ZX fans than a 12 would; with BN there is a chance of NetNavi counterparts to Legends/ZX characters (as well as Zero, which is over), unlike with 12, which will do nothing to advance the narrative or acknowledge these other characters without someone like Inti Creates doing homage RMs.

    7. "we know you hate Dive and want to see more sequels"

      And I take it you don't. Thanks a lot for helping to prevent it for the rest of us. I detect butthurt in your responses. Did I strike a nerve (couldn't resist, huh)? Even threw and ad hominin my way about age. Feel better? At least I have a name, granted, the last name is not in the name since I value online security.

      Wow, I can't tell if you are the same person making 3 posts or separate anons. So I can't take you seriously. BTW, demonstrate to me Capcom will let do real main time line MM again. And who is to say if they did go back to Legends and ZX, it wouldn't sell well now. Did the collections not do ok and win over new fans?

      As long as people keep buying Dive, it just sends a message to them not to bother making others. In this case, easy money could hinder progress, just as profiting off a problem on some things can. Next time do one post instead of 3 in a row. Also, yes, up one's standards vs satisfied with gacha and stuff made of tiny screens and I will keep saying it until it changes. Don't like it, don't respond, anon.

      Just because it bothers you, I will say it again: This does not count as MM to me (if you actually played MM before this), and it not even part of the story of MM. Unrelated spin offs aren't. What is infantile is like you being a-ok with it and calling yourself anon then attacking me because you got offended. This site needs to not allow people to be called anon.

      If one stops buying X, capcom knows to not keep making X, and it could freeing up resources and attention to make Y potentially if that is the issue here. Let's see, as long as Dive has been bought for over 3 years now, not one release of anything else or new game. Could it be that I'm right and that wasting time on making this X is coming at the expense of Y, or is it a big coincidence nothing else is made or even announced since Dive started (collectoins don't count)?

      Also, I never claimed age or old, and age doesn't mean much at all. So expecting this and that based on age is not valid as each person is different. Keep being content with gacha and collections though and then belittling those who want to see legit sequels to main timeline series with the original story of MM. Thanks a lot. You aren't helping. Keep buying this and divert attention to this at the expense of people who wants to return to the MM series and its story as it was an continue the story.

    8. @Gary Daniel: That's not how any of this has ever worked, everyone not buying Network timeline games doesn't mean more Robotics timeline games get made or vice-versa. It realistically just means THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE enters hibernation again.

      Or did we all somehow magically forget what happened for the entire past 15 years? Star Force ended and Inafune torpedo'd Legends forever, we got an 8 year gap between MM10 and 11, and we're at 5 years and counting waiting for 12. We never got a new X game out of the deal either, just a monetized mobile game that failed and then a rebooted gacha in X-Dive five years after that.

      The Network games can't be blamed for any of that, considering you know, it was hibernating throughout the whole past decade.

    9. Also it's kind of rich that anyone would try to argue that the Network games are lazy, ignoring that the same argument was levied against the Robotics timeline games for heavy asset reuse and unchanging gameplay structure by the general gaming press prior to the Network games existing long ago. If anything, in terms of overall development effort, I'd imagine creating something like the Network games is at least much more effort due to requiring an actual writing department alone. And that's before we even get into the coding required for the actual combat to work along with multiplayer functionality on top of that. It's honestly baffling that the games came out as frequently as they did, but the question of how they pulled this off was answered by the interview posted recently, with what they said about the Battle Network games not even having a prototype development phase.

      There's a reason why a lot of early indies were all platformers and turn based RPGs, and we haven't really seen very much trying to emulate the Network games in comparison.

      That said, there's also much to be said that Capcom could have made more Robotics timeline platformers right now, if they were indeed easier to develop for compared to the Network timeline. It feels like the only answer there is for that is the devs behind those games don't have much desire to make them right now. I am sure Capcom as a company wants more to exist and they are definitely swimming in tons of Monster Hunter/Resident Evil/Street Fighter money to throw around these days, but if the desire to actually develop the Mega Man platformers isn't there, then it simply won't happen.

    10. Capcom isn't following business logic lately with MM. MM11 sold well and 5 years now and the collections and not one sequel resulted (history shows is sold well, we see a new game about 1.5 years later on average), so it seems at this point, buying MM isn't gonna do a damn thing when it comes to sequels. Like I saw some saying on this forum, Capcom just doesn't seem to care about MM anymore. Normally well selling games = sequel, but we are not seeing that. I do wonder if their teams are even large enough to work in multiple games anymore, so that is why I say buying too much of this might come at the cost of making anymore normal MM games. How it normally works doesn't seem to apply with Capcom anymore. Capcom even said that an X9 would pend on MM11 and X collection sales, they sold well, yet here were are years later with no X9 in sight. How it normally works doesn't seem to apply in this case, in case many here haven't noticed the past few years. Buying it all you want won't mean they make more these days.

    11. No one said the network games were lazy. I think Dive that mostly just reuses characters from older games and characters from others random non-MM series series is and just releasing only collections is and when it comes to MM, Capcom has been lazy lately with the series. I did not mean Network itself. Just that all Capcom does is milk Dive and release nothing but collections these days for almost 5 years now, or building a game around a mobile vs a console or PC seems like the cheap lazy way out (it takes more work and money to build it around the big screen with console or PC gameplay in mind; so I think the fact they tried Legends 3 for a 3DS was outright lazy vs console and that would only encourage me to emulate it). Heck, the collections on steam even had lag issues for X games that they never fixed (lazy), and after some research, I was fortunate enough to learn to use trial and error and tinker with the config file in notepad for the X collections to seemingly eliminate the lag in the first collection of the X Series on steam.

    12. Speaking of DiVE, you notice how it's becoming less and less relevant? Give it a year. 2 tops.

    13. Gary:

      "And I take it you don't."

      Actually, I don't like Dive either and don't play it (I don't like mobile games in general). I just don't make it a point to bash it in nearly every post I make on here. Everybody notices. When there are MM-related ventures I'm not crazy about Dive, Fully Charged, etc.), I just kind of ignore it and move on with my life.

      "BTW, demonstrate to me Capcom will let do real main time line MM again."

      I'll tell you why they'll do it: Because I've dealt with people that have the same attitude as you for as long as I can remember, always saying Capcom will never do anything with MM again, calling to boycott whatever new thing was stoking their rage. And when MM11 was announced? They were nowhere to be found.

      "And who is to say if they did go back to Legends and ZX, it wouldn't sell well now."

      Because Legends and ZX sold poorly, and no decision-maker at Capcom in their right mind will greenlight those on the hope that a sequel to poorly-selling game from 15 or 20yrs ago will suddenly sell well.

      "As long as people keep buying Dive, it just sends a message to them not to bother making others."

      Or maybe Capcom can walk and chew bubblegum, no? Dive isn't preventing any games from being made. Capcom is simply taking advantage of a market (mobile gaming) like every other company is doing with their IPs. You do know that they made a whole slew of mobile Rockman games back in the day, right? Did that stop any of the games that came after them? See, this is where you, as the hardcore fan, think you know all the right answers for how a publicly-run company should handle things.

      "This does not count as MM to me (if you actually played MM before this), and it not even part of the story of MM."

      And I'll say it again: Nobody really cares what your personal opinion of what MM is or isn't. If it's licensed by Capcom and says "Mega Man", guess what, it's Mega Man. It's not my opinion, it's fact. You can scream into the ether all you want about how something "doesn't count", but it won't change it. And MM2 was the first game I owned back when I was 6, so yeah, I've played a bit before this.

      "You aren't helping. Keep buying this and divert attention to this at the expense of people who wants to return to the MM series and its story as it was an continue the story."

      And to wrap it all up, more gatekeeping. You are one of the true fans and part of the solution, and everyone else is part of the problem. Except the sales numbers from the collections kind of prove you're in small company.

    14. I just don't make it a point to bash it in nearly every post I make on here

      Most topics posts I don't even post in. But when most posts are just dive, I can't ignore it. That is slowly changing, thankfully, as nothing lasts a forever.

      "Because I've dealt with people that have the same attitude as you for as long as I can remember"

      Because I see how the trend is these days and the heyday of MM seems over, so my attitude is based on observational evidence and realism. I will not hype until I see evidence they are making a MM game, that is why I did not believe the Taisen 2022 rumor, and I was wise by not. I have learned not to hype or get my hopes up about things in life in general, especially things that are extraordinary (at least not anytime soon).

      "and no decision-maker at Capcom in their right mind will greenlight those on the hope that a sequel to poorly-selling game"

      If the Zero ZX collections did well, they could. The collections were to gauge if there was interest in the franchise and then determine if a sequel is worth the risk, though it is possible the ZX collection didn't do as well as the X and classic ones. Also the logic doesn't follow because games that have sold well like MM11 to this day have not got a sequel and they claimed X9 would depend on the sales, yet they didn't follow through. I don't think Capcom is the pinnacle of logic these days, so trying to apply business logic to them these days may not hold at least with MM as they choose not to capitalize on MM11's success else they would have by now. Maybe they just don't want to invest extra into a real game and want low overhead and tones of profits. Capcom changes over time and is not the same as it used to be. So I rightfully question their choices. Just as Konami ruined Contra or discontinued good series like the original Castlevania series, Gradius, or actual Contra games and did some pin ball machine instead, that turned out to be a failure.

      "Dive isn't preventing any games from being made"

      Maybe, but the fact that as long as Dive has been out, I see no peep of any new game makes me wonder, so you can't blame me for seriously thinking this. I mean, if Dive is raking in the doe, why invest into another project that is risky as long as Dive keeps it up? Taking no risk and sticking with Dive easy money seems logical, yet again, they weren't logical following up on M11's success, maybe because that takes more money and work to make an Capcom seems stingy nowadays. Takes far less money to make games for lower res mobile and not make it a full blown platformer with a deep story and all new characters and all new assets and ideas that aren't rehashed slightly updated from older games.

    15. continued:

      "Nobody really cares what your personal opinion of what MM is or isn't."

      It isn't just mine, but the majority of fans. So people do care. Also if you don't care, why waste your time making lengthy replies to me. You could at least stop calling yourself anon so I can distinguish between who is who. From a storyline and game play perspective, it literally is not MM, but I suppose I could say the same about Network and even Legends (at least Legends is vaguely connected to the main time line story). Just as calling recent Yugioh anime 'Yugioh' is a bit silly when Yugi is long gone and they are not even using the same timeline anymore. May as well call it duel monsters or now just Rush Duels.

      My main rant was about the fact that all they been doing is Dive and collections for 5 years now, nothing else. I was not targeting Network serious specifically. I wouldn't have a problem if they were actually making new games along side this, but lately, it really feels it is this at the expense of that, else we should see it all happening side by side if man power isn't the issue.

      For all I know, Capcom has a labor shortage, in which case, it really could divert attention away from some projects to prioritize others, a lot like if you have limited construction workers in a small city (unless you can automate them) and they have to do 1 or 2 project at a time, then move on only after those are over, and that shortage also makes it more expensive, thus literally can't afford to do more than 1 or 2 at a time, minus federal and state sources, of course, unless that labor shortage is nationwide from lack of infrastructure investments.

      I like change and open to it and we need change (I own Doom Eternal and it is great), but I like good change, not reducing quality, and classic style games can stuck around too, but with graphic updates. Like how it is silly some are content just using 'only' their 6 inch phone at home for games and movies vs high powered desktop (can have both) if at home. That is not raising standards but lowering them. Why even make a phone 1080p let alone 4K if you can't even make out the details. Overkill. If I'm home and playing a game or watching something, it won't be on a phone. If cost is a issue, a laptop would be better than a phone.

    16. So the MegaMan fandom does have these "boomers" aswell lmao
      Thought i'd only ever see those in the Power Rangers or Sonic fandoms but I guess not...

    17. Yep, many of us remember the roots of MM. And y gen is more accurate. I prefer it to look modern detailed though. Not obsolete NES or older look. Maybe some here should go play the games and find out why they are preferred. Go play all the classic, X, ZX, and Legends since you don't know what you are missing (unless you have already). It is better quality than dive for sure, but many wouldn't know since they never experienced MM. Play it and enjoy the gameplay and story. You won't regret it. But I do like they have up to date graphics like MM11 did. They can go back and make it with the latest engine. By the way, I like some newer games too, like Doom Eternal.

      Really should get to know someone before bashing them or making assumptions, and wow, so many anons on this page. I wish they would require one to name themselves so we can distinguish between them all. Of course the baseless claims and jabs from faceless nameless people really isn't a big deal. What matters is one with a face and name, preferably someone I know. My advice is if someone has nothing nice or smart to say, they are better off not saying anything at all.

    18. @AnonymousMay 6, 2023 at 11:54 AM

      "And to wrap it all up, more gatekeeping"
      Imagine being that old and still being so stupid to not realize that gatekeeping is the developers and fans must. Otherwise you end up with a very easy RTS starring an anthropomorphic protagonist but it's a-ok because the title says "Mega Man", right? Clown.

      "You are one of the true fans and part of the solution, and everyone else is part of the problem."
      Nah, YOUR kind are exactly part of the problem that doesn't care about the games but will buy anything or won't but are still okay if anything goes because gOtTa sUpPoRt tHe fRaNcHiSe leaving said franchise without an identity. It's exactly the same kind of self-destructive "fan" that gives companies the wrong message like Sonic where Sega kept changing game gimmick to chase an imaginary audience and "fans" still kept buying those very different games which lead to highly divided sets of fans all wanting radically different games even though they are all high speed platformers. If the same happens to Mega Man both Capcom and your kind are absolutely to blame.

      @AnonymousMay 12, 2023 at 1:14 PM
      "So the MegaMan fandom does have these "boomers" aswell lmao"
      Ah yes, anyone that disagrees with you is a "boomer" typical immature behaviour.

  26. Very very excited for the future of the franchise.

    I say this everywhere but I'm hoping for a sequel series for the future of BN, using OSS Geo as a gameplay base. (Lock on button, shield button, battle network format). Maybe have an alternative to chip codes to allow less folder restrictions (the idea of different elements having different support use in sf3 was good, they can restructure and expand that as a replacement to chip codes) but keep MB for chip limits.

    Combine this with more stuff from Star Force 3. Outside of the method of increasing the noise gauge and necessity of 50% to activate noise change abilities, everything surrounding the noise system was FANTASTIC and NEEDS to be part of whatever the next thing is. Having this as a base of a new sequel series to be expanded upon would be INCREDIBLE.

    That and do a Megaman Legends Remake. I fear Legends shows it's age much more than any other game in the franchise and a Remake would work WONDERS for expanding the franchise as many would be able to see what was so special about it without being stopped at the gate of controls.

  27. This is crazy. At this rate, I can see the collection reaching 2-3 million units sold by the end of the year. If that were to happen, we can expect the new megaman game to be battle network, lol.

  28. I guess there's still the Starforce and Legends collections to arrive... Well, as much as I am happy about that I really wish Capcom would release the unreleased games from the franchise (Exe 4.5, Network Transmission, Megaman & Bass, Power Fighters, Maverick Hunter X, and so on...). I mean these are beyond incredibly developed games and really deserve their attention as well. Someone on youtube mentioned that it could be Megaman "Gaiden" Collection, I would genuinelly love that.

    Plus, I'm concerned about what Capcom will do after all these collections are released. Are they just gonna go on another decade long hiatus for Megaman? Or are they gonna give us X9? Legends 3? Battle Network 7? Anything like that or play it safe like they did with Megaman 11?

    I don't have anything against MM11, it was a genuinely great game, really glad it was released, but let's not forget Classic Megaman is the most milked Megaman Franchise. I really want some attention to the other ones. It's ok Capcom, release the other collections, however I'd really like to see something more bold from them. More daring storytelling, new intriguing gameplay mechanics, more ambition...


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