Thursday, April 27, 2023

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Japan Sales Report April 17-April 23

Due the stock shortage announced last week, the Japanese version of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection didn't shine exactly as bright as it did during its debut. A natural drop was expected.

For the week between April 17th to April 23rd, Famitsu reports that the Nintendo Switch version sold 6,342 units charting at #5. This brings the physical Switch version in Japan to a total of 58,717 units without counting the download card version.

The PlayStation 4 version didn't enter the top 10 best selling games this week. It remains to be seen if the PS4 version will rank among the top 30 titles for the week when that data is released later. 

If we combine the current data for the physical Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions, the Legacy Collection has sold 71,709 units in Japan.

As of a few days ago, the game is back in stock throughout Japan following a nation-wide sell-through. It will be interesting to see how sales progress next week. Stay tuned!

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  1. This is awesome! Looking forward to seeing the numbers this is doing in the West whenever that info is readily available both for the physical and digital release across all platforms. Just to get a bigger picture of the total sales figures thus far. Especially Steam where it seems like it's doing really well all things considered.

    A quick glance at steamdb shows that Vol. 1 has had a peak high of 4k players and about 2k for Vol. 2. Understandable lower numbers with the second volume since more players are probably going through the games in chronological order who've purchased both. This also only accounts for those playing online simultaneously, and not the additional sales of people who may have added it to their library, but may have not played yet for one reason or another.


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