Monday, April 10, 2023

DiVE Armor Zero Joins Mega Man X DiVE This Week

In the midst of the Easter Event, the North American server of Mega Man X DiVE's global version sees the debut of DiVE Armor Zero this week. The Capsule comes packed with a single free 10-pull and DiVE Armor Zero drop rate will be up to 2%.

DiVE Armor Zero is based on the level 80 armor with some color changes. If you want to know more about his design, you can check this brief Q&A session with Keisuke Mizuno.

When it comes to the game's other servers, the EU server will get Bass Cross MegaMan with a single free 10-pull and the LATAM server will get Eratoeir with a single free 10-pull too.

And that's all we can tell you this week. For more information check the developer's social media or the game itself this coming Wednesday!


  1. Speaking of reveals, F4F is making an X statue and just emailed people today about the teaser. (10Apr2023)

  2. Meh. I'm on Global, which is the Backlog and not the Deep Log. We'll never get these's impossible.

    1. This new IS about global. Dive Zero have been on the asia version for a year now.

    2. …allegedly.


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