Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Dark Rockman Joins 3rd Rockman EXE and Medarot S Crossover Event

A third collaboration between the Rockman EXE series and the mobile game Medarot S has been announced out of the blue, and it's expected to drop on April 6th!

Compared to the previous two collaborations, this one may not be as remarkable since the only new feature added to the game is the Dark Trance Medarot, inspired by Dark Rockman. Players can acquire this Medarot through the Pick Up gacha and other special collab gacha banners that will be available starting this Thursday.

What's more? All the Rockman EXE inspired Medarots, costumes and BGM tracks from the previous collabs will be available once again.

If you wish to check the announcement stream you can do so here!


  1. Replies
    1. Medarot in Japan, Medabot in western regions. Unsure about Asian regions, but I assume they're Medarot there. unless they're english speaking nations ala SEA nations where they could be Medabots.

    2. both! Medarot for japanese, Medabot for english.

    3. Medarot in Japan, Medabot everywhere else.

  2. Well, if nobody else is gonna say it…
    Dat Meda-booty~ 😎

    I'm not apologizing.

  3. Cool another megaman.exe crossover


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