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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection FAQ and Impressions

After spending some time with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, we're excited to share the juicy details you've been eager to know. How does the collection measure up? Have there been any unannounced changes or alterations? Are there any secrets? You can find the answer to these questions and more below!

General Questions

How do the games feel? Is there input lag? Music quality? Save states?

I didn't notice any significant input lag. All six games felt responsive, even during intense and chaotic battle scenes. I had the original GBA cartridges running on original hardware beside me; everything felt right by comparison. 

However, there were a couple rare occasions where MMBNLC froze for one to two seconds right before the Custom Screen appeared at the start of battle. I first noticed this in Battle Network 2 and again in BN4. It did not impact my experience in any significant way, though. 

There is a noticeable delay when the BGM transitions from map to battle screens as well. It's brief but it's present in all six games. Additionally, moving to a new area triggers a subtle"fade" effect between songs, which wasn't present in the original GBA versions. This does not appear to be a bug; it just might be the way the collection (in its current state) loads music. It really didn't bother me too much, though. I think those who are new to the games may not even notice it.

Pixel shimmering happens to appear exclusively in Battle Network 3's smaller Computer areas. Changing the game's display settings doesn't remedy this. This small hiccup is by no means a deal breaker, but it's something I hope to see ironed out in a future update (nothing has been announced at this time).

The new "hi-res" font isn't great. I thought I would get used to over extended periods of play, but it's very jarring. It clashes with the sprites and looks very in-authentic. There's no option to revert back to the original font, unfortunately.

Battle Network Legacy Collection does not feature save states or a "rewind" feature. Speaking as an experienced BN player, the absence does not bother me. But if you're feeling rusty or just new to these games, you might see this as a deficit. Buster MAX mode is very handy, however, and you can enable it any time. It's extremely helpful if you're wanting to blaze through redundant areas or BN4's New Game+ variants. 

Did Capcom remove or edit any of the "questionable" dialogue?

The English script for Battle Network 2, as well as for every game in the collection, remains unchanged in terms of crude and suggestive language. However, Capcom did include an "insensitive content" warning when you boot up the collection, followed by a message assuring players of the company's commitment to positive inclusion and referring them to the privacy policy for further information.

So the English scripts are the same? What about the Boktai scenario in BN6?

The scripts for all six games are exactly the same as their GBA counterparts, right down to iconic typos, mistranslations and errors. "Legs go, Lan!" and "Load Chaud" chief among them. Some minor edits were made here and there, such as Z-Saver being correctly changed to Z-Saber and SpoutMan as AquaMan. 

The Boktai scenario in Battle Network 6 has not only been restored but received a brand-new translation. Fan-made patches addressed this issue years ago, but now we have the opportunity to officially experience it in English for the first time. The new translation includes a small mistake that's kinda funny. I won't spoil it here but keen-eyed fans will notice it.

Does the 3D MegaMan do anything significant on the PET main menu?

Yes, indeed! I was pleasantly surprised by how lively and interactive the guy is. Pressing the L1 button cues MegaMan to "speak" to you, much like how he interacts with Lan in the games. MegaMan provides fully voiced dialogue and commentary, a performance admirably delivered by Andrew Francis of NT Warrior fame. Some of MegaMan's dialogue can only be heard under certain conditions and even at certain times during the day. For instance, if you're playing late at night, he'll suggest you go to bed, while a "good morning!" greeting awaits you at sunrise. 

If you leave MegaMan idle, he'll strike a few poses and even amuse himself with the Mr. Quiz theme. He even congratulates you every time you beat one of the games too. There's a lot of fun dialogue that, from my observation, differs slightly between Volume 1 and Volume 2. 

If you're not a fan of Andrew Francis' take on the character, you can easily change the language from the options menu. No English subtitles, however.

All in all though, the 3D MegaMan is incredibly endearing and brings back nostalgic childhood memories of pinning for my very own Net Navi. You're gonna love it.

Gallery Mode Questions

How's the Art Gallery? Any secret art like the Mega Man 11 teaser in Legacy Collection 2?

No teaser artwork this time. But I'm happy to report that the gallery is extensive and includes several pieces of old art that's been rarely, if ever seen. No spoilers here - you'll have to check it out for yourself.

Do note that while the artwork is mostly concentrated around the six games in the collection, the "Mystery Data" section includes pieces from the side games. In Volume 1, there's artwork from Operate Shooting Star and Battle Chip Challenge. Volume 2 includes EXE 4.5 and the mobile games!

What's the deal with the "Download Chips"? 

In the gallery, you have the option to "download" 15 rare Battle Chips to apply to your in-game Folders. These chips can only be downloaded once per save file, per version. All download chips are considered legal in competitive online play as well (more on that in a moment). The only real restriction is that you can only have ONE Gospel Battle Chip in your Battle Network 2 folder. 

How's the music player? Are the new arranged themes good?

During our session, several Legacy Collection-exclusive arranged tracks were missing or not readily unlockable. However, there are at least three new themes in the menus that sound great, and vibe with what you'd come to expect from Battle Network. The original GBA themes are accounted for with the only noteworthy exclusion being the Crossover Battle 2 theme from Battle Network 6. 

You can pick any track from the music player to become the "default" menu music as well. A nice touch!

Are any Trophies tied to online play? Because I suck. 

Nope! There are no Trophies/achievements tied to online battles. Buster MAX doesn't affect Trophies/achievements either. Go wild, fella. 

Online Multiplayer Questions

Do my Folders, Navi Customizer parts, Styles, etc. carry over to online battles?

When you go online to battle other players, the collection will use whatever Folder you currently have equipped in single player. Same for your MegaMan's current stats, armor, Style and Navi Customizer load-out. 

HOWEVER, if your equipped folder violates regular battle rules but complies with Patch Card play (for example, if you have multiple Giga Chips due to a Patch Card ability), the game will prevent you from participating in online battles until you either select Patch Card rules or edit your current folder to comply with the rules. 

Is there really no cross play with other consoles?

As previously confirmed by Capcom, cross play is not supported. If you play online on PlayStation 4, you'll only play against other PlayStation 4 players, for example. If you and a friend both intend on buying the collection, make sure that you're on the same page about consoles. And yes; you can battle players worldwide who are playing the collection in a different language.

How is the online? Smooth sailing or laggy? Is there rollback netcode?

Uh, kinda hard to answer with the time constraints we were presented with. We'll all find out together soon...

The Games Themselves

Here's a summary of our observations from some of the games. While there are no major changes or additions, you may find these details noteworthy. 

Battle Network 1
  • Operate Shooting Star's quality-of-life tweaks are entirely non-existent. This is the GBA version through and through.
  • As the games are based on their original Japanese versions, it's important to note that the neutral Battle Chip icon is represented by a "/" symbol, rather than the "dot" symbol used in the original English version.
  • Mystery Data drops can still be exploited through save scumming.

Battle Network 3
  • The Jack-In and Navi Customizer animated sequences have been restored! These were previously cut from the GBA English version. 
  • The Mario and Pikachu references in Yai's house are left untouched.
  • FlameMan's abbreviated name "FlamMan" is the same.

Battle Network 5
  • As to be expected, there's no content from Double Team DS.
  • As there is no Battle Chip Gate support, the game no longer checks for connectivity, resulting in the title screen booting up normally without any connection-related checks.
  • Bass Cross MegaMan is accessible via Patch Cards. Bass XX can be fought via Patch Card as well.
  • A previously removed Comp area from the English version has been restored. 
Battle Network 6
  • The map boards scattered about the Cyber World have been restored!
  • SpoutMan's name has been corrected to AquaMan. SpoutCross is now AquaCross as well.
  • EraserMan's name was not restored to KillerMan. 
  • Boktai trader is available from the start. 
  • The Link Navi icons in the Custom Screen have been redrawn in HD!
  • Beast Link Gate is not supported in any fashion. The Navi Change table in Aster Land (even in the Japanese version) does nothing. At this time, there is no known method to upgrade a Navi to their the SP version. 
  • Various areas cut from the original English GBA release have been restored.


Taking it all in, the only real gripe I have is the hi-res font. It would be fantastic if Capcom took inspiration from the upcoming console versions of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, which feature an alternate font that closely resembles their original pixelated versions

The addition of new HD art directly in Battle Network 6 was a pleasant surprise... one that I wish extended to the Battle Chips. We do get treated to fantastic, hi-res Battle Chip illustrations within the collection's different online features. But it would have been awesome to see them in the actual games. 

Speaking of the games, I'm definitely hurting from the lack of Operate Shooting Star's QoL changes and additions to Battle Network 1. Those really made the game that much more enjoyable. To the Legacy Collection's credit, Buster MAX does help where applicable. For example, although you can't willingly run from battles without an Escape Battle Chip, you can easily wipe out a virus horde swiftly. Unfortunately, Buster MAX only marginally alleviates some of the frustration with the late game Power Plant area. 

It would have been great to see some of the Twin Leaders content included in Battle Network 5 as well, even as an option. Sol Cross MegaMan, the Party System and Transport Chips are sorely missed but the game is still enjoyable without those extras. 

All that aside, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection sets a new standard for the "Legacy Collection" line with its attention to detail and thoughtful additions, especially for content previously unavailable outside of Japan. Eguchi and his team have demonstrated an amazing level of care in creating this package. From the interactive 3D MegaMan.EXE to the inclusion of online battles and trades, there is something here for every type of Battle Network fan. 

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection launches worldwide on April 14th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam.

Special thanks to ShadowRock and LBD_Nytetrayn for the assistance!


  1. Neo Bards ported this right?

  2. so i expected no beast link gate support, that's a whole ordeal to implement and online alone would've been such a massive undertaking for every platform here, dev wise. for 6 games on top of that...

    BUT! no navi change at asterland for the postgame??? no SP navi chips? what? this is absolutely not gonna be a definitive way to play BN6 now, that's major functionality outright removed

  3. "However, Capcom did include an "insensitive content" warning when you boot up the collection, followed by a message assuring players of the company's commitment to positive inclusion"

    The collection has been rated and allowed to release. WTF is this weak shit? There was no "insensitive" warning when the games originally released. This is really our future? Catering to "them" 24/7, 365 (366 on a leap year)? Disgusting. 2000's were the last great decade. Soft now.

    1. The current crop is weak and pathetic. Back in the day of REAL Mega Man the most we got was "Don't do drugs"

    2. I feel you, this annoys the hell out of me too

    3. Be glad that they left the script of the games intact, as if they actually changed it to comply with current standards you would be complaining about that too
      Some would say it's for "authenticity", but really it's because Capcom could be bothered to modify anything from the games, just like how they didn't bother to retranslate Mega Man X6 in the X Legacy Collection and BN4 is going to be another Engrish-fest

      I do think it's laughable they need to put a content warning on what should be a rated-E "for everyone" product, because it's not really them apologizing for being "insensitive" but because they were too lazy to revise anything that wasn't already in the original release

    4. I think the warning is as to not scare new potential fans away.
      Battle network 2 gets pretty crude and I'd rather have new fans warned that there's some bizarre stuff sprinkled throughout that might confuse or even scare off newcomers.

    5. It’s gonna be like a 2 second warning and your seething because of that seriously? There are people in this world other then you that lead different lives and that’s worth respecting has Megaman taught you nothing?

    6. I'm really struggling to think of what would be considered non-inclusive, and from memory I don't recall anything that is offensively stereotypical (especially in the context of a cartoon). Actually, I'm rather offended that Capcom is sort of implying that I am either: some sort of bigot because I want to play their own games, or foolish enough to make a point to play games with content that deeply offends me.

    7. Why does this bother you so much? Who's "them"?

    8. OMG BN2 scaring new players? I weep for the future. Wow.

    9. "Positive inclusion"

      At least Capcom had the decency to distinguish that, since most modern day progressives have no concept of "not everything that can be included is good"... Well they do know that, they are just moral relatavists and massive hypocrites for the most part.

    10. Sounds like they need to start making these sensitive content warnings self-referential to cover the full range of people that are "soft these days". Just blink while the game loads lol

    11. >> It’s gonna be like a 2 second warning and your seething because of that seriously?

      Or alternatively, Capcom could just not shame people for buying and enjoying their games. Why should anyone be told that they should feel bad for liking a game series that has sold millions of copies and has been enjoyed for decades by people of all ages and cultures? If you're saying that the 2-second message isn't that meaningful anyway, then what's the point in awkwardly shaming players who just want to have fun? So it's all about Capcom unnecessarily shaming players and not about players "seething" at a message, and Capcom launching an advertising campaign based on nostalgia only to immediately shame customers for liking the games in the first place is a really bad look.

      Honestly though, what is the appropriate/ideal player reaction to that message? Are players expected to see the message and then make the "morally superior" decision to march the game straight back to the store and demand a refund?

    12. Considering bn2 has a very bizarre choice of words... yea i get why they'd do a warning.

      In the 2000s no one was strong, but rather didn't had any real way to express themselves. Take off the rose tinted glasses man.

    13. Honest to god i'm impressed there's so much elitism in the megaman fandom. Like damn, who hurted you this badly?

      You're complaining more than the people you're targetting. Perhaps you're the weak one if you can't handle a 2 second message on a screen.

    14. And where is this message shaming anyone exactly?
      it's just telling there might be stuff in the game that some people would find questionable. It doesn't say you should find them questionable or that you should be ashamed to not find them questionable.

    15. > The current crop is weak and pathetic.

      I do like how the content warning of the Destroy All Humans 1 and 2 remakes passive-aggressively shames and mocks only that specific current crop for being unable to handle their PS2-era edgelord humor of the 2000's: “The story, words and images contained within may be shocking to the modern human brain!”

    16. I find it ironic when people complain about people being too "weak" when a message like that being included in the game is enough to shock them that much. Message like this (in general, not this game specifically, see below for that) is just there so that the person it might have otherwise taken by surprise goes in knowing what to expect. They're not shaming anyone, if you know the content would not bother you anyway , it doesn't change anything for you wether or not there's a message.
      As for putting this message in a game as PG as Mega Man is more along the line of soap saying that they kill 99,9% of germs when they are (obviously) designed to kill all of it, or R18 sites having a "you have to be over 18" warning that anyone can just bypass regardless of age. They just put it there to be on the safe side. (and I'm pretty sure it's one of several stock message, hence why it doesn't align perfectly).

    17. The very large majority of people is never going to have any problem with the content of these games nowadays, just like the very large majority of people had no problem with the content of these game back then. and maybe, just maybe, some people, a fraction of the playerbase, might be bothered by one aspect or another, based on their personal experience. Just like a few people, a fraccion might have back in the day. It's not going to kill you to have a message adressed to theses persons at the start of the game, you're stronk, after all.
      The current generation isn't any weaker than the previouses one, just more considerate. If you have been playing Mega Man for as long as you implie, you might have occasionally heard about being considerate. take a page or two from X's book.

    18. >>> “Or alternatively, Capcom could just not shame people for buying and enjoying their games.”

      In what way are they shaming anyone for enjoying their games their literally just giving people a heads up. It’s not like they changed the dialogue or anything.

      It’s quite literally the least intrusive option possible and puts things into context for people who may not initially have that. This isn’t some moral panic or condemnation of the games.

      I really can’t fathom a justification for feeling offended by such a minor intrusion other then purposely looking for a reason to be mad at even the very notion that someone somewhere is possibly potentially being offended over something. It’s manufactured outrage and I just think we’re all above that.

    19. I don't consider myself an elitist, just that I have been a Mega Man fan, and Gamer for longer than (I bet) most people in this thread have BEEN ALIVE. We know a thing or 3.
      I don't particularly care about this message, in and of itself. I never did. It's not shocking. My first reaction to the message was "of course they did that" because it's Capcom. And that's what Capcom (and most the industry) does now.

      What bugs me is the NEED for the message in principal and the obvious necessity to even bring it up. Because, apparently, some of you need protecting from the big mean words. E.g, see above. I'm amazed at how many of you seem to think it's somehow "progress" that society has devolved to a point where playing a simple video game causes some anonymous keyboard warriors distress. When ultimately those who demand such action be put it in the game probably will never play it (or any game, for that matter as has been proven in many cases) and if they did, THEY can just as easily blink for 2 seconds during the big, bad, scary offensive text.

      Oh, and by the way, calling someone "elite" is not an argument or a position.

    20. Its not being considerate. Its being afraid. Fear if being offended or being the offender.

      Yes, the current generation is weak and pathetic. We didnt need nor demand such codling. I can write a book proving it without a shadow of a doubt for you if you want. But you might find it offensive.
      And there you go. Nothing more need be said.

    21. And you know what's really amusing to me? The BN2 text, or whatever, is so offensive that a context warning was put in the game, and I remember absolutely none of the script. At all. Not one bit. Not one tiny joke. Or insult. Or anything remotely offensive. WOW what an impact that made. Frightening stuff. Hide your kids.
      And none of you have actually said WHAT is so offensive.

      The typical arguments for who's making a mountain out of a molehill... Well, "Anonymous" has no case that isn't hypocritical.

      The least intrusive thing Capcom could have done... is nothing at all.

    22. >> I really can’t fathom a justification for feeling offended by such a minor intrusion

      And I can't really fathom seeing the need for such a "warning" when kids 20 years ago played the games and seemingly had no issue with the content. Capcom coming forward and saying "you should be offended by the content in these games" even if I am not personally offended and then indirectly implying that those who aren't offended are not "inclusive" or are "insensitive" doesn't make things any better. Shaming the fans like that is not constructive, and it comes across as particularly condescending when we all already know what an E10+ rating means. Let people play the games themselves and make their own judgement on the content, or let them play other games that they feel are "safer" given their tastes. So you say I'm too easily offended by a warning message, and I say that those cannot live without an extra special warning message are the ones who are too easily offended.

    23. Listen Shrap buddy your comment about not being elitist is immediately contradicted in the same sentence you denied being one in.

      Next If you don't care about the message then there's literally no need to talk about it past acknowledging it.

      Also there doesn't NEED to be a message Capcom chose to put one simply for the sake of context the only person that seems to need protecting from words are the people complaining about the message in the first place.

      No one is demanding a message no one was blasting Capcom on Twitter for one like you yourself admitted it's just an industry thing now it's not a big deal or the reinvention of the wheel or even kneel to some phantom Keyboard warrior you seem so obsessed with it's simply helps to avoid any potential confusion one may have about certain dialogue no one is getting babied and no one is demanding anything your making up some invisible boogieman and then getting mad at it. Do you not see how that's even just a little strange.

    24. Your manufacturing drama no one is complaining about the text no one has complained and maybe you can take your own advice and close your eyes when the message pops up since you appear to be so irrationally offended by it's mere presence. Which idk how you don't see the hypocrisy with how your responding to this minor intrusion.

      And it is being considerate if it had anything to do with fear they would have just changed the text. It's okay to put things into context before people experience something it's like when you watch an old documentary and there's a dude in a suit giving the audience pretext to whatever situation their gonna experience this is just a micro version of that. We as humans need context to fully grasp situations something said out of context can sound way worse then it did with the context that's just how all of humanity has worked since the beginning of existence.

      Also your creating phantom strawman arguments saying oh if I wrote a book about it you'd be too scared to read it and calling an entire generation weak and pathetic. When this whole thread started because a dude couldn't handle the idea of a few lines of text before his Megaman video game. Also in on way or the other every generation had it easier then the last that's simply progress and you may not remember being coddled as a child but I doubt the world was an open bar where you could just do whatever you simply don't remember what was kept from you because it was kept from you how would you know what was censored or changed your simply assuming nothing was.

      Also if the BN2 text wasn't offensive to you that's perfectly fine but I do think it's weird that your fighting so hard for something you literally don't even remember the text could literally be changed and you would never even know. You said you don't care about the message you said you don't remember the dialogue you literally have no horse in this race. Your just mad that someone you made up in your head is offended by something your fighting ghost out here man.

    25. No one is saying the dialogue is so earth shattering that simply buying the game somehow makes you a bigot like some other dude in this thread said which is like how do you even stretch that far to come to that kind of conclusion. It's only function is to put any possible dialogue into context for those unfamiliar with it.

      I think you should just accept the fact that the world is full of people that are not you and don't think like you. You can perceive them as weak or whatever that's your prerogative but the only person making a mountain out of a molehill is you. Your literally acknowledging your own hypocrisy in your last comment. Your mad because something in BN2's dialogue and depictions were a little stereotypical and the localizations at the time where one cheaply. You know as well as I do that if the localizations were done properly a lot of things would have been changed heck a lot of things were changed and censored even back then.

      Lan's name in the original is Netto and Megaman's name is Rockman and his human name Hub in Japanese is Saito. Did ya know there's no Electopia in the original it'd literally just Japan names like yum land and Mt Belenus are actually Ajina and Mt Fuji. And do you know why they got changed . . . any guesses oh yeah CENSORSHIP. They did their best to remove any and all mentions of Japan as a lot of shows and games did at the time. The games you experienced where already heavily censored changed and localized. You argue nothing was ever censored for you well I say you simply didn't know it was. By your standards your entire childhood was manufactured and designed to coddle you. If you really care about censorship then let's get the games retranslated with text perfectly accurate to the original japanese.

      But I doubt you'd want that because for you it's not about proper localizations it's not about the games dialogue it's not about the message at the start of the collection it's just about being mad. At the end of the day we are all Megaman fans we all just want to enjoy the collection and have fun and hopefully one day get a BN7 there's no need for this senseless spreading of hate just because someone is different.

      The experience you had back then is preserved and how is there anything to complain about with that. It saddens me that members of this community are filled with this kind of vitriol. I was excited to learn that there were other .EXE fans that had shared experiences and a deep love for the games just like me. The fact that you can't simple abide a mere few moments to let even just a few others share in those experiences speaks volumes to your character. Caring more about a falsehood a simple illusion of how you perceived things use to be that you can't set aside a moment to care about others.

      I don't think people now adays are weak or fragile or need codling. Capcom simply wants to give people proper context for the game. You'll always get one or two disingenuous people that want to blow things out of proportion but that's it most people will see the message go oh okay cool and not say a word. Your on the internet too much man you really gotta Jack out.

    26. "Unlike snowflakes I'm not offended easily!"
      Proceeds to complain about a tiny two second message 99% of people will just skip past to play the games.
      Also considering the whiskey scene is one of the first things people always think of with BN2...
      This is pathetic. The alternative was removing the content. No winning with the actual snowflakes of the world.

    27. Also identifying as a GAMER is some Reddit-tier cringe.

    28. >>>> Capcom coming forward and saying "you should be offended by the content in these games"

      No one is saying you need to be offended by the game’s content these are just bad faith takes you guys are pulling out of thin air. It’s completely baseless. No one is saying your insensitive or not inclusive for enjoying the games.

      They are simply giving context for the material. Your pulling all this nonexistent meaning from a simple disclaimer like your actively trying to play the victim when it’s just not that deep.

      People can make their own conclusions on the content the disclaimer isn’t telling you what and how to think idk where you guys are even getting this stuff from.

      The meaning and mindset of the world changes with time. It’s not that without the disclaimer people would melt into a pile of ooze.

      It’s simply that if someone finds something that they find off or a little goofy or quite possibly offensive (as everyone’s level of tolerance for things varies greatly) they have the proper context to view this content and make their own deliberation.

      Far be it for me to assume but it kind of just feels like you guys are projecting hard rn. No stone was even cast yet you heave up the earth as though a war was declared on your sensibilities.

      No one’s attacking you no one’s insulting you I implore you to think critically and not purely emotionally.

    29. I get that the one Anon defending the "warning for context" or whatever, but speaking of context, how can you think people against this, is people being weak?

      I get it, you are using reverse psychology in hopes of getting people to not wanna be what they hate or something, but in the process you are just reinforcing the very point you are arguing against. It becomes circular logic. It goes something like ""companies providing warnings cause people have become weak"" ""well you all are weak for caring about companies providing warnings"" ""no society is weak for leading to this"" ""no you all are weak for not accepting societies' changing"" ""no societies are progressing into weakness cause this is an industry trend that older generations never needed"" ""no you're all weak to not accept differences as time progresses"" chicken and egg bullspit. The only difference between these two arguments is one is saying society is weak and the other one is saying society is weak, basically the same thing is my point (yes I understand there is a distinction, I'm talking in effect).

      That said clearly context shows that this is not just a "warning for context". You, yourself acknowledge that this is an industry trend, so obviously that would suggest the issue is bigger than face value. Even if warnings are there for context, that is not an all-encompassing explanation. Context is a nebulous term. What is the context? The politics of the time? A new scientific discovery? Social norms? Depending on what the context is, it could completely validate the claims being made or vice-versa, but simply saying "warnings are there now to provide context to players", that doesn't say anything except apparently that it is a trend for games and players of modern-day society. How did it become a trend though? Is it due to the emergence of identity politics, terms like safe space and inclusion and diversity and many more movements that emerged since these games released? If the answer to this is yes, than maybe the warning is bigger than just this isolated instance and there might be some truth to society moving toward being more often offended, more easily and to greater effect at that.

    30. >>>> I get that the one Anon defending the "warning for context" or whatever, but speaking of context, how can you think people against this, is people being weak?

      I’m not trying to trick anyone or pull the ol’ Switcharoo. I’m just trying to show the other users own hypocrisy. If it was as simple as being confused as to the need of the disclaimer or just showing that they simply find it distasteful I feel like theirs a justifiable argument in there somewhere.

      However the users are blowing it out of proportion and creating fictitious scenarios to try and make this seem like some form of targeted attack when that’s just not the case.

      Let’s be real disclaimers and warnings aren’t a new concept they’ve been on everything since regulations on content have existed. Their on movies, games, and even books even at the time the game’s original released but yet they act like this is somehow a slight at them or some kind of attack. I’m just trying to point out the ridiculousness of such a stance.

      The contents of the games were kind of cheaply localized and not super looked into which allowed for things that wouldn’t normally be in an E10+ game to make it over odds are if the game was properly localized there are many scenes that would have been censored and changed. I doubt they would have called blasphemy if that was the case in the first place. It makes their outrage feel disingenuous.

      Also I wouldn’t consider society being more easily offended or weak if a warning got put into an older game because of identity politics. I would argue that’s just society becoming more aware of how certain things may effect people of different backgrounds.

      There are a lot of people now living differently then we use to even in such a short span of time as 20 years. Even if it wasn’t about identity politics language has changed drastically for example the meaning of the word “lit” it use to just refer to when things were on fire now it’s another way to say something is cool. And that’s only a small example there may be a variety of word choices that today take on a different connotation then they did prior. A disclaimer can put that into context for someone.

      In this case the disclaimer was made about Cultural depictions not even identity politics. It’s probably because the second Lan steps foot into America he gets mugged by a black dude and people in the game seem to speak some kind of slang or sound somewhat unintelligent.

      Now this wasn’t due to some blatant attempt at being offensive and wasn’t meant negatively and I think you can enjoy the games and even these events and dialogue without being considered a bigot or a bad person. The context in this case is simply to tell people hey we may have been some unsavory stereotypes put in the game we don’t mean anything by it we’re just telling you now so you get it when ya see it.

      If you want an example of a game people love changing a loved character because of this kind of thing look at Barrett from FF7Re. In the original he was a bit more of a caricature and a stereotype still love the guy but that’s just the case it’s an older game that’s understandable. They changed a lot of that in the Remake while still managing to maintain everything fans love about Barrett people understood the changes and no one attacked or demonized anyone for liking the original FF7.

      In that case it was a remake so large changes were bound to be made and since this is a Legacy Collection and they aren’t going around changing anything drastically people may find a thing or two that hasn’t aged so well. Doesn’t make anyone the bad guy for loving the games it just lets people know they could potentially run into something like that.

      Also thanks for barring with my long messages I’m sure their a but of a pain lol.

    31. The "insensitive content' may also refer to the various national stereotypes in the series.

    32. The Japanese version has everyone speaking in slang. Said slang is normal in Japanese media to portray Americans. It's always over the top and they aren't being serious about it. So if the localization wants to have an equivalent then that's the best they could do. The mugger's sprite and mugshot are not even black and the lesson of that encounter is to not take rides from strangers. Not to not trust black people. In fact, shortly after that there's the same type of NPC in black that's not the mugger and Lan confuses him with the mugger poking fun at the fact the NPCs look the same regardless of color. I know some here want to re contextualize this to get angry at nothing and make up excuses for the warning but the context is obvious.
      The other thing I can possibly think of is a synonym for the word weird which means exactly that within the context of the game.
      There is also the word damn in there but depending in which country you grew up and other standards it could be or not considered cursing.
      Does any of this sounds like it warrants a warning?
      The warning existing is a problem because it always starts with minimal things and then escalates to major content being cutout because of "insensibilities" that weren't even there in the first place. It's unnecessary.
      "The alternative was removing the content." According to who? Why should either scenario be tolerated?

    33. >>> “I know some here want to re contextualize this to get angry at nothing and make up excuses for the warning but the context is obvious.“

      I wasn’t trying to recontextualize anything I simply stated what happened in the scene as a possible explanation for the disclaimer nor was I trying to fabricate anger as I stated multiple times that the devs meant no harm and weren’t being malicious with any of their portrayals

      It seems as though your purposefully misrepresenting my statements in order to make me come across as conniving and undermine my argument by painting me as misleading and milicious.

      As both I and another user stated the games have a lot of stereotypes and these can be taken negatively by people from those cultures. The warning specifically states that “it may contain some cases of insensitive cultural depictions” and goes on to state that the game is presented “as originally created to preserve their authenticity”

      That last line alone should disqualify your musings about this just being the beginning of larger censorship. Your creating false narratives acting as though their happening and specifically targeting you and the things you enjoy and that somehow this message will lead to the mass extinction of creative freedoms when that’s simply not the case.

      Excuse the assertion but your arguments seem to defy reason and taint logic. I don’t know how many times I have to say this but no one’s making you the bad guys for enjoying the games and no one is trying to encroach on people’s freedom of expression.

      Back in the day a lot of what these devs had to go on came from stereotypes and I’m not gonna fault them for that since it’s probably all they knew about different cultures and meant no ill will over it. If after all this discussion you really can’t understand the possible need for the minor inclusion of a disclaimer and simply wish to keep broadcasting false narratives then that’s your prerogative and it’s pretty clear what your intents really are. But I will no longer placate these irrational fears and victim complexes and I will offer them no further legitimacy.

      I hope everyone enjoys the Collection if you so choose to purchase it and a good rest of your week.

    34. Heh heh ya kno itz kinda funny but that one anon guy was saying he wss worried the warning would lead to cut content but the game already has cut content that has nothing to do with the warning the beast gate isnt in da game and you can’t level up your link navis to sp level even if the warning was gone that stuff still wouldn’t be there i just thought it was funny everyone was talking about censoring stuff but no one in the thread even mentioned that kinda felt like they don’t actually care about the warning and are just sorta complaining to complain

    35. >> Also there doesn't NEED to be a message [...] No one is demanding a message [...] your responding to this minor intrusion [...]

      *Reads multiple walls of text where quoted person is insisting that message is "no big deal" while simultaneously admitting it's an intrusion and saying that it needs to be there*

      >> You said you don't care about the message you said you don't remember the dialogue you literally have no horse in this race. Your just mad that someone you made up in your head is offended by something your fighting ghost out here man.

      The fact that Capcom is telling me how I should feel about the content in the games by default gives me a horse in the race. You are also apparently a person who is offended enough by the games to defend the offensive warning message with multi-post walls of text. So shrap is not "mad" at "someone you made up in your head" as you insist.

      >> I think you should just accept the fact that the world is full of people that are not you and don't think like you.

      The ones demanding/defending warning are the ones that can't seem to accept and enjoy the games as they are, and *they* are the ones that need to understand that the world is full of people who don't think like them.

      I have completed all of the BN games, and I do not remember any offensive stereotypes in them. If anything, they are very good at promoting acceptance of other cultures - which IS one key thing that sticks out in my memory as a very positive main theme. You cannot seem to point out anything specific that's offensive enough to require a warning either, and you are even willing to go as far to admit that there is no "earth shattering" text in the game which means that you too believe that the warning is not necessary. So I really don't understand why you are pointlessly defending a new content warning that shames players when you yourself admit that you think the games do not need a warning. But then after you make all of these arguments for why the message is not necessary, your final conclusion is that anyone who doesn't support the addition of the message (i.e. your viewpoint) is not accepting of others which contradicts everything else you're saying.

    36. >>>> Anonymous April 13, 2023 at 9:12 PM
      your entire response shows you didn't read or at least didn't understand anything that was said in the response which is demonstrated by you misquoting/misinterpreting almost everything that was written.

    37. >> your entire response shows you didn't read or at least didn't understand anything that was said in the response which is demonstrated by you misquoting/misinterpreting almost everything that was written.

      After re-reading all of your posts and checking my quotes, I stand by what I said in my response.

    38. Some designs, like WoodMan.EXE and Dex, may be considered "evoking blackface" as well.

    39. Good lord, what are you guys even arguing about anymore?

    40. >> Some designs, like WoodMan.EXE and Dex, may be considered "evoking blackface" as well.

      That's an impressively massive stretch...

    41. Awful lot of snowflakes complaining about this disclaimer. Wasn't aware that so many people could get offended by a single sentence.

    42. >> Awful lot of snowflakes complaining about this disclaimer. Wasn't aware that so many people could get offended by a single sentence.

      Wasn't aware that so many snowflakes could tirelessly seek to be offended by a 20-year-old game series for children and demand a disclaimer for...something...that they can't really say for sure what it is.

    43. What an oddly disingenuous claim. The message was purportedly for thin-skinned snowflakes yet you're calling people who made fun of it snowflakes? You're full of shit my good sir.

    44. I think it's fair to say that people have a right to complain about things they pay money for - quite a bit of money for what is just a collection of GBA games, no less. This discussion did get a little heated, happens.

      Either way, I think it's fair to say that yes, this is just an industry kind of thing. This both means that it's nothing special, but also not because CAPCOM the video game corporation cares about the people who buy their games (they don't).

      I think it's a good thing that people complain and discuss here. I don't like how some people are called "entitled" for not buying something and expressing their own thoughts as to why: corporations aren't your friends and even if you don't make a difference, you'll still be better off in the future.

      There were similar discussions around XDiVE, except with the opposite approach - people who were defending CAPCOM were usually happy that others were "offended" by XDiVE's... unique decisions. That said, while we aren't seeing XDiVE stop anytime soon, there were some things CAPCOM did listen to, so... there's that.

    45. @Sprite Recreator: Excellent point about XDiVE. Yes, there have been ongoing complaints about XDiVE's content, but most of the people seem to register their concern and then move on to playing something else. At no point have I seen people go full zealot and demand a disclaimer or censorship (outside of that one Roll costume). Instead, they just seem to choose to find something that they DO like and play it instead. Same scenario should apply to this collection. This is the power of the consumer - if you don't like something then it's in your power to "vote with your wallet" and buy something else.

      Also, props to Protodude for his laissez-faire approach to this comment section. I think it's definitely a good thing for people to be able to speak their mind on these types of topics without a moderator interfering.

    46. this thread is one of the most embarrassing displays of snowflakery that I've ever seen. waa, waa, a five-second message! a bloo bloo bloo!! grow up you sad old man.

    47. And now we have reached the point in the debate where those in favor of the message are now out of meaningful arguments, and the new strategy is to accuse those who are "though enough" (lol) to handle the game without a warning message of being snowflakes. Yet, these same people seemingly cannot handle a video game without having someone else tell them that their life may be ruined by something that they find offensive (whatever it is, IDK) are somehow *not* the snowflakes? Amazing logic. If this message is insignificant as you say, then you are also saying that it is meaningless enough to be left out entirely, right? Maybe E10+ games just aren't for you, and you should stick with E-rated ones just to be completely safe.

    48. For real, what a snowflake. Cry more about a message that lasts a second. People like you is the reason its embarrassing to be called a gamer. Grow up, man.

    49. And you keep living in constant fear that something may slightly hurt your snowflake feelings. I can enjoy all media (not just games) without corporations acting as my mommy by "warning" me about content and telling me to avert my eyes. Hope you get to that point sometime because it really removes a lot of stress from life in general.

    50. Buddy, if you're pressed about a company slapping a content warning in a game compilation aimed at children you need to give up every bit of media you own until you get some thicker skin. No one thinks 2 seconds about Accepting some random EULA, which by the way is a warning and agreement from every company you buy from. Who's gonna think about some warning we're all gonna skip anyway.

      I played MK, GTA and some other wild games as a kid but you didn't see me crying about the "Mature Content" warnings. Look mad childish complaining about a little sentence LOL. If you don't care, don't go ranting to some anons about how someone's trying to "mommy" you.

    51. You're saying I need a thicker skin, but you apparently can't survive without a "little sentence" that originally wasn't present in this game and still is unnecessary? And for some reason you incorrectly claim that I'm "angry" here, but you seem really upset that your precious "little sentence" isn't embraced by all? Even when you're the one saying it's insignificant which implies that nobody would miss it if it wasn't there? And you don't think that the M-rated games you mentioned needed content warnings, but you inexplicably have a problem with this particular E10+ game not having a content warning? Again, your logic is completely backwards, and you still seem like you're out of arguments in favor of your viewpoint.

      And EULAs are not usually displayed every time you start up a game - if they are displayed in-game at all. Not even remotely a relevant comparison.

    52. Malding right-wing mental cases just won't shut the hell up about a 2-second warning that doesn't impact their preserved game experience (that Capcom could have easily changed, as Sega did with Yakuza Remastered), their emulated copies of the original games, or their original cartridges. And they're the ones telling us we're weak and offended.

      Like anybody gives a flying fuck what your veterancy with the Mega Man franchise is or how times were in the 2000s.

    53. "Like anybody gives a flying fuck what your *history with the Mega Man franchise is or how times were in the 2000s"

      You do, apparently at least. Those times offend you and your ilk to such a crippling degree that you need a safe space just to frame how the Mega Man franchise was, to be able to even begin to enter that experience now.

      I am not the other anon and I am not trying to sound condescending or mean/rude but that is literally, factually the case.

    54. "Listen Shrap buddy your comment about not being elitist is immediately contradicted in the same sentence you denied being one in."

      There is this wonderful tool we used to use called a dictionary. To you, it is called Google. Look up Elitism in it. You'll find I said nothing of the sort. Experience is not elitism. That's all it is.
      And I ain't your buddy, guy.

    55. Just to clarify, since editing is sadly not a thing, it's not "elite" to try and express wisdom to those who weren't around. You're parents aren't elite. Or maybe they are and that's the problem, who knows. Are your vaunted teachers who brainwashed you elite? Might think about that next time you bring that word up.
      It's not like I'm sipping champagne on a yacht somewhere... If I had that kind of money I'd buy this franchise and put it to better use. Or maybe just put it in a vault and make you all mad, throwing away the key. That would almost be worth it. At the very least I'd hunt down a copy of Triforce of the God's soundtrack. Here's a little secret I don't mind sharing: I am not even all that good at these games. I play by brute force more than finesse, enough to get the job done. I've just always liked the stories, game play (at least the old ones, BN can be downright boring) and music. I've beaten all the ones I try to, except for Rockman & Forte. I just can't get past Wily stage 2... And I never beat Rockboard or Super Adventure Rockman cause I just don't care. So I ain't even an elite player. Not even an elite collector. Certainly not an elite trivia expert, as so much info is now gone, reformatted into space for the Tears of the Kingdom.

    56. @AnonymousApril 13, 2023 at 7:18 PM

      "I wasn’t trying to recontextualize anything I simply stated what happened in the scene as a possible explanation for the disclaimer nor was I trying to fabricate anger as I stated multiple times that the devs meant no harm and weren’t being malicious with any of their portrayals"
      Anon... Zen Zen Dame da! You misremembered the scene or worst case scenario purposely misinterpreted the scene but since I'm reasonable I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. That's NOT the npc's color and that's a fact.

      "As both I and another user stated the games have a lot of stereotypes and these can be taken negatively by people from those cultures."
      So what? Those people are just complete cowards and should absolutely grow thicker skin.

      "Your creating false narratives"
      Get real. You're being intentionally ignorant of the countless times something like this already happened in multiple franchises across different mediums with the most modern approach being introducing censorship through "updates" like in Dive's case. There are hundreds if not thousands of examples I'm not going to spoon-feed you that's on you.

      @AnonymousApril 13, 2023 at 7:41 PM
      "Heh heh ya kno itz kinda funny but that one anon guy was saying he wss worried the warning would lead to cut content but the game already has cut content that has nothing to do with the warning"
      You're confusing content cut due to censorship and content cut due to any other reason(in the case of the beast gate if the product wouldn't be popular and lead to losses for Capcom USA). That's an apple to orange comparison.

      @AnonymousApril 20, 2023 at 10:02 AM
      "Malding right-wing mental cases just won't shut the hell up about a 2-second warning that doesn't impact their preserved game experience (that Capcom could have easily changed, as Sega did with Yakuza Remastered), their emulated copies of the original games, or their original cartridges. And they're the ones telling us we're weak and offended."
      Why did you have to bring politics? Why can't someone be left-wing or centrist and still be anticensorship? Anyone you disagree with is right-wing, right? Well that's one way to out yourself as a left-wing close minded mental patient. Stop falling for the left-right wing paradigm.

      And with that that's 3 anons that got dealt with. Oh baby a triple! Oh yeah!

      You're all missing the fact that regardless of the warning or not anyone that has a problem with anything in the game can just message Capcom through any means and they can decide to modify it or remove it. In other words the disclaimer is worthless.

      "Triforce of the Gods"
      Based shrap using the real name instead of the nonsensical localized one. Don't give an inch to these psychos.

  4. Hope the Switch/PC ver run just as well as the PS4 ver. Want to get the game on those if I can.

  5. Sounds like some great feature additions are in this collection. Too bad I won't be buying it until the Denuvo is gone.

  6. I find funny that after so many years people keep expecting yet another "teaser in plain sight" with every collection, it's time to accept the MM11 teaser was a once-in-a-lifetime thing which they are never going to pull off again if people are looking for it on something that's only a compilation of old games

  7. Hello here ! As a newcomer who only did Megaman.exe 1 a long time ago, do the collection could be good for me ?
    I'm still loving the licence and in same time, the "problems" i can read here, do I will "feel" them despite not playing the original games ?
    The stuff "removed" or not used are important or not ?

    Thanks !

    1. Just pirate the game, the release has a virus called Denuvo in it, the emulators work better.

    2. I think the change wouldn't be too much of a problem. Based on the review, the one issue is the font. The rest is more along the lines of "would have been nice if that was in there too" and there are actually *less* removed stuff compared to the GBA releases.

    3. Thanks you two for theses answers !
      About Denuvo, sadly it's everywhere now ...
      And ok for the font being the "big" problem for now ! :)

    4. "Just pirate the game, the release has a virus called Denuvo in it, the emulators work better."

      Encouraging others to pirate a game means people like you need to be in prison.

  8. Wait what? We literally saw MMBN4 script changes that fixed typos at Tokyo game show? Did that not happen?

    Also WTH do you mean no SP chips. You realize you need to S rank V3 bosses to get their SP chips right? That shouldn't have anything to do with the beast gate. You even have patch cards that give link navi V1, EX, SP chips

    1. Everything from “There’s so many electrical store!” to “Leg’s go Lan” is here. Even “HealNavi” and mugshot errors haven't been fixed. If there's any change, it's really subtle. I didn't notice anything so far.

    2. Apologies about SP Navis. I rephrased this. You specifically can't upgrade them to SP via the Link Navi machine anymore.

    3. Weird, I thought they went out of their way to say they would have new translations, but maybe I just assumed that with these being ports, not emulated.

    4. That was specifically for the Chinese version. It's a brand new translation because the GBA versions didn't release there.

  9. Honestly the content warning really only needed to come before battle network 2 but good for them for realizing that that there's some bizarre dialog in these games lol

    1. New BN player here -- can I get an idea of what this bizarre dialogue looks like?

    2. Honestly nothing worth thinking twice about. Battle Network games depict people in other cultures in that fictional world and Capcom is adding a (pretty cringy) warning in case someone gets upset about it. Realistically, Netfrica having people living in huts and having network gods would be worse than anything in 2, but even still it's really not that big of a deal.

    3. At one point in the game Lan travels into another country and walks into a ghetto where as said by an NPC "the poor and minorities live", and all of the dark-skinned NPCs talk in Ebonics and "praying to God for chicken"

  10. So no word on Sol Cross? I figured it wouldn't make it but I was really hoping for it.

  11. Can you toggle language in any way or is it set for the playthrough?

  12. Wish denuvo wasn't present in these games makes no sense when we have gba roms in the first place. I'm going to assume it's there to prevent modifying the game for online play but that doesn't make sense since you can't play online with hacks that obvious.

  13. I'm gonna go into maximum pedantic mode for a moment to say the new pixel font for FF Pixel Remaster doesn't look much of anything like the original pixel font for those games. It looks maybe slightly-but-not-really like the GBA font, but that's about it. At any rate, it's amazing to hear that Capcom decided to keep most of the typos. I kind of love that haha.

  14. Just like Mega Man 7, just like Mega Man 8, just like Mega Man&Bass, just like X2, just like X3, just like X5, just like X6, just like X7, just like Xtreme 1, just like Xtreme 2, just like X Command Mission and just like ZXA, there will never be an official retranslation and they will never fix how bad their translations got in some of those games. Sigh.

    1. They did fix the octopardo typo IIRC. But yeah, I wouldn't expect a retranslation.
      But least, if you're a English speaker, you get to have translations at all.
      Spanish, French, Dutch aren't that lucky.

    2. Yup. This is Capcom in a nutshell.
      At least this on this collection and on Zero they managed to get into the source code a little.
      The only thing they bothered to do with X was censor it.

    3. I forgot about X5 renames... I do appreciate that cause I always hated the Gun's N Roses bit.
      But that's no excuse for censorship. Especially when "it doesn't really matter"

    4. Yeah, they sure like to change too much in English versions, and even censor certain things, which makes me wonder if Japan has more freedom of expression than here in the states. The English version of Yugioh censored a lot, for example. That needs to end.

    5. I sort of like the GnR names from X5 not because they are good, but because I always get a chuckle out of the idea that Loonette from The Big Comfy Couch is the one responsible for that disaster. It's just a delightful mix of bizarre.

    6. Japan is different. In some ways they are more expressive. In others more reserved. When it comes to controversial subject matter, they aren't shy. Nor are they pushy on it. At least from an outsiders point of view as a regular consumer of their media.

      It's always good to have options. If Capcom is putzing around in the code, then they could add a switch to toggle between the versions players want. If nothing else, if it's just a ROM anyway, but two versions of it on there (space permitting). It's just a shame that we had two opportunities now for Capcom to shut up Alia in X5 and both times they said "nah". It would have been nice to get X7 re-balanced and the odd controls for Zero's special moves in X6 corrected. And it would have been cool if they shut up Flame Hyanard... And going back a set it would be nice to get MM8 re-dubbed.
      The one thing Capcom did that I appreciate is on the Z/ZX collection allowing for easy mods on the OST. Playing the games with Remastered Tracks is fantastic.

    7. I do recall one issue is in X5, no option to outright skip static cutscene chatter. Doom Eternal did it in a smart way since you can't accidentally hit start to skip it, but can still skip a scene by holding down a button, and it shows a circular bar timer animation around the button on the screen to hold indicating how long to hold it before it skips it. A hold to skip cutscene option.

    8. In the X collections, it let me use Japanese audio in X7 even for Flame Hyenard, but the standard English subtitles. I don't think the original 2003 English X7 let us have that option to toggle voices in English and Japanese, or maybe it did and I just didn't care at the time as I was completely ignorant of Japan and dubs and subs back then, so you can Imagine when I watched Sailor moon in the mid 90s (I liked the show) that I didn't comprehend the Japanese origin of it or that it was dubbed in English afterwards.

      On a side note, in 2005, I did have a much older Japanese girlfriend I met from the college, so also learned more about Japan that way + made me want to research the culture more and other details, even learned a few Japanese words. She spoke English well, but wanted to learn more, and back then before smartphones and true social media, so she had a portable translator device that just stored words and monochrome vs internet connection on the mobile device (flip phones were owned though at that time). Letters and words consume only KBs of data, so even the relatively limited data storage of that era could do that (the device probably wasn't even that new at the time), even on small devices that held only a few MBs of data, though if talking USB flash drives, 256MB and even 512MB sticks already existed. A great replacement to the 1.44MB floppies that were standard in 2001 and before for write capable memory storage.

    9. @shrap
      Funny thing is, they did attempt to tinker with X7 once. In the US version, the entire damage value table was changed in a way that everything takes around twice longer to kill no matter what you use. The European versions went back to the JP damage values, but whoops, they removed the voice options that were present and functional in the US version, for some reason.

    10. That's what I mean. They could have reverted it back to normal.

  15. What are all the trophies?


  16. the guns n rose names were honestly better than most of the bosses actual names in x5. wish they had the option to switch them on or off since duff mcwhalen along with bn2 was peak localization from 00s capcom.

  17. Well, i don't mind, i'll be able to play battle network again after so long.

  18. Wait, I knew you could savescum the chip trader in 1, how do you savescum the mystery data?

  19. I'll pick this up when they drop Denuvo.

  20. Do you know if the job progression bug was fixed in 6? I think it's around Job #13 where you need a Protoman chip for a PA for the job, which you cannot ever get due to Protoman not appearing til after X jobs completed. This locks any job progression for the rest of the save file

    1. You can get one of each Protoman chip from the Patch Cards.

  21. the game isn’t saying you should feel bad for playing it who in their right mind would think that? If you’re not a mouth breather it’s clearly a warning for the morons that will cry at them for a game made almost 15+ years ago and they don’t wanna hear it from 14 year olds on Twitter that think it’s recent. it’s more like it’s implying HEY nerd don’t scream at us we didn’t even write this shit shut up enjoy the game! That’s not “punishing” anybody baby ass it’s not spreading any ideas it’s just simply stating facts for mere 2 seconds look away from the screen!! eat ur Cheetos

    1. How are your Cheetos, child?

    2. If they want my money, they best make some more main timeline games for Classic, X, ZX, or Legends, and since we pay, we have a right to demand. I use emulators too, but prior, I did own the games long ago + recently did buy the collections. customers have a right to demand, especially in Japan where customers are even more emphasized. I never touched card about non-MM games like BN, so I won't buy that, nor will I touch gacha non-MM stuff like Dive BS. It isn't rocket science that if they were to release a MM12, X9, ZX3, or Legends 3 at this point, it would sell like hotcakes, especially in this many years drought we have had. I would buy it in a flash if they did. On steam, of course, as that is something I use nowadays. But I did grow up back in the era of NES, SNS, etc, and owned those systems, and used to be a console gamer. I can do all that on my custom built PC nowadays and much much more.

    3. @Gary Daniel

      "It isn't rocket science that if they were to release a MM12, X9, ZX3, or Legends 3 at this point, it would sell like hotcakes"

      It isn't rocket science but I don't think Legends and ZX which are historically poor selling series would sell like hot cakes, even after a drought.

      In any case I personally would NOT buy a Legends game just because of a drought. I haven't liked a single game in that series and I have a faaaaaaaaaaar superior series that does the same thing it does but better in The Legend of Zelda. That new Legends game would have to have a total gameplay overhaul with way higher production and quality value as well as better character designs (especially upgrade Mega Man's Lego design) and story for me to be interested, But at that point it wouldn't even be Legends anymore.

      I'd love a ZX3 though, despite sells.

    4. I personally like MM Legends because of the tech setup but also it being tied to MM main timeline and how mysterious the world has become with all the unique locations, unusual landmarks, and interesting storyline, but that is just me. I saw mention recently that a big part of why Legends sold badly is because it was the beginning of the 3D era and Zelda Ocarina of Time and some others got the spot light and already did similar things but were more well known as a series than MM Legends, taking some sales away from Legends. I discovered Legends in 2000 actually and at first had no clue how it was tied to the Classic or X series, but X5's bad ending with the continents shattered and X wanting to build Elysium and the game being released around the same time as Legends 2 shows that they originally intended to branch off into Legends with the bad ending and Zero series with the good ending (X5 was supposed to be the last X game). Legends 2's map even has craters all over the world to match Elysium breaking into many pieces and hitting the earth if one gets the bad path in X5.

    5. Mega Man Legends released nearly a full year before Ocarina of Time. So that can't be it, and I don't know anything else notable that was like MML and Zelda in 3D at the time.

      Yeah lore is fine, I just don't like the games and the setting. Same way how you don't consider Battle Network or Dive Mega Man, I don't consider shlogging through a barron, just... archaic looking world with garbage camera and movement controls and droning soundtrack with weird esoteric anime plots and tropes that make Neon Genesis fans stuck holding its beer fun or appealing.

      I also don't like most character designs and a lot of the robotics, they look clucky and old fasioned but they are suppose to be the most advanced or something (due to the forced connection of the main timeline).

      I just wanna play high energy action games with lots of appealing asthetics and well thoughtout and fun game design. All the other Mega Man series gives that to me and Zelda gives me better what Legends wants to give me.

    6. Personally speaking, Legends is better suited in its own reality rather than the main timeline. Like BN it doesnt feel right.

    7. Yeah, it is quite different than typical MM games. Also needs a serious graphical update. As for tech, the Carbons seem low tech in some ways, high tech in others. The Elysium society might be the pinnacle of tech though. Quantum refractors seem to be the pinnacle of energy tech, as is fusing biology with tech with nano-tech to make a new species like carbons, or key figures of the master system having positronic brains, superior to the electronic ones in the X series, even able to regenerate to a degree with nano-tech (mother units, at least), and able to move their consciousness to a carbon body or other android body at will using the nano-tech (seems more advanced than X or Zero in that way as they had inferior electronic brains and less auto repair ability compared to the mother units and usually not able to transform into a large battle body that mother units can). But yes, carbon society is low tech in certain ways, not even able to launch a rocket, though they have anti-gravity tech for flying machines, but Elysium space tech needs no propellant and has anti-gravity launching tech, which seemed to be lacking even in the X series, though anti-gravity tech did exist in the classic series, it doesn't mean Wily's saucer could do space travel, or is so, such anti-gravity space tech seems confined to the 2 most intelligent doctors but not society as a whole in classic. Also had the ability to give humans infinite lifespans on Elysium, which was not possible in prior series.

    8. Hey Gary, I get it, you like lore and storyline, I get that.... But what does refractors' capabilities (which refractors themselves just looks like regular simple generic elongated 3D hexagon crystals that are physical and nothing about them seem to be the ultimate energy anything outside of powering a desperate and depressed world) "fusing biology with tech with nano-tech to make a new species like carbons", positronic brains (which is just a CPU that acts like a brain with a conscious in Sci-Fi, in fact one of the key tenents of a positronic brain is that it adheres to the three laws of robotics, something X overcame "many many centuries" ago) nano-tech, mind transfers etc Have to do with aesthetics?????

      I don't care about esoteric sci-fi thought provoking BS, I am talking about how stuff appears at face value to me the viewer. Anybody can take Mega Man X and be like Sigma has nanotech allowing him to materialize guns and different bodies on the fly exemplified by the battle between him in colony space station Final Weapon. Who gives a crap about all that? The answer, not me, at least I don't prioritize it over AESTHETICS AND FUN dude. It's a piece of entertainment man. In that example I don't find Sigma and his abilities interesting because of the technobabble describing them, I like it because it's some cool stuff happening in cool ways first and foremost.

      Freaken Sera looks lame to me, I don't care if she "morphed" into a "battle body" using GodHeavenExMachania019777Supreme tech, at the end of the day, what I fought was a giant clunky and blocky Reaverbot looking thing with a human face/android head (same with Juno BTW) that a little circle strafing disposed of easily and efficiently with my Lego looking Mega Man Volnutt with a Goku hairdo as I have done with 80% of bosses in the series.

      That's just me tho, to each their own.

    9. To answer some questions, yes, a lot of it does look lame probably because of the primitive hardware of the time and crap polygon counts. It does look bad in that regard. As I said, it needs a big update. As for hexagon stuff and bulky bodies, clearly there were graphical limits of the time, and despite it being far future (obviously lots of tech can get lost over time; and further future does not necessarily mean higher tech in all ways), keep in mind it was made before the Zero and ZX series, even before the 2nd half of the X series. Kind of like how the Star Wars prequels 1, 2, and 3 look to have higher tech than the older episodes 4, 5, and 6 despite their chronological order.

      Also assuming quantum in quantum refractors means anything vs a buzzword many like throwing around, getting energy at that size scale would be as efficient or maybe more so than even matter / anti-matter. In Legends 2, the servitor unit serving Sera saying they could teach the carbons how to make them, so indicating it could be an inexhaustible source of energy. Also Legends 3 was supposed to also center around an artifact that would end any energy crisis (I think) called the Klicke Lafonica.

      In certain ways, it does seem higher tech if we are talking the ancient society. Elysium is higher tech than Neo Arcadia and let anyone living there be free from aging, illness, etc.

      Like I said, in some ways, it seems more advanced. The fact they made Elysium the size of a small moon (it is not the moon, btw, as you can see the moon in a flashback of the master visiting earth), and there was an orbital elevator once connected to its base that was destroyed that said 'heaven' (I read about the Adventure 5 Islands plot online).

      Don't worry though, they probably won't make anymore Legends games, so you can rest easy. At this point, I am not going to feel much about it since life goes on and it is just a game after all.

    10. You are confusing character design with graphics. Cloud Strife, Link and Bowser's models was affected by the hardware of the time and crap polygon counts, not their character design. I am talking about character design. Like the way Mega Man and Sera look in concept art (their intended look).

    11. It would still look better without the low polygon count though. Also they could remake it to have better style, like Legends 3 concept art was wanting to do with Volnutt, or how MM11 and MM8 made MM look more sleek. They could remake that. We even see that with the X series where they look sleeker in PSX art vs SNES art in some ways, though better tech storywise could be another reason. Sera in her human looking form and the android bodies still look sleeker than reploids from 21xx. Volnutt looks sleeker than X in the legs. Carbons have this unique ability to grow and reproduce like humans, yet attach machine parts to themselves at will, likely why Volnutt in some ways looks like lego. Anyways, they can go back and redo the art like they did before in other MM series and remake it.

    12. "Volnutt looks sleeker than X in the legs"

      Agree to disagree on that one. But you are still not getting me. I am not talking about which one looks more "humanoid" perse, I am talking about which one looks better to me. The way you are thinking is why you think a smaller dimensions profile makes something look sleeker. Bulkiness isn't the problem clunky bulk is the problem.

      Volnutt's appendages look like they are connected with ball joints man... His feet look like clothes steamers with a big slab of metal as an artificial velcro strap, his appendages themselves look like cylinder cans. He has what seems like open visible screws, his hand is blocky and mechanical looking etc...

      You keep talking about lore and story. "Well Volnutt looks like a regular human when not in his digger gear which proves he looks advanced than X cause he is basically human..." Like who cares? Do you really look at X in his ultimate armor and be like "you know what would be nice, if he looked like a regular human but had powers, it would show how far tech has come" or are you like "that's some cool innovative character design, damn this is some fierce mecha sh** right here" you're over here talking about regular @zz human designs that connect clunky looking weapons and bs on them as proof of advancement in the in universe tech... Like what does that have to do with Mega Man looking like sick video game character, man? Why even like Mega Man if you are not interested in stylized mecha super hero stuff?

      Anyway you can like Legends, I am not speaking against that or trying to change your mind. I am just making the reasons why I don't, clear. I am not ignorant of the lore, the story, the artwork, the music etc etc. I have been playing these games since 98, I've had plenty of time to form opinions about them.

    13. I get you just fine. If you read what I said, I said they can remake and change the style if that is a problem. That isn't hard to understand. Just like they completely changed the style of X in X8 vs X1, or MM11 vs MM1.

    14. I'd like to interject into the conversation just to say that I don't like mecha (as in, the anime kind) or design choices related to it, but I do like Mega Man and cool designs. I think there's beauty in making a robot citizen design and there's also beauty in making something like another (good) armor design, though unfortunately I think there are more bad armor designs than good in the X series.

  22. Preorder BNLC Physical version... and did not get bonus/dlc...?

  23. Needed a gigantic disclaimer to make snowflakes not feeling offended by twenty year old games...what had this world come to...

    They say people who cry stereotypes are the
    ones most stereophonic themselves.. I'm beginning to see the wisdom in that.

  24. Any info about unlock arranged soundtrack? I can't believe there is only one per volume...

  25. The claim that no dialogue is changed, I THINK is incorrect, as I found at least one obvious piece of altered dialogue in MMBN 1 on the legacy collection, on switch. It has to have been edited, or else MMBN in 2001 was made by a time traveler. After beating elecman and protoman in the power plant there is a cutscene with WWW, and after everyone leaves, one of Wily's dialogue lines to himself is "So super... Such programs!!", which is just an obvious doge meme from 2013.... except the game came out in 2001. I Assumed with the warning at the start of the game about inclusivity, that nothing would be changed. There's still a mission impossible 3 reference, and a program that quotes SLJ in pulp fiction... but a doge meme is anachronistic.

    1. That's how the line was written in the OG release as well. It's a coincidence that doge emerged around a decade later.

    2. I can't believe Battle Network predicted doge memes along with a future where everything is connected to the internet, talk about ahead of its time.

  26. I'm a fan of both the main timeline and alternate timeline mega man games.

  27. Excellent review. It was actually in-depth, it told me what I was looking for (major differences with the original GBA games), and it was not tailored specifically towards new players. It also was written with practical implications in mind (i.e. the quality of online play, the art gallery, the music player, etc) which is cool.

  28. Since the version exclusives aren't a separate download like in the Virtual Console release, multiplayer is again required to complete the Mega Chip library and unlock Omega Navis in BN3, right?


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