Thursday, March 2, 2023

Capcom Cafe and Rockman EXE Collab Announced

From March 24 to April 27, Capcom Cafe in Ikebukuro and Umeda will be hosting a collaboration event with the Rockman EXE series featuring special themed menus and goods. 

The main visual, which you can see above, was drawn by official Capcom Japan staff. Additional announcements regarding the kind of goods and menu items are forthcoming. 

Judging by the products released in 2018 when Capcom Cafe collaborated with the Rockman series prior to the launch of Mega Man 11, we can probably expect clear files, coasters, stickers and other miscellaneous knick-nacks. 

If you happen to be around Tokyo or Osaka during event, you can reserve your seat(s) at the Capcom Cafe by following the instructions here.


  1. Packing my bags and running to Japan
    This sounds so cool!

  2. Omg I can comment again! XD Not something I really care about personally though. Wish we could get more high end stuff released.

  3. Kinda surprised it's of all Navis Serenade to be honest.


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