Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Early Rockman EXE 1 64Dream Magazine Preview Translated

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is just around the corner - almost a month away! And as we eagerly anticipate the latest news about the game, which is set to be revealed in tomorrow's Capcom showcase, here's a little blast from the past to tide you over.

Courtesy of the very awesome Midori, here's a complete English translation of an early Rockman EXE 1 64Dream preview originally published in November 2000. This preview offers another look at the famous "test build" version of the game (more here), including a good look at the scraped "RockBstr" chip in action. The chip's description validates the presence of leftover data found in the retail version. 

Additionally, we're treated to some concept art of WoodMan.EXE, which was previously only glimpsed briefly in Mega Man Battle Network Official Complete Works. It's a much better, more detailed look at the big guy - goober face and all.

Finally, the preview includes a small notation about 1-4 player multiplayer and Mobile GB Adapter compatibility. Although these features were not formally confirmed by Capcom at the time, they have been mentioned in other previews before. While it's hard to say for certain whether these were intended features or just misinterpreted information, it's exciting to consider the possibility.

Many thanks again to Midori for the translation! Come back tomorrow for the latest on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection!


  1. Man… I remember back when this game first came out. I thought Gutsman.EXE looked like a rapper, for some reason. I also remember watching Midori rip Magicman.EXE sprites from the final game. Good memories of more innocent times…

    Interesting to see the Buster was originally a chip. It might've worked like the Program Advance where Rockman.EXE could use it for a limited time, though if it had an actual set power of 40, probably not. I dunno. Sure interesting to see these obvious mock-ups of an earlier build, though.

  2. I am going back to elementary school just seeing this.


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