Friday, May 27, 2022

"The Brides" Head to Mega Man X DiVE's NA & EU Servers Next Week

This week the LATAM Global Version server is currently celebrating the Burning Bride of June event. It's notable for introducing Bridal Alia and Bridal Layer to the game. And if you're playing in the NA or EU servers, fear not; the "brides" are coming your way next week after the usual Wednesday maintenance period.

When it comes to the LATAM server, next week will see the "What Am I Fighting For!!!" capsule. It debuted back in February in the NA and EU servers. It features Iris, Zero and the Assault Equipment weapon. This capsule won't feature free pulls.

What's more? The Atomic Disintegration capsule will be available in the LATAM server too.

And that's all for now! For more information about next week's update, keep your eyes peeled to the game's social media channels!


  1. I completely understand that this is Rockman/Mega Man news. I accept that this is an official released game. However, the content of this game is debasing to Mega Man as a franchise and to the fans. Not only is the gameplay weak, but the content itself is sexist and pandering. I never played Mega Man for the "sexy waifus/Husbanos". This is super sad.

    1. Yeah, agreed that many of us don't care about dive. Most of us want things like X9, ZX3, Legends 3, or even MM12. Things like Dive, Command Mission, Megaman Soccer, etc just aren't what I call Megaman, and even battle network is not. watching a video or so of this and It does not feel like Megaman to me. They been doing this f ad for about 3 years now. who knows when it will end and they finally move on.

    2. @Gary Daniel
      Command Mission was a decent game and developed by actual developers behind other, more usual games in the series such as a few X games and many other nice CAPCOM games at the time. it's not like Battle Network or DIVE where it seems to become more important to CAPCOM than main games - at the time of Command Mission, they still released dozens of collections and even new games like Zero 3 and 4.

    3. I owned CM in 2004, but the turned based setup was not feeling like what MM gameplay should, so I took that game back. I got tired of randomly being pulled into turn based battles. Nice story, but not the gameplay. I hate turn based and MM is supposed to be action platformer where I have control in a battle vs luck. If they do RPG, make it like Legends or Castlevania, Symphony of the Night (live action). Zero 3 and 4 though, now we're talking. I played that on the TV through the Gamecube back in the day, then emulator. Now have it in the steam library.

    4. Command Mission was fine. I haven't played it since it first came out, except once for a few minutes if I remember right. It was the soundtrack that killed it for me... The soundtrack, outside of 2 or 3 songs, sucked. It was too pop/electric, not enough rock/metal and the random battle theme, the most important and often played song, was annoying like a car alarm.

      However, I don't mind the attempt to expand upon existing canon. It's the constant need to create new alternate canons to appeal to mystical audiences that pisses me off to no end. But we beat that horse to death already, so... CM is considered non-canon, but outside of one four digit number, it could be. Especially if you subscribe to the X5 divergent timeline thesis. I always considered it a prequel to X8.

      I'd play it again if it had trophies. But alas, it does not. So, meh, whatever.

    5. Oh, with one caveat. Expanding canon indefinitely is also bad. Once an proper ending has been achieved, that's it. It's not necessary to keep telling stories forever.

    6. Considering the big time gaps between even ZX and Legends, there is a lot of stuff they can fit in there. ZX does not even have an elder system, AFAIK, let alone a master system. ZX clearly does not bridge into legends or even pre-Legends events where a Master system was running much of the world with ancient cities everywhere. Too much time between them and not really any hints to that + none of the Master system (or even perhaps elder system) infrastructure or ancient cities are even established yet in ZX. They don't exist in ZX since it is too early in the timeline still, nor any signs of flooding that would happen after it was build hence ancient buildings in the sea exist in Legends. A lot of the flooding could have happened in the 3000 years of carbon history when the Master was up there, and only some happened when the wars that pushed the last humans up to live in Elysium happened then the orbital elevator from Elysium to the ground was destroyed from there or to prevent being easily followed by hostiles. So I find it silly when some assume Master Thomas does something that leads to Legends. They said the same thing about Zero 4, IIRC.

      They could even make a series that takes place at a time when the so called Ancients were at their height when the Elder system and Master system were around half and half in the world, wars were going on between machine-like humans and normal cyborg humans because some still felt like they were being tools of the actual humans despite the increased equality the ZX series introduced, and humans were escaping to Elysium through the orbital elevator tied to the ground to get away from it, and before the flooding was complete. The world would be covered with ancient looking cities, many with a gold tint color, though wars and pollution created global warming more so that flooded some of it over centuries of off and on wars (between 4000AD and 5000 AD), while most of it happened in the 3000 years the Master was up there.

      Making the canon long would not be so bad if they released sequels far more often so many fans are actually still alive to see closure, unless some anti-aging gene modification comes out in many of our life times to let us live centuries or millennia (could happen based on current trends and breakthroughs + AI helping accelerate other fields of tech and discover solutions with algorithms and sims vs spendy and time consuming trial and error experiments). Still, it should not take decades to finish a story even if fans did not have to worry about dying from old age. I like if they kept it going, but they need to release it in a timely matter like they did in the 90s and first half of 2000s. Many companies, including Capcom, may be long gone before this century ends in any case, or completely different than anything we recognize.

    7. Nope. I could care less about any of the stuff that happens in that time frame. Could care less if Legends is even PART of the main timeline. Not every little story needs to be told. Not every mystery explained. People used to be smart enough to fill in the gaps themselves.

      I've been thinking a lot about things like this the last few weeks. Right now there are particular franchises that are trying to tell stories that were never needed to be told, and are instead creating garbage, ruining the larger whole of the story. It's depressing. I have seen too many franchises get to a point where it devolved into shit just because fans keep demanding more.

      I will be perfectly honest. One final X game, one final Legends game, and one final ZX game is all that's required. If they wanna keep making games non-stop, stick to classic. I am ready, and desire, for Mega Man to just STOP. I don't want to see it become more damaged, and devolve further into shit. I don't wanna see any more spin offs, when they can just rename it and make something Mega Man LIKE just as easily. Ghosts N' Goblins isn't Mega Man. Devil May Cry isn't Resident Evil. Dark Stalkers isn't Street Fighter. Etc. It would be nice to just be able to say "That was a good story, a good time and was a lot of fun." All good things MUST come to an end.

      Fan's (including myself) need to stop demanding constant sequels and remakes of everything. It hardly ever ends well in the long run. And that's all I am going to say.

    8. I've been saying that for a long time. Three games are all they really need to complete the story and finish already. Nothing lasts forever, and that's OKAY. They can always make a new series afterward, or just stick to classic if they want.

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  3. *Reposting due to an HTML error in the previous one*

    @Gary Daniel:

    "Most of us want things like X9, ZX3, Legends 3, or even MM12."

    Pretty much. Hell, at this point, even a DLC expansion of Mega Man 11 would suffice, but for whatever reason, that's the one game in the Classic series since Powered Up, where they just refuse to do it (apart from the "Wily Numbers Instrumentals", if you'd like to count that). Even worse, the explanation given for it is beyond insulting to everyone's intelligence.


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