Friday, May 20, 2022

The "Brides" and Roll Caskett Join Mega Man X DiVE Next Week

Following the LATAM server, it's the NA and European servers turn to get Roll Caskett and the limited weapon Jet Vortex Buster gacha capsule. What's more? It bring a daily free 10-pull!

On top of this, the Air Pirate Servbot event gets a rerun and the NA server will have a pickup capsule with Pandora, Tron Bonne and the Savage Tusk of Thunder machine gun. The EU server will recieve the Atomic Disintegration capsule instead.

Now, while the LATAM server has to wait a little longer for the Street Fighter event and characters, next week they are getting one of the most popular events so far —the Burning Bride of June.

The gacha capsule features Bridal Alia, Bridal Layer and the S rank spray Gator Fangs based on Bifrost the Crocoroid's design from Mega Man ZX Advent.

All this content is coming next Wednesday to the game. Keep your eyes peeled to the game's social media channels for more information!

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