Thursday, May 19, 2022

Bandai Teasing New Rockman.EXE Action Figure

Bandai have announced plans to expand their popular Shokugan Modeling Project line into four different sublines. The fourth line, dubbed "Kit Makes Pose", will kick things off with a brand-new Rockman.EXE action figure.

Unfortunately, the company did not provide images of the figure itself. They've gone ahead and plastered Rockman.EXE's silhouette across various PR materials and an announcement trailer instead. There are no details on price, release date and availability at this time.

And that's pretty much all there is to say on this for now. The figure will boast a high degree of articulation and poseability, though. That should come as good news for collectors. 

More news as it comes in. Stay tuned!

Source: Bandai SMP 100 Next Evolution


  1. If this is a model kit: watch it blow Kotobukiya's EXE out of the water for a fraction of the price.
    I love Shokugan. The 66 Action figures were so much fun for the price, and the Super MiniPla ride armors were excellent.
    Finally, some Rockman toy news I'm excited about.

  2. Okay, ON topic, cool, I guess. I do not understand, people love Bandai so much but rip on Kotobukiya, their SMP line is not all that great. They are little better than random box build a figures. Bandai LOVES doing gimmicks. Just in Gundam alone there are HG, RG, MG, PG, Metal Build, Premiums, Entry Grade, and so many more. I wish they would just drop the gimmicks. It's redundant. Four branches of SMP? So we have a gimmick to the fourth power? Ugh...

    I have an SMP GaoGaiGar. It's... OK. About as tall as a 1/144 Gundam. It will get replaced with the upcoming RG GaoGaiGar which looks AWESOME. Funny thing... The price was about the same. Some of the SMP Super Sentai stuff looks enticing, but I'm not sold on how they look. The Super Robot Chogokin (gimmick) look so much better, but you pay for that quality as well.

    We shall see what happens with this SMP project. Price you can expect, between $30 to $40 bucks. Scale will probably be 3.5" or thereabouts. So don't expect to get something of comparable value to Kotobukiya's kits. That is extremely unlikely.

    Now, OFF topic, am I the only one having trouble logging in anymore? Is that why comments are few and far between? Something happened about two weeks ago. Blogger, Google and this website broke in some way that makes logging in EXTREMELY tedious. I've tried PC, I've tried phone, I put in credentials, I get nothing. Also, on mobile, some pages don't even show the reply box, I get the top few pixels of the reply box, but no way to type, no way to expand, and that's on top of the login issue. Like I said, it all started about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

    1. "...between $30 to $40 bucks. Scale will probably be 3.5" or thereabouts. So don't expect to get something of comparable value to Kotobukiya's kits."

      Kotobukiya's HexaGear? The figures from that line are tiny rubber figures with hardly any paint. $30-$40 for a 3.5" figure. HexaGear isn't "gimmicky?" Frame Arms isn't "gimmicky?" Metal builds are action figures, so I'm not sure why we are talking about that but ... Kotobukiya has ... statues?

      You mention Bandai, and a $70 Bandai kit is generally incredibly detailed compared to these Rockman kits from Koto, which are the color-separated equivalent of an HG kit ... and those usually cost $20-$30. Some HG kits are even under $20.

      Bandai just has more resources as the world's largest toy company (after Lego), so they can offer more detail at lower cost. Gunpla is apples-to-oranges because Koto doesn't have their own factory like Bandai has for Gundams alone. Koto outsources design elements to factories, whereas Bandai does everything in-house.

    2. There it is! It's not my policy to argue with random "Anonymous" so this is ALL I am going to say to you.

      You completely missed my entire point so you could go back to bashing Kotobukiya. HexaGear and Frame Arms are their own little beasts. At Bandai, if I want a Freedom Gundam, there is 20 or so different LABELS to chose from, and more still with versions. Each one varying in price and quality. Just cause I get an HG for $40 doesn't mean that it doesn't have the same problems Koto has. It's just cheaper. That's ALL.

      My SMP (which was a Super Mini-Pla when it first came out, but was in the SMP video so...) of GaoGaiGar cost me somewhere around $80 to $100, I don't remember cause I bought it after market. But, it is not a very good model by these silly Kotobukiya vs Bandai standards. It is poorly colored, requires stickers, requires paint, and is a parts former in places that shouldn't require it. They had very poor layout on the gates, resulting in some unsightly cuts. These are some of the very things you complain about with Kotobukiya. Apples to Oranges my foot.

      Some of the other SMP's I was looking at, like Dragon Ceaser and Muteki Shogun do not look good. Combined it looks decent, but separate they look terrible. Granted, if the "Premium SMP" gimmick has them popping up on the website with improvements, I might look into getting one or 5. The SMP Genesic GaoGaiGar looks tempting, but since RG is a thing now I am back to playing the waiting long game. See? Crap like that happens when you do too many gimmicks.

    3. Did you not get the SMP ride armors?

    4. no problems logging in on my end.

      I don't get the koto hate either, but I'm not as familiar with bandai model kits either. I have a couple of the old bandai rockman X model kits, and they're pretty much terrible. I like the koto kits well enough, and they've given us more armors than most lines of X anything, so I'm happy about that

    5. Strange. I have nothing but problems logging in... On 2 PC's and on my phone.
      I can't login in here. It just keeps popping up with a sign in box. But I did find a way for anyone who is having the same issue as me. There is a trick to it.

      What I had to do was completely close the browser.
      Then go to Blogger. Sign in there.
      Then come to this website in a new tab. Hit the sign in button.
      A refresh might be required.
      THEN I got in. It didn't do this until a few weeks ago.

      Strangely, I cant just come here, then go to blogger, and refresh my way in. I had to close the browser. I would say it's a browser issue EXCEPT the site is uncooperative on my phone.

      Back on track, I saw the SMP Super Sentai stuff pop up for pre-order. But I don't plan to spend $110 bucks on a Daizyujin that looks like that and will be heavy on stickers... If it were $60, sure. But not $110. Muteki Shogun looks bad too.
      The saving grace on these SMP's, though, is they are tinier models. I don't know about these, but my GaoGaiGar is about 6" or so complete.

  3. "which are the color-separated equivalent of an HG kit"

    Imagine living in a world where you actually believe that...I forgot the part where I had to use 15 stickers on my zero and still use a gundam marker to make it look decent...wait, that never happened! You can compare the articulation to a HG but the color separation of those kits is mediocre, there is a reason they cost $20

    1. There's a lot of variance among HG kits, and some do come with absolutely ridiculous sticker sheets.
      However, I actually did some painting and made my own foil stickers (the clear parts on these X kits are not great) to make these X kits look "decent" to me, including Zero. Let's be honest here: Zero's hair looks bad on the hollow side, the nipple clear parts look bad with the peg in the center, the feet fall off... but, yeah, some HG kits are frustrating too. Some of them are also not bad or frustrating, like HGBD, which look great and still cost less than 50% of these Kotobukiya kits. Koto production numbers are smaller though, so of course they need to charge more.


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