Monday, June 21, 2021

Rockman X DiVE & Monster Hunter Rise Collaboration Characters, Weapons Detailed

Following various reveals over the last days, it's time to get a closer look at Hunter R and Hunter V skills and the two brand-new weapons introduced for Rockman X DiVE and Monster Hunter Rise collaboration.

Find all the details after the break!

First we have the two new weapons; the saber Sinister Shadow Saber and the machine gun Sinister Gatling Gun

As you can see above, the Gatlin Gun will be available this Wednesday with both Hunter capsule. As for the saber, it's unknown at this time if it will be a reward for playing the event stage or part of another banner.

Looking at the characters, we have Hunter V (Sinister) a.k.a ViA, if you prefer. His first active skill is Iai Spirit Slash, an attack that damages all enemies in the path. His second active skill is Soaring Kick which perform a flying kick at the target to deal damage.

Last but not least, we have Hunter R (Kamura) a.k.a RiCO. Her first active skill is Shelling, a skill primarily used to damage multiple enemies at once. Depending on the skill card equipped you can use Crag S, Slicing S or Wyvern S, each of them have different uses.

Her second active skill is Anchor Guard. This skill will make her invulnerable for a few seconds while immobile and followed up with a powerful counter.

Everything is ready for the Mission Code: R.I.S.E event to start this Wednesday through July 7. Let the hunt begin!


  1. Weapons, reploids, thats it where is ma boi vile!?

  2. Hunter V looking like a spawn charcter from medieval times too be quite honest, no seriously he looks like mandarin spawn and medieval spawn combined lol exsept for da big dumb sord looking like it came outta kil la kill kill edgey anime.

  3. I didn't quite catch at first that these two new characters were actually ViA and RiCO.
    I'm digging the Monster Hunter Rise designs, they're pretty neat!


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