Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Rockman X DiVE on Track to Launch This Year

Following Kazuhiro Tsuchiya's statement at the end of September saying " it may take a while for the game to officially launch" some fans speculated that the game may not be launching this year.  However, today via Capcom's Q2 FY2019 Financial Results, we have confirmation that the game is indeed launching this year as originally was announced in the reveal trailer:

We are pretty much two months away from the end of the year and they still have to conduct an Open Beta and of course launch the game itself. That said, we can expect regular news about Rockman X DiVE to resume soon after a relatively calm period following the end of the Closed Beta in August.

And speaking of Rockman X DiVE, the development team opened up a new Facebook page called "Rockman X DiVE – Derivative Work Group". Here, fans can post their fan-creations and, by the look of things, the development team will choose a topic from time-to-time to inspire fan creations. It's something to look forward to if you're the creative type!

Source: Capcom Investor Relations


  1. This is going to be a good holiday season for us.

  2. But it should be tho, it should be.

  3. It better not be December 31st...

  4. I just hope that when I log back in I'm still not stuck in an unskippable loop of rico weapon tutorials

  5. I hope the game runs off Bluestacks flawlessly.

  6. Hopefully this will mean it will be released in Region 1. I hope.


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