Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mega Man x Dragalia Lost Further Details Revealed

More details have surfaced regarding the upcoming Mega Man event in Nintendo's Dragalia Lost which was announced last week. Details were provided by the game's director Yuji Okada on the latest Dragalia Lost newsletter along with the first piece of artwork for the event as seen above. Information regarding the Mega Man crossover event itself can be found below:

"The Mega Man event is scheduled to occur at the end of November.

In it, you'll be able to add Mega Man to your team as a temporary adventurer. You can increase your friendship with him by clearing quests with him on your team. If your friendship with him reaches a certain level, he'll remain your ally even after the event ends.

The way Mega Man moves and attacks is based on his own games. Even the animations for when he takes damage or when his HP reaches 0 are call backs to his series!

We'll have more to share about his skills and shapeshifting capabilities in future notices, but trust me when I say, they will be... distinctly ... "Mega Man" ...

You'll join Mega Man in fighting against the Greatwyrms, who will have special behavior for this event. But why the Greatwyrms? Well, a certain someone has come to the world of the Dragalia Lost...

But we're not spilling those beans yet! You'll just have to look forward to the event to find out exactly who this is.

You'll also be able to get event-specific items, wyrmprints and weapons. They'll also be event specific music! 

November's This Month in Dragalia Lost will have more information on this, so keep an eye out for it."

"a certain someone" - I think it's safe to say that could probably be Wily, don't you think? Also having event specific music could possibly give us some new remixes! Only time will tell! Looks like we'll have to wait until the next newsletter towards the end of the month before we get more details on the event but, rest assured, we'll report any new details as they arise! 

Will you be playing the event this November? 


  1. I haven't played Dragalia since the first event they had but I'll definitely jump back into it if Mega Man is getting added into the game.

  2. I was hoping the Mecha Dragon would be joining too... :D

    1. Now that you mention it, i want to see it too.

  3. I really don't wanna play a mobile gatcha, but... gosh that look for Mega Man is great. Mega Man has been getting some great designs since he first appeared in Smash

    1. It's literally just the MM11 design. Do you mean artwork?

  4. Just watch it be mostly Mega Man 2 music.

  5. Mega Man looks amazing in Naoki Saito's style.

    So, Mega Man is a Welfare Unit. Fair enough. Most likely he'll be a 5-Star unit, so he'll be stronger than most Welfare Units. It'll be easy for long-time players to get Max Friendship with him.

    And DAOKO making a collab song for the Mega Man Event sounds amazing.

  6. With how a neat idea for a crossover event this is, it makes me want to see him be in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or Valkyrie Anatomia for one of their banners.


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