Friday, January 4, 2019

Mega Man: Fully Charged Episodes 21 Through 32 Now Online

Elec Man thwarts Aki and Ashley's Mega Man-themed schoolplay in Episode 29, "Watt's Happening?!"

Ahead of the show's return to Cartoon Network airwaves this weekend, the Cartoon Network website and video app have uploaded twelve brand-new episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged. The total episode count now sits at 32.

Do note that, in order to watch full episodes online, you'll need to authenticate your cable or satellite TV provider. If you're unable to watch online, tune in to Cartoon Network every Saturday and Sunday morning at 6:30am/5:30am for new episodes.

Source: Cartoon Network


  1. I see it says "schoolplay" there.

    I thought Megaman's head / helmet looked pretty weird, is it a costume?

    1. i was wondering as well. like that time ine Star force where Geo end up playing Mega Man role.

  2. *notices something about that screen capture*
    … huh. I guess those 100,000 e-mails I sent to Man of Action finally got to them.
    (I did no such thing, I'm just being silly.)

  3. Odd... what happened to Aki's Megaman helmet? Did they... redesign it...?

  4. Ashley's Costume, I got the reference.

  5. I wonder when it will be released on YouTube for me to watch.

  6. CN still treating it like crap.


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