Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Rockman Corner is Now on Patreon! Help Me Preserve Mega Man History


If you've been visiting Rockman Corner for the last ten years or so, you've probably picked up on my passion for Mega Man history. Be it prototype games, rare footage or seldom-seen concept art, I love to collect and share this stuff with you guys. I can't name a single prototype I've "hoarded" to myself. Everything I have is yours. Mi casa, su casa.

So to keep the ball rolling, to ensure that pieces of Mega Man's history are preserved, documented and shared publicly, I've launched a Patreon. For literally a dollar or two, you can help me fund the acquisition of Mega Man prototypes, game design documents, concept artwork, lost media, and other odds-and-ends you've never seen before. I also want to translate videos, guidebooks, drama tracks, etc. into English for the first time, too.

Here are a few projects I'm working on that could use a little Patreon-fuel:

  • Long-term project: acquisition and translation of game documents relating to a cancelled 1995 Mega Man X "interactive movie" game.
  • Mid-term project: acquisition, scanning, and restoration of rare NES and SNES era Mega Man concept art, alternate package designs, and marketing materials.
  • Mid-term project: dump and preserve "Rockman EXE: Battle Chip Stadium" arcade game.
  • Short-to-mid-term project: Translate or re-translate lore material from drama tracks and "Dr. Light's journal" (from the Rockman Classic Collection), developer interviews from rare guidebooks, and other odds-and-ends.
  •  And more!

I'm also planning on writing two unofficial books: a definitive "History of Mega Man Legends" book covering the development and behind-the-scenes secrets of the Legends series, and a book on lesser-known Mega Man games (Japan-only mobile games, obscure ports, etc.).

For more details hit up my Patreon here. Your donation, however much you want to chip in, is appreciated. You guys are the best. Cheers and thank you!

(Image credit: Rolando Ortiz -https://twitter.com/BNMotive)


  1. Why Patreon? I know why but still.

    I'm truly sorry Protodude (I think, if not, Rockman Corner) I really am, most other places I can tolerate but I will support Patreon due to ethical principles. No disrespect to you or Mega Man/Rockman I like both a lot and wish you the best on these projects. I'll happily see about supporting your efforts on other platforms but I can see why you went with what you went with, since it seems to be the only viable option.

    1. Why not Patreon?

      Legit question, I wanna know what's up.

    2. They are unethical in the handling of their user "creators" by expelling them without notice based on inconsistent applications of their terms of service executed by the arbitrary whims of their politically motivated staff and crew. They are then shown to collude with the monopolistic like payment processor PayPal in order to squash competition that would accept those they cast out of their services. They then lie through their teeth in cover up attempts to make the creators that call them out on this look petty and vengeful based on some BS about a non sequitur like 5% payment cuts which were never an issue of contention.

      That's the most concise way I think I can manage to put it, but I think I hit all the bullet points.

    3. Honestly, this....do you have any other way we can support you in a similar manner, Protodude?

    4. I suppose you can always PayPal me a donation: PayPal.me/Protodude

    5. Patreon is an odd case. I had a $5.00 Patron for half a year. I never had any trouble getting my 80% cut of the pledges and my Patron never had any trouble with being charged. But, I have heard the horror stories of money "going missing" or Patreon taking more than they say they do, payments being rejected, accounts being forcibly closed, etc. etc. I guess it depends on what kind of money your account makes, or something? I dunno.

      You can't really trust anyone with your money, these days. Sometimes, not even banks or your friends. But, when it comes right down to it… this is the Dude's chicken to cook… ya know?
      (A direct donation/pledge method would not go unappreciated, though~)

  2. You've supplied me with loads of Mega Man news and info, so i'd be glad to be able to support future endeavors. :)

  3. I encouraged you to start a Patreon so OF COURSE I backed it. Least I can do!


  5. I've been coming to this site for the better half of a decade. I'd be more than glad to donate to your patreon my dude!

  6. This site has been at the top of my bookmarks and I've checked it every day for the last 10 years, you bet your bobsled I'm donating!

  7. I've been looking for scans and translations of Dr. Lights Journal, so this looks like a great opportunity.

  8. Hey Protodude when Mega Man gave you that handshake did it crush your hand or is that smile genuine?

  9. Thank you for everything, Protodude!

    Can you make the game "Rockman Gold Empire" available again?

    I did asked Allahweh for re-upload on her site long time ago (She said she will do that) but unfortunately sometime after that her site no longer working. And what happened to her? Although I disagree with her Rockman Timeline but I enjoyed reading it.

  10. TayoEXE here. I'd be happy to help with translating things from Japanese to English as needed for free. The only cost is my time so to speak since I'm often quite busy. Haha But I'd love to support all things Rockman in the only way I feel I can. I have helped some other people with translating video game lore based on the original Japanese such as Meteorz on Youtube with his Kirby Canon videos. I started a while ago helping to translate the Rockman X Novel but couldn't commit to such a large project at the time, so that's why I'm free. Haha My wife is a native speaker as well, so we translate as a time. If you ever need a quick translation or whatever, just contact me at rockmantaiyo@hotmail.com .


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