Friday, January 12, 2018

Rockman 30th Anniversary Festival Announced for Japan

Capcom will host a Rockman 30th anniversary commemorative event on February 10th, 2018 in Hanayashiki Park (Asakusa, Tokyo) and Hirakata Park (Hirakata, Osaka) respectively, the company announced.

Dubbed "Rockman Unite", the event will play host to a number of events such as a treasure hunt to find a mysterious "dream chip". Attendees will also have the opportunity to much of Rockman-themed food and snag a few exclusive goods, too: clear file folders, postcards, key holders, acrylic key chains, hoodies, and a spiffy tote bag. Oh yes; Rockman.EXE and Blues.EXE will make a special appearance, too.

The event runs until March 21st in Hanayashiki and February 25th in Hirakata Park. Entree fee is a cool 500 yen – practically nothing! More details (in Japanese) can be found at the event's official page here.


  1. Mysterious "dream chip"?....
    Nice event ^^

  2. I am really happy that this is happening. A good year for us and Rockman.

  3. X: Halt! X Buster!

    Geo: Errrgh, Buster Shot!

    Rock: Mega Buster!

    EXE: Ahhhh, charge shot!

    Volnutt: Hi there, how's everybody doing?!

  4. I wonder if us fans can conjur up something here in the US, though i think to plan it it's already too late.

  5. welp im buying a ticket to japan

  6. Honestly I wouldn’t go even if I was near it... just drinks food and little trinkets I got all of that in my house rofl XD and the merch will hit eBay like it always does so not missing much /shrug

  7. Oh man, I'm so going to the one in Asakusa.


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