Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Look at HMO Collectibles Zero Statue

If you liked HMO Collectibles' Mega Man X statue, you've got something new to look forward to! Everyone's favorite red crusader, Zero, is next in line to receive the premium statue treatment.

As you can see right now, the statue is just an uncolored prototype. The final version will be 1:4 in scale and includes a "multitude of switch out options to create many display variations of your choice." What does that mean? Well, going by HMO Collectibles' Facebook banner, the statue will have some articulation and interchangeable parts.

Pre-orders will be available soon via HMO. In the meantime you might want to start saving up some Zenny – this one won't be cheap!

Source: HMO Collectibles


  1. Looks neat. I certainly won't be stepping up the money, though. Too many Zero figures out on the market for me to invest in this. Maybe if it was Sigma. Still, seems like this would be a nice thing to put in your room.

  2. Probably no shipping to North America just like the X one. Too bad I woulda got one

  3. Is only a render but there is something off about it like the X figure, they look super high quality but they can nail the sculpture like other companies do.

  4. Not gonna lie that thing does look sick as hell.

  5. I have a HUGE MegaMan collection but I won’t drop 600$ for that or the X I could get 12 brand new D arts or Sentinel figures for that price.. it’s no contest lol why on earth would people drop a House or Car payment on that ROFL! 🤣

    1. Because I'm more of a X fan than you are.... lol kidding, your right though, price tag is steep. I got a decent tax return so that why but North America won't get it as usual. They shoulda just made it a solid statue without all the made up internal mechanics or whatever, prolly doubled the things price and I don't think many would display it with the leg and arm pieces all opened up.

  6. The Zero statue is looking sharp. Investing in a collection of MegaMan would take a lot of financial planning from a business consultant. It definitely won't be cheap. I'll admire from afar.

  7. Gostaria muito de ter um, mas o preço não permite esta ostentação :(


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