Sunday, January 28, 2018

Check Out Some Entries From Bandai's Rockman X Armor Design Contest

When Bandai announced they were reviving their Rockman X Carddass and Rockman X Mega Missions trading cards, they also put the call out to fans to design a new armor for X. The winning design would be re-drawn by Yoshihiro Iwatamoto to commemorate the new cards.

In total, 201 designs were submitted by Japanese fans. The winning design has yet to be chosen, but that won't stop us from admiring the competition. Hit the jump below for the lowdown!

My pal MegaDegaDrive has translated and re-posted 80 of 201 entries to Twitter. Hit that link and check 'em out. I've also gone ahead and posted a select few below with MDD's translations and commentary:

ミキシングアーマー ("Gravity Armor") 
This is the first space-themed armor submitted for the contest, and again, love the colors and the buster shot. Anti-grav boots is a neat concept.

エンディングの向こう側 ("Beyond the ending")
Artist: 名さん
Another solid solo submission, the design evokes the Paladin Armor from Rockman Xover, though it stands on its own with its multiple configurations and the shield, which repels the Limited Virus.

ユニコーンアーマー ("Unicorn Armor")
Artist: 青天井さん
This is another artist's concept for a Unicorn Armor. Unfortunately they didn't go into more detail about what it does, but they did a great job illustrating it.

ウィザードアーマー ("Wizard Armor")
Artist: ナンバー13さん
Succeeding the fantasy motif established by the Unicorn Armor, the Wizard Armor seeks to reestablish the presence and importance of special weapons in the form of elemental moves, & gives X a cape.

 アニバーサリーアーマー ("Anniversary Armor")
Artist: ナンバー13さん
Four-in-one: a gold armor celebrating , and three armors based off of Legends, Classic, and Star Force, which I'm surprised I haven't ever seen done before. Another neat package

レスキューアーマー ("Rescue Armor")
Artist: yuriさん
The artist's only submission, this is a non-combatant armor designed specifically for saving lives! The design is simple, cool, and it does both the concept & X's character justice. That's rare.

スティング・カメリーオアーマー ("Sting Camerio Armor")
Artist: 名無しの太郎さん
This phenomenal piece takes the Double Soul (Soul Unison) from Mega Man Battle Network 4 and applies it to Mega Man X and Sting Chameleon.

All entries – including those not translated – can be viewed at the original contest page here. Which one do you think will win? Personally, I really dig the "Wizard Armor". What a neat concept! I know Iwamoto would whip up a nice adaptation of it... but it looks so nice already!


  1. Of the ones shown here, Gravity Armor is easily my favorite.

  2. Ah, man. I missed awesome designs like this of X.

  3. Do you think the artists would feel offended if someone recreated their designs in a different medium (3d modeling, for example)?

    1. i think the best would be to ask them about it first if there is a way to contact them on pixiv, twitter, or whathaveyou. Now if not, is supose you would have to remember to credit the original artist if you post it online.

    2. That depends on the artist, but assuming it's a faithful representation, I would think they'd be delighted to see someone feel that strongly about their work. It's positive, rewarding attention.

  4. Now thoses are really good.
    i quite like the rescue armor, the design fit the ''secourist' theme. and as you say, it fit X.
    i'll definitly have to take a look at the other submissions.

  5. Wizard and Unicorn are definitely awesome entries.

  6. I know you guys will never unsee this but.... Rescue armor looks like X has a boner.

  7. Unicorn Armor has the best design and awesome art that I wouldn't mind being official.

    That said.... such a stupid stupid name... Might as well call it princess armor.

    Although Uni Armor has a nice ring to it.

    1. hey, unicorn don't have to automaticaly be seen as something girly.
      personally the name just made me think of gundam.

  8. 黒井ススム's Samurai Armor design is pretty sweet. Considering X went ninja on us in X6, it was only a matter of time before samurai would come up.

  9. I like the Classic Armor, it reminds me of Ruby Spears Mega Man.

  10. The Anniversary Armor is something I require in my life.

  11. I think the Rescue Armor would be my pick, but there's something about it that feels just a little too busy. I suppose it might be that the colors feel like they're competing for my attention too much. But that's a pretty minor nitpick, since it's not garish or anything. I hope they choose it as the winner!

    Those Anniversary Armors are all sick, but of them, I'd choose the Volnutt Armor as the runner-up.


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