Saturday, December 23, 2017

Every Mega Man-Thing to Look Forward to in 2018 (So Far)

2018 is a big year for our blue boy. From Mega Man 11 to a new animated series, there's a little something for everyone. Here's a recap of what's coming down the pike.

Mega Man 11 (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC)

The big cannoli that needs no introduction: Mega Man 11. The first true-blue Mega Man game in seven years will grace home consoles and PC in late 2018. It's a bit of a ways off, sure, but you can count on all sorts of news and updates leading up to release. Personally, I'm excited to learn about all the new Robot Masters.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on Nintendo Switch

Announced only a few short weeks ago, both Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are hitting Nintendo Switch in the spring. Legacy Collection 1 will feature all of the 3DS version's content (Amiibo challenges and museum images) and a brand-new rewind feature.  Legacy Collection 2, meanwhile, will see the addition of Amiibo support. Capcom have yet to announce if both games will be sold together or individually. We'll have more news on that front soon. (January Nintendo Direct? Hm..)

Mega Man X1~X8 ports (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC)

Kicking off the X series' 25th anniversary, all eight Mega Man X games are hitting home consoles and PC in summer 2018. Curiously, Capcom have yet to confirm the release format, i.e whether or not the games will be sold in a single collection or individually. It's kinda unusual they didn't say anything from the get-go. Perhaps it hasn't been determined yet? Either way, you'll be playing your favorite X game(s) all over again this coming summer.

The new Mega Man animated series (2018, Cartoon Network)

Though news has been quiet on this front, DHX Media and Dentsu's animated Mega Man series is currently in production and slated to hit airwaves next year. The show will air in the States on Cartoon Network with an expected 52 episode count (11-minutes each). A toyline is currently in development from Jakks Pacific to accompany the show.

Mega Man Mastermix (UDON Entertainment, January 2018) 

Hitoshi Ariga's acclaimed Mega Man Megamix comic series is back and in full-color! This on-going series is planned to launch in January with an 80-page debut issue. Josh Perez will be the colorist. You can check out some preview pages here and pre-order the variant covers here. You can shave 20% with the code MASTERMIX at checkout!

Rockman X Mega Missions 4 and legacy Carddass cards

Bandai are bringing back the Rockman X Mega Missions and Carddass cards in a big 'ol box next year exclusively from Premium Bandai (no word yet on international availability). Inside, you'll find new cards for Mega Missions 4 (featuring a new story and characters following the events of Mega Missions 3) and reprints of various Rockman X Carddass and Mega Missions 1-3 cards. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go enlighten yourself.

Mega Man 11 Roll Nendoroid

Announced long before Mega Man 11, Good Smile Company will roll-out a Roll Nendoroid figure next year. It's said to feature her MM11 redesign, complete with hoodie!

Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Zero Anniversary Goods

Waaaay back in October 2016 Capcom began recruiting licensing partners to produce commemorative goods for Mega Man X's 25th, Mega Man Legends' 20th and Mega Man Zero's 15th anniversaries. Though nothing specific has been announced, we can expect a number of things bearing the X, Zero and Legends name sprinkled throughout 2018. 

Unannounced Music Project

I've been working on something special with some very cool, very talented people in the industry. I can't say much about it right now... but it's very neat. I'm hoping to share more soon!

Aaaaand that's a wrap on 2017. May you have a lovely holiday and thank you, again, for all your support and sticking it out. Next year is gonna be great.


  1. Well 2018 will be a Mega Year for Megaman!!! Yes!!!

  2. New Team Nekokan song, please!

    1. This or another CHIP TUNED ROCKMAN! I LOVED THAT ALBUM! Rockman 30th Anniversary Rock/Techno are also welcomed! Just no "WE ARE ROCKMEN 3." I didn't really enjoy those so much....(unless they turn it around and make it really great then go ahead!)

    2. ^ I am totally with this Anonymous commenter. It is high time we got a new Team Nekocan song! ❤

  3. Not to be that guy, but I doubt the cards will come overseas. That whole thing was exclusive to Japan before and will likely stay that way.

  4. To me, it looks like the same as usual, but with an actual new game.

  5. About Mega Man 11, I might be wrong but based on the long 30th anniversary trailer, when Mega Man doing his pose with the text "Mega Man Through the Ages" superimposed in front of him in the beginning, there were 8 images in the background that might possibly be his 8 transformations. From left to right:

    1. Mega Man Model X
    2. Mega Man Model ZX
    3. Star Force Mega Man
    4. Mega Man Volnutt
    5. Mega Man X
    6. MegaMan.EXE
    7. Mega Man Zero
    8. Mega Man XOver

    So what do you people think? Zero is so lucky but no Model A, maybe because to incorporate the A-Trans would take more dedicated time?

  6. Now, all that remains is for the Archie Comics series to come out of "hiatus." And, uh... maybe news on a Mega Man Universe revival...?

    And, also, Mega Man Mania. Pretty please...?

  7. I dont care about Rockman 11 Roll Nendoroid but I can't wait to play Rockman game, thought.

  8. Provided capcom doesn't cancel it again

    1. In your dream because they are not cancel it again! You are silly and negative.

  9. Can't wait for the game but dont care about new cartoon series. America cartoon sucks!

    1. That sounds like the typical comment of a weeb. Let me guess, you think everything Japan makes is perfect, don't you?

    2. I don't think an American adaptation of Mega Man has to be mediocre, but this one doesn't sound good by the premise; I find it hard to believe that this is the best they could come up with considering all of what they had to work with.

  10. You forgot the new Sentinel figure (and hopefully more)

  11. Cant wait for the game to cancel, it will be great


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