Friday, December 1, 2017

Your First Look at Nendoroid Zero

Swallowed up by yesterday's tantalizing 30th anniversary stuff, Good Smile officially revealed Nendoroid Zero at the Tokyo Comic Con. First teased some months ago, "Nendoroid Zero X2 Version" is painted and just about ready for retail. A release date has not been announced, though it shouldn't be too far off.

Stay tuned!

Source: Good Smile Co.


  1. What a cute little Maverick-Killing super fighting Reploid.

    1. Yeah, you tell 'em.

      Everyone knows that X is the original Reploid. #Kappa

    2. Indeed. thank you for the rectification. The fun part is that i used to make the mistake and call the maverick "robots", and paid attention to use reploid. to the point where it became a reflex to use reploid when talking about the X serie...and end up using it for the one who is'nt a reploid.

  2. While the sword looks a little cheap, pretty much everything else looks nice. I like the gloss on his armor especially. So, yeah, if budget permits, I may invest in this little guy.

  3. Oh my god, my wallet, my wallet, make it stop!!
    Somebody please think of my wallet!!....
    ...Now seriously, it's a nice piece of Irregular Hunter.

  4. first victim of the robot apocalypse says what?


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