Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mega Man Super Mario Maker Mayhem!

Super Mario Maker launches in North America later this week! To tide you over, here's a brand new batch of Mega Man Amiibo costume screenshots. You'll also find a sneak peek at what's to come from a certain fan in the East.

Via the one and only Megacocorock:

Megacocorock is also in the process of designing a Mega Man-themed stage! If we're lucky, it should be ready in time for Mario Maker's launch.


  1. Disappointment. Look at Mario that transformed into Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong in 8 bit looks great. However, Mario transformed into Megaman doesn't looked like Megaman 8 bit like a Megaman games. He looks terrible and kinda squash down to the wrong size. (angry)

    1. He kind of has to. Costume Mario by design needs to be around the same size as Small Mario.

    2. I dunno, I kinda like this look for him actually, since it's a silly little extra in a Mario game anyway.

      Something goofy and kinda fun about it.

    3. Then why is Donkey Kong the correct size? And Link, etc. They should have just used Mega Man's 8 bit sprite. This is stupid.

    4. No, if you see Donkey Kong version in this game.. He is bigger than Mario's size.

    5. I, for one, welcome this. Whether it's by preference or necessity, the fact they actually refrained from recycling the NES sprite AGAIN is quite refreshing.

    6. People are literally raging over Mega Man's tinier sprite as opposed to reusing his actual sprite. When this happens, you know the fandom has fallen to a deep low.

      I personally don't give a shit that Mega Man's sprite is smaller. It has to conform to Mario's tinier sprite dimensions because the extra characters are only skins. And that's all they are. Don't play this game expecting you can shoot enemies down by a change of costume, it still plays by Mario's rules.

      And really? Donkey Kong? People are using DK as an argument that his sprite is bigger than Mario's? It hardly is. If anything, it's more wider than it is tall. But it's hardly any different from Mario's size. I'm actually more surprised people aren't using Pac-Man because his sprite certainly looked a lot bigger.

      But really, I don't care. This is a stupid thing to get angry over.
      - Dr. Jerk.

    7. I'm with you 100% Dr. Jerk. If there's one thing I can hope for, it's to build the fortitude to not scroll down to the comments section on this site. Nearly every one features at least someone raging over something.

      "Wahhh, I don't like the cover art on this new version of an artbook"
      "Wahhh, Mega Man's sprite in this game Nintendo made with Amiibo support for Mega Man isn't to my specifications"
      "Wahhh, the artwork and dialogue sucks on this new comic"

      Then these are the same folks who love to turn around and point out that "Nobody cares about Mega Man" when something gets shelved. I guess something must be wrong me with when I'm willing to just appreciate the few things we have left at this point.

    8. Unpopular opinion, but I don't like classic Megaman's 8-bit sprite at all.
      The helmet is just too form fitting to his head. It does not reflect the official art work strongly enough. Protoman's sprite does a much better job of conveying what the artwork shows.

      This new sprite does have issues with being too squished down on the body but I like the size of the head and the shape of the helmet. It works very well for Megaman. I do think he should have been given a bit more height. The problem really isn't the chibi, super-deformed, look it's how its proportioned out.

    9. @Dr. Jerk "When this happens, you know the fandom has fallen to a deep low."

      I suppose that's true if you like making idiotic generalizations based on a few people on one website, then sure.

      Common trend around here if nothing else.

      If it weren't for the fans I firmly believe this series really would have died years ago, but I suppose we can't use the supportive fans, or the fans who left positive comments on this very page, to represent the fanbase.

      Would be too positive. We only allow negative generalizations.

    10. To the Anon who criticized me, really?

      Sorry (not sorry) if you disagree, but the depiction of Mega Man in SMM is just too trivial and insignificant of a thing to get angry over. And it's not just this one site, I've seen it elsewhere as well. Make what you want of it but this is still an incredibly idiotic thing to get angry over. I'm not the one who started the negativity either. Those would be the people angry at the damn sprite.
      - Dr. Jerk.

    11. Let me make some generalizations. I'm not afraid because criticizers with good mannerism, matured and those who not resorted into MEGA MANCHILD attitude won't be affected by these.

      Some fans can't stand generalizations, rumors and let alone other fans harmless amusing ideas and yet quick to judge, find faults and labelled others' as idiotic by their standards (followed by their wise rebuttal of condemnations).

      While they don't like the idea of getting generalized, yet they themselves not aware that they're making one within their post, some keywords: "NOBODY like this nor that because it's retarded....", "NOBODY care.....", "REAL Mega Man fan DON'T (insert hated characters/ideas here)", "WE don't....", "No TRUE fan...." . They assumed all fans (read: REAL fans only) are supposed to collectively agreed or must conformed to their line of thoughts.

      So insecure but have no problem criticizing and attacking other people with their words of wisdom.

    12. Fan is offended over generalization of fans. Okay.

      Again, sorry (not sorry). Getting angry over a sprite that had to be made smaller in order to conform to Mario's size is, frankly, stupid. You can't tell me otherwise. A tinier sprite should not be something to evoke rage, and should not be something to completely dampen your enjoyment of a game. That is what I find to be utterly stupid.

      But I'm done here because, ha ha ha, I have better things to do than to dabble in this dumb argument over generalizations.
      - Dr. Jerk.

    13. @ Dr. Jerk.

      Yes, really.

      I don't disagree that the depiction of Mega Man in SMM is too trivial to be angry over. I don't care about that really at all in fact. Some people may have criticisms of the sprite, and I'd like to emphasize that that's fine so long as they keep perspective of things.

      Others may like it, and that's fine too. If someone is getting legitimately angry over the sprite, I'd say that person needs to calm down and realize how trivial it is.

      But I would NOT say that person is indicative of the fandom. That's where my criticism comes in. That's what my whole comment was about. I don't think I ever made the claim that you started any negativity, so I don't know why you're getting defensive about that.

    14. @Anonymous September 12, 2015 at 1:02 AM

      Was that directed at me? If so... I think you missed the point as you didn't actually make much of a generalization despite your warning.

      You said "Some fans can stand generalizations..." etc. By simply making it clear that you are talking about some fans, but not a majority by not saying all fans, the fandom, or some other variation.

      Other than that, I'm not exactly sure what else you're going on about when you say :"generalizations, rumors and let alone other fans harmless amusing ideas and yet quick to judge, find faults and labelled others'"

      But as for the idea that there are some people within the fandom who go on about "REAL fans" I agree. There are plenty of fanbases that have individuals that do that sort of thing, and I disagree with that mindset. As far as I'm concerned, a real fan is anyone who wants to be one. I just also think it's not a good idea to make the generalization that any fanbase that has individuals like that in it should be wholly represented by those individuals.

      I also don't think you are, but I hope you aren't implying that I did any of those things you listed in my post.

  2. ...and then megacocorock/tarbo will create a Super Rockman Maker counterpart and pending all of the previous fangames even further...

  3. I was so hyped for Mega Man Universe, why'd most of your crappy people have to boo the thing to death? The sad part is barely anyone played it, it was in the beginning of its development with substantial time to improve gameplay and could have improved gameplay even further post launch, and most importantly most people complained they couldn't stomach the new "edgy" (because god forbid you hipsters take in a little cool over kawaii) look even though you could pick the classic looking Mega Man at launch and god knows how many other characters in the future. It was also gonna feature a band that dedicated their name and music to the series and was a fan favorite and was gonna produce music for the game with more artists down the line I'm sure.

    God I hate this fanbase.... not really I'm just venting.

    1. At least you caught yourself at the end there.

      Also check your logic. As you said, barely anyone played it. If you think people's opinions of it are what caused it to get cancelled, you need to take your complaints to Capcom because that would be a completely idiotic reason to cancel a game. Because some people on a random site on the internet talked down about it, likely without having played it? That would be a grand example of having absolutely no confidence in your product.

      Now for the people who played it and didn't think it was very good, those are the criticisms that should have been heard.

    2. That logic isn't faulty, Capcom could have seen the negative outcry and said Mega Man as a brand isn't worth it, we might as well cut our loses from this steadily declining franchise.

  4. This is Mega... Kid!

    Me: Run and jump kiddo! Run and jump!

    Mega Kid: But I wanna jump and shoot... sniff... sniff...

    Me: Shut up you!

    Mega Kid: You shaddaaaap! Grrrrrr!

    Me: Wow! This kid is soooo rude... *walk away* :P

    Metal Man Stage, Mario-fied!