Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mega Man and Co. Join Street Fighter Battle Combination

From now until late October, player's of Capcom's mobile brawler Street Fighter Battle Combination can load up limited edition Mega Man character cards. Mega Man, Proto Man and Zero grant players special attacks and attributes to lay the smack down.

Mega Man joins the likes of other Capcom properties in Battle Combination, from Resident Evil to Ghosts n' Ghoblins. You can check out the powers abilities of each Mega Man cards here.

Source: CAPKobun


  1. Why "Rockman 10" and not "Rockman"? Any particular reason for that or is it just a lazy copy-paste?

    1. Come on man, you know it's the latter.

    2. Seems like they based the characters on specific entries. Goku Makaimura, The Lord of Vampire, etc.

      But unlike othere, they pulled robots from 2 different eras when it comes to Mega Man (10 & Zero).

  2. Good fucking luck in actually pulling one of these promo items/cards/characters in the game.

    I been playing this title on and off for a good couple of months, and you have a better chance at seeing Inafune make a formal, 20 minute long apology for all of his bullshit from the past 2 years, and then going back to Capcom to work on an actual new Rockman game, than pulling one of these elusive Rockman, Biohazard, Makaimura or Vampire Savior items.

    Which, in of itself, is hilarious, cause I've been able to pull it's other SSR characters like a really powerful Chun Li and even mother-fucking GOUKI by the first week of playing.

    Honestly, what keeps me coming back is the fact that it's actually somewhat entertaining to play, despite being very simplistic. it's leaps and bounds better than BandaiNamco's Dragon Ball Z DOKKAN BATTLE or that stupid Fate/GRAND ORDER that everyone and their mother is flipping their shit over. (Not to mention, you definitely have a better pull rate to get it's non-promo Super Rare and Double Super Rares)

    While you may not end up getting that Copy Zero or Rockman card you want in this game, I will say that this is still something to check out, if you can read Japanese and can get access to the JP region App/Play Store of your mobile/tablet device. (rocking iPhone 6 standard Gold over here and not a single spec of hiccups or issues)

    I'm the fucking guy who said "I told you so" about Mighty No.9 years ago.


    1. Jesus Christ man. I know you're mad about MN9 just as am I, but what does that have to do with this? This thing has nothing to do with MN9 or Inafune, so I have no idea why you'd bring them up here.
      - Dr. Jerk.

    2. Because myu myu.
      : 3c

      Plus, most of the comment was more on the game itself and its terrible drop rate than Inafune and his hack ass.

    3. Oh, pfft.

      I just pulled the Rockman (Rose) SR card.

    4. I rather support the people who are working in a proper Megaman title instead of the people who ended up cancelling 3 games.

      You are one of those people that keeps giving Capcom a motive to ignore the fans and make more movile-based games to make a quick buck. Shame on you.

      Good luck spending money in microtransactions on future titles that Capcom will release in iOS-only systems that end up lasting 3 years before they pull the plug!


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