Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First 4 Figures Opens Proto Man Statue Pre-Orders

First 4 Figures revealed Proto Man today, the latest 13-inch resin statue from their new Mega Man line. It's available to pre-order in two flavors: the exclusive version and the regular version.

The regular version is limited to 1,000 units and is priced at $209.99, while the exclusive version featuring LED lights throughout is limited to a mere 550 units at $229.99. Whichever version you choose, a $20 down payment is required to pre-order (goes toward the final price). Both figures are estimated to ship in Q4 2015.

For images and details, click this link for the vanilla Proto Man and this one for the spiffy LED edition.


  1. Looks good, just don't know if it's $210+ good....

  2. Looks good but the price is worthless just for this ?! Nah!

  3. Ugh the price points on these things.


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