Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yet More Images of the Giant Mega Man X Figure

The largest Mega Man X figure ever produced has found itself back in the spotlight at Rockman Unity. It's the best look at the figure yet with new images showing off some of the finer details (just look at those soles!). Check it out here!

X-Plus Toys' gigantic Mega Man X is available to pre-order now from AmiAmi. You have until June to clear out some shelf space!

Source: Rockman Unity


  1. Ah, Japan....where Megaman is still relevant.

    1. Still not in videogames, tho.

    2. Well it's not like it has really been given a push anywhere else.

  2. I pre-ordered the regular Rockman 'cause the thing looks flawless, but I just keep looking at the face on this one and I'm not completely sold. I'll likely buy it anyway to have the option to display it :D


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