Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mega Man Xtreme 2 Now On 3DS Virtual Console

Today, Mega Man Xtreme 2, the Game Boy Color spin-off, caps off the Mega May festivities.You can download it now from the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $4.99.

With all seven classic Game Boy/Color Mega Man out the door, one can only wonder what the Virtual Console has in store next...


  1. The Xtreme games are a little silly, but I had fun with them, especially on long car rides to visit my grandparents...

    I hope the Wii U will get more Mega Man games soon, too... We still need 5, 6, 7, X3 and Soccer, after all.

  2. Do not forget Rockman & Forte SFC (Unreleased for USA version excluding GBA version due to low resolution size).. They might surprised us something, who knows. Rockman & Forte SFC is my absolutely favorite as well as Rockman 8! :D:D

  3. For God's sake please release 9-10 on the 3ds

  4. I Know this is gonna sound like A Very Stupid question. but i Watched the Trailer And I Thought I Saw Web spider and Jet Stingray stages here. Are They In Xtreme 2. or are they for other mavericks i never saw?

    1. The stage with the Ride Chaser was Overdrive Ostrich's. As for the other one... It was either Neon Tiger's and/or Wire Sponge's stages that you most likely saw.

  5. If you beat the game once, you unlock a second set of stages with different Mavericks. However, those two Mavs you mentioned are nowhere to be seen; those stages are just similar to theirs.


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