Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mighty No. 9 Update: New Alpha Build Shots, Origins Of Mighty No. 6

New month, new Mighty No. 9 update. This one features a few updates on the latest work-in-progress alpha ROM, a glimpse of a playable Call, and an official behind-the-scenes look at Mighty No. 6.

In all, development is proceeding smoothly. Inafune and his team are in good spirits as the test out the latest build which features a significantly higher difficulty. The fun yet difficult genetics of a certain other franchise are indeed alive and well in Mighty No. 9. They've also begun the heavy duty work on stage design, No. 5's layer specifically detailed in this update. It sports a fresh coat of paint, among other changes.

More updates and details available at the Mighty No. 9 development blog!


  1. *Still disappointed that pink call,"D","E" or "I" didn;t win the contest"
    I just hope for the difficulty they won;t set it so hard just like how most current megaman fan game.I may have complete wily wars for the genesis but at that time,I used to continue a lot of time and tend to farm for E Tank before entering any new stage.

  2. I wonder if they're going to go the Powered Up route with this game, meaning that each of the bosses will become playable if they're defeated without using their weaknesses? That would be awesome.


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