Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mega Man V Now Available On 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man V has rocketed to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console at long last. You can grab the game now from the eShop for $3.99!

Mega Man V is one of the most well respected and unique of the classic series Game Boy titles. If you have to get ONE game from the Game Boy series, it's this. Everything great about Mega Man IV has been perfected here. Ambitious stage design, great graphics, a fun set of bosses (the Stardroids, man!)... it's just all around fun. Don't skip this one!

Next week caps off "Mega May" with Xtreme 2!


  1. Perfected my arsehole. It's the easiest of the GB games. All flash, no substance no challenge. IV is better.

    Mega Man oVerrated.

    1. You just have notaste in game

    2. And you have no taste in not speaking like a total moron.

      Mega Man II is THE easiest of the GB game. :P
      And although Wily's Revenge is the shortest, one could argue that it is the hardest.

  2. Agree with you Protodude, this is the best of the five Game Boy Mega Man games!


    Still, I would like it better if the GB games were released in a collection, like Mega Man Mania was supposed to be. Specially if it included both original (the real thing like this, not a "deremake" like MMPU) and HD (like MMPU, minus cute chibi style) options.

  3. And the world sings...

    Well, I do. I'm happy to get this. :)

  4. Will these be coming to the EU eshop at all? I checked on there a week ago and none of the new releases were on there, if its just the NA eshop then thats seriously disappointing yet again

  5. And at the same time, the price of the physical game drops in value by 50%....Collectors mourn.


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