Thursday, April 24, 2014

Covers and Solicitation for Mega Man #39

A new day, a new solicitation for Archie's Mega Man comic book series. This time, we're looking at two new covers for issue #39: Dawn of X Part 3. The left is the standard cover by Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante, while the cover on the right is a very cool 32-bit inspired variant.

Here's the solicitation:

"(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jamal Peppers & Various (CA) Patrick Spaz Spaziante
The epic Dawn of X crossover reaches its penultimate chapter, and things are heating up in both Past and Future! 'A Hint of Things to Come' Part Three: Mega Man, Pharaoh Man and Bright Man-trapped and at the mercy of a long lost Wily Weapon! 

Can Dr. Light find a way to stop it, or is this the end of Mega Man's story? And what will robot-hating Xander do in a future filled with reploids? Featuring all-new cover art from the legendary Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante and a 32-Bit-style cut scene variant from mega-artist Ryan Jampole!"

Source: Midtown Comics (thanks for the tip, Eric!)


  1. Is there anywhere that has just the art for the covers without the text on them...?

    1. I wish. I would kill for a print of that Vile/Sigma Variant from a month ago.

    2. It's not a complete listing of all issues, but here's some! Sadly, no Vile/Sigma variant, VileMKII. :/


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