Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mighty No. 9 Developers Reflect On Their Days At Capcom

Keiji Inafune, designer Naoya Tomito, and composer Manami Matsumae -- three leading forces behind Mighty No. 9 -- all used to work for Capcom at one point. Now sitting comfortably at the Comcept offices, the three developers took some time out to reminiscence about days past. Fun trivia, interesting stories, and words of wisdom await you in the above video roundtable!

Thanks for the tip, Eric!


  1. Did Inafune just say that Rockman 1 was nerfed because it was difficult!? and the end product we received was easier than the original... wow id love to play the un-nerfed version just to see how hard it was. On another note, really great video and hope we get more videos like these, they help make this project so enjoyable and worth having helped fund.

  2. For those wondering, "Company K" is Konami. The game with the "two bees" is Twin Bee.

    1. I can hear Cookie Monster singing "'K' is for Konami, that's good enough for me! 'T' is for TwinBee, that's good enough for me! Oh, cookie cookie cookie starts with 'CEEEEEE'!"

  3. Manager N: Takashi Nishiyama
    Manager F: Tokuro Fujiwara

  4. Quite interesting. I wonder how the Rockman series would be if Inafune joined Konami, and what games he would work on.
    Would the series end with the 1st game, or Mr. A.K. and company would manage to make the sequel?
    Would Inafune work on games like Castlevania, Goemon, Parodius, and Metal Gear?

    By the way, here is the YouTube video that TOM-PON mentioned:


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