Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dawn Of X Fan-Art Contest Announced

Get your pencils, pens or quills ready! To celebrate the launch of the Dawn of X storyline, Archie Comics are teaming up with Capcom Unity for another fan-art contest. Simply whip up your best X-related artwork and you could walk away with some very cool prizes.

More details after the jump!

For full contest details, check out Capcom-Unity. Best of luck!


  1. I'm kinda digging the X style art I'm seeing for these. They look almost CAPCOM legit rather than Archie Comics like Classic Mega looks. Good stuff!

  2. I'm gonna enter the contest! O de doo dah Day!

  3. I entered last year. I even sent in my art, thinking they would post the entries online. Oh well, I'm entering again this year. I even have twice the amount of art supplies now. Plus, I want that 25th anniversary figure and those graphic novels. (though I'll admit I'd much rather have had last year's prize) :(


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