Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Slickest Mega Man Prototypes You'll Ever See

Rarely do prototypes come in their own packaging. So when Mega Man collector extraordinary sumb2else procured a few Game Boy Mega Man prototypes, he took it upon himself to make a set of custom boxes. The end result is very sweet.

sumb2else writes:

"Since I have a touch of the OCD, it bothered me that I have all these great games with awesome boxes, but no boxes for my sweet new prototypes.  Honestly, the box artworks was what originally got me started with my collection.  So i took it upon myself to make a set of boxes for my prototypes.
They're sized off the Japanese GB box sizes, and i just cut down the standard inserts and nestled the carts in the bottom half of the plastic cases.  Since they're prerelease games, i wanted to go with a sketch-like style for the artwork, so I picked final game art for MM but sketches for the background (stages from the games) and bad guys (except Tango!) on the backs.  The colors are also based on the Japanese game boxes.  Even though I only have 3 prototypes, I made boxes for all 5 on the hopes that one day i can find the last two!"

Cool packaging aside, you're probably wondering what the actual prototypes entail. Unfortunately, the code is based on the final Japanese retail versions of Rockman World 2, World 3 and World 5. Significant differences are unlikely, I'm afraid. Nevertheless, they're neat in their own right. I'm glad they're in the hands of a passionate fan.

Speaking of prototypes... I, too, have a few new gems in my possession. I'm hoping to dump three files very soon. Look forward to it!

Source: Nintendo Age


  1. The box arts are really cool...but those carts need to be in a museum.

  2. Sweet idea. Prototypes is one thing I've never sought after in my collecting. Seems like it would be too hard to verify authenticity and therefore value.

  3. Usually, the prototypes that are labeled as "Mega Man", rather than "Rockman" are close-to-finished ones, and those usually aren't as interesting as earlier betas. Still, I certainly wouldn't mind these getting dumped.

  4. Aww yeah! I'm looking forward to those Protodude!

  5. "Speaking of prototypes... I, too, have a few new gems in my possession. I'm hoping to dump three files this weekend. Look forward to it!"
    WAAAYYYY to tease us Protodude!

  6. Nice looking!

    I can't wait to have prototypes from you, Protodude. Look foward to it this weekend, Protodude! Your site is the best! :D

  7. Those are totally my boxes! I never thought they would help me achieve internet fame! :) :)

    And yeah, all the title screens say "Mega Man" as well, so i'm assuming they're close to, if not final. Still though, they're unique and a piece of history, so I'm thrilled to have them!

  8. "Konami, Inc."
    Konami? Guess that cart in the pic isn't one of the Mega Man prototypes. *shrug*


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