Sunday, March 30, 2014

Manami Matsumae Answers Your Burning Questions

Recently, the Mighty No. 9 crew brought forth a request for everyone to submit questions for Manami Matsumae, the legendary composer of various Mega Man games and Mighty No. 9. Ask you did, and answered she did!

Now not all the questions made it into the video above, but you can see a breakdown of questions and answers that didn’t make in the latest backer update. Check your inbox!


  1. No one ever comments on these Matsumae articles. :(

    Those were some good questions and answers, anyway.

  2. Interesting video! She's one of my favorite video game composers, so I am happy to see this. :D

  3. No one ever comments? I wonder if it's because it's been brought to light that the only songs she contributed to the "greatest-soundtrack-of-all-time"(Mega Man 2), were a piece of Air Man's theme, and the reused music from the first game? If that's so, then that's highly disrespectful. Hope that's not the case.

    I have to say, not going out of her way to listen to other composers' music is smart. It's not something that I'd ever be able to do myself, since I love listening to other tunes, but it's smart, no doubt. And kudos to the backer that asked the last question on individual boss music. Hopefully, that becomes a thing.


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