Friday, December 6, 2013

Monkey Box Debuts "Mighty No. 9: The Take Off" Short

Continuing a steady flow of animated pop-culture parodies, Monkey Box Studios has recently posted a fun Mighty No. 9 tribute. It's definitely worth a watch, especially if you've been following Mighty No. 9 since day one.

Thanks for the heads up, Noah. Onward and upwards!


  1. It was funny but I do not understand it because I am deaf. Anyone care to translate it for me ? :D

    1. Kid: Hey Charlie, want to play 'super fighting robot'?

      Charlie: Pfft! No, that's for babies. Nobody wants to play that game.

      Kid: Well I think it's still neat and some of my friends--

      Charlie: No, you're wrong. All the cool kids want to play zombiessss.

      Kid: Oh. Well, can I still play super fighting robot?

      Charlie: No. Besides, you're dumb for thinking it's a good idea anyway.

      Inafune: I know how you feel... Want to work together?

      Charlie: I'm a zombie. Blehblehbleh.

      Hope that helps, man!

    2. So truuuuue !! Hahaha ! Zombies game everywhere ! :l

    And that's without counting games that have zombies alongside other monsters, like Castlevania, Devil May Cry, ...
    There are also many war or violence-themed games, like Battlefield, GTA, ...
    But yeah, not many robots... (cyborgs like Metal Gear Rising don't count! :P) Where are the robots?


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