Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pair of New Rockman Prize Figures Hitting Japan

If you're in Japan for the holiday season, you may want to drop by a game center for a chance to win one of two new Rockman figures. These guys are now making their way across Japan, planned to be won from prize machines and such. You can see more pictures at FansClub.

It doesn't look like Big Bad Toystore will carry these particular figures. However, they are loading up on a few others. Check those out here.

Source: doramapart1


  1. THAT'S more like it.

    These things look soooo much better than the prototypes revealed back in May.

    I'd buy these in a heartbeat.

    1. UPDATE:
      Image Anime now has these puppies for sale! -->

      $50 is kinda steep, but they're still worth it.

    2. UPDATE (2):
      Statues came in the mail today!
      Barely 24 hours from order to front door. Sure beats buying from Japan.

      These things are awesome! Get them while they're hot!

    3. UPDATE (3):

      Big Bad Toy Store IS, in fact, carrying these figures as we speak (although they haven't updated their stock photo from the preliminary one released back in May).

      PLUS they're selling the pair of them for $50 (that's for BOTH). Making it a vastly superior deal to Image Anime, but it's still good to know that there are two ultra-reputable importers who are currently selling them.

      And yes, I am getting a 2nd set from BBTS, because you can never have too much Rockman stuff in your collection

  2. Nice looking figure and I would buy it just once but I rather new game over it. :)

  3. Too bad about the angry face, the figure is cool.

  4. Being a mega man collector I don't really mind but damn capcom is going all in with these mega man toys/figures this year...
    I don't speak japanese but I was wondering what does this picture mean? What are those top two mega bronze mega man things in the corner

  5. Aww. It's too bad BBTS is not carrying these figures. I hope another import store carries them. I would rather not use a proxy service. ^^;


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