Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mega Man Board Game Seeing International Release

We weren't too sure this was going to happen, but it looks like Jasco pulled through. Mega Man: The Board game is headed to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. The good word comes directly from Jasco:

"Mark your calendars: International pledges begin December 30th for people in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East!

In fairness to people in those territories, we will be celebrating the good news with a special International Early Bird pledge level on Monday, December 30th for 24 hours starting at 14:00 GMT."

As a reminder, the "early bird" pledge nabs you a copy of the game for a discount. I suspect pricing details will be available shortly. Head to the game's Kickstarter for additional details.

Thanks for the tip, Emmanuel.


  1. Nothing specific to south america...


  2. This game needs a "Megaman?" figurine. No one remembers poor Megaman?. :(

    1. Archie Comics Remembers him

    2. The game alrady comes with 5 different Mega Man figurines, as well as 3 different poses.

    3. @VileMKII
      I could argue that that wasn't the same, but aside from a triangular headpiece, I guess it really kinda was, wasn't it?

      Copy Megaman is not the same as Megaman?. Only a fool would disagree!

  3. Nice looking but I am skipping it. I do not want to play it like monopoly with family or friends. I rather new Megaman video games.

  4. The Oblivious PrattlerDecember 28, 2013 at 7:14 AM

    "We weren't too sure this was going to happen, but it looks like Jasco pulled through."
    I was sure. Never doubted it for a moment, and it didn't even take them that long. People were complaining for nothing.

    I can't wait for this game. Very cool idea.

  5. Yeah, bet it's not gonna measure up to the original.


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