Friday, February 1, 2008

Why Rockman Was Not In Brawl: Nintendo Was Pissed At Capcom

By now, most if not all of you have seen the complete SSBB roster, which lacks a certain Blue Bomber.

With Snake and Sonic hogging all the third party love, why wasn't Rockman, a character who would have fit in perfectly not included in the roster? Apparently, several insiders are reporting that Nintendo was pissed at Capcom for allowing "Resident Evil 4" to go multiplatform, thus they passed off the opportunity to include Rockman or any Capcom character in Brawl.

C'mon Nintendo, forgive and forget.

Still, with Capcom being one of the only third party developers supporting the Wii with high quality titles, one would think the two gaming titans would have kissed and made up. Sadly, no.

Maybe in the next Super Smash Bros., we'll see our blue boy... Someday.

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  1. Mega man is in ssb4 and Nintendo has no problem with resident evil revelations being multi platform or any capcom game for that matter. (I think) Time is a strange thing sometimes.


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