Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why There Will Never Ever Be a Live Action Rockman Film

Movie game adaptions. Love them or hate them, they will continue to prosper for as long as the gaming market continues to make money. Practically every "big" gaming franchise out there has had or will have a game-to-silver screen adaption.

So, where is my big budget Rockman movie? The franchise is a cash cow after all, so it would seem like a wise idea to eventually make the jump from the small screen to the big screen, right?

Most likely not. Unfortunately, a Rockman film wouldn't work for the following reasons:

1: Realism
If we're shooting for a live action film, then this thing isn't going to be taken seriously. Like at all.

Why? Here are two prime examples:

Just look at that grotesque imagery! Can you imagine the horrors of watching an actor dressed in robotic armor for an hour and a half? Blargh...

2:) Plot
Let's face it, the early Rockman games aren't heavily plot driven, specifically the heydays Original Series. It would take the creative team a lot of time to develop a plot that will be interesting and keep one's attention for the full length of the movie.

You cannot fill an entire movie of Rockman defeating one foe to the next to the next to the next.... It just doesn't pace right. Actually, I would find that enjoyable but to the casual movie goer, no sir.

And Finally, the third reason which puts the nail in the coffin for a film adaption:

3) Astro Boy
For the uniformed, an CGI theatrical adaption of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy, is in development for a 2009 release. Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atamu) served as a major inspiration for the Rockman franchise. When you put the two franchises together, you'll notice a lot of similarities.

If a film adaption of Rockman ever came to be, it would most likely arrive years after the release of Astro Boy, so to Mr. and Mrs. causal movie goer, they will dub the Rockman film a "rip off" of the Astro Boy flick.

A true shame we might not ever see one of the more deserving game franchises get a film adaption. After all, it would have sucked butt anyways.

Oh well. I guess we'll just have to make do with this


  1. The Astro Boy element is exactly what I had in mind of an anti-contributing factor for a Rockman movie.

  2. I'm just real glad that the VinDiesel Megaman movie picture is fake.

  3. Hm, never thought about those points. What about a Battle Network movie?

  4. Well, I have a response to this, though Im not as excited as I could be.

    Apperantly, someone is doing just what you say is impossible. Now, whether or not it will be a financial success, who knows. Its being made by a group of fans, so they probally dont care.

    From what ive seen of the trailer, its actually not half bad. A trailer doesnt always sell a movie, so there is that.

    Now, to your reference of Astro Boy movie. I have to say that you sir, are wrong.

    Ever wonder WHY Megaman recently celebreated a twenty year anniversary?

    Dude, alot of the causal movie goer out there is going to know about Megaman in some way shape and form. I know a few people in their late forties and fifties who are Megaman fans, and they were twenty or thirty when it came out.

    Megaman has a large fanbase, probally as big as Sonic the Hedgehog.

    So yeah, an actual hollywood film adaptation will likely be a few years after Astroboy, but I doubt that many people will simply think Megaman is a rip off it.

  5. "Why There Will Never Ever Be a Live Action Rockman Film"

    Hmmm I guess there are a lot of that can change with time. Then again this could get canceled too.

  6. Kind of ironic, seeing how a live action adaption is now (or still) happening. Or at least that's what various sources are saying.


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