Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rockman Wii at GDC, ZX3 Might Be Happening, and RnR3 Tidbits *UPDATE*

I hate rumors just as much as the next guy, but with the lack of real news for the past few months, it's better than nothing. This morning, I awoke with a plethora of rumors in my inbox from yet another anonymous source. (Same one as before)

-The Wii MegaMan title will briefly be mentioned at GDC (Feb. 18th-22nd). However, what content will be shown is unknown at this time. Its possible we might see a small teaser or even a swift announcement confirming it's existence.

-Keiji Inafune will be present at GDC for a special announcement. This may or may not concern MegaMan. (I'm leaning towards an RE5 announcement)

- A non Wii related RM title is planned to be unveiled, however it might be a downloadable game for the 360, PS3 and possibly WiiWare. One or the other. Whatever it is, it will be a console exclusive. There is a possibility the title won't be shown next week but at a later, Capcom press event.

Non related GDC rumors:

- Currently, there are TWO Wii Rockman games in development. One of them you'll be seeing soon, the other much later.

-Don't be too shocked if one of the games is a Ryuusei title.

- Capcom is producing a total of three DS Rockman games this year. Two of them are expected to be two versions of RnR3. The other might be a new ZX title.

- First news concerning RnR3 will be a new, distinct feature that will truly set RnR3 apart from it's predecessors. Hint: it's a nod to a "fan favorite" gameplay element in the EXE series. (Non restrictive movement?)

- A unique RnR3 marketing campaign will kick off mid summer.

- Their is huge possibility of another Rockman film reminiscent of the "Rockman.EXE/Duel Masters" crossover film. This time around, it would be a crossover between Ryuusei and the newest iteration of Duel Masters.

UPDATE (2/17/08)

Anonymous source added further insight to the Wii Rockman announcement:

"There is a possibility Capcom will choose to not show the Wii title this week, rather, show it alongside the DLC title in a future Capcom press event. At the moment, the press event is scheduled to take place in the near future."


  1. *crosses fingers* RnR3 ARG... RnR3 ARG...

  2. I want RnR for Wii .-.
    that will be wonderful

  3. A ZX3 for me, please.
    That, and RnR2 to get released in English for once. No reason to count a RnR3 before the prequel is available to everybody.


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