Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hidden Playable Characters In DASH 2? You Bet.

Thanks to the efforts of many devoted DASH fans (myself included), it appears through the magic of HACKING, we can alter Rock's character model into one of the many supporting characters including Tron, Roll, Glyde, Bon, and more!

As always, take caution when hacking!

Tools needed: Code Breaker or GameShark for PSX (WILL NOT WORK ON PS2!)

8008C252 0602
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 FFFF

8008C252 0702
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 00FF

Rockman with Kitchen Apron!
8008C252 0802
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 01FF

8008C252 0902
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 02FF

8008C252 0a02
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 03FF

8008C252 0b02
E308C0CF 0001
8008C252 04FF

8008C252 0c02
E309C84D 0001
8008C252 05FF

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