Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dr. Weil Is Real!? Oh Snap!

He even has his own website!

TRUE STORY: Four or five years ago, the “Real Dr. Weil” e-mailed a nasty letter to Capcom of America when he discovered his name belonged to a fictional “evil scientist.” (Zero series' Weil) “Real” Weil took this as an offense.

“Real” Weil threatened Capcom, but thankfully, the fine folks down at marketing explained that the issue was just a coincidence. No harm intended.

Source on little tidbit can be found on the archives of “The MegaMan Network”, though I'm too lazy to dig up the link. Happy hunting!


  1. Ahhh, I remember hearing about that when it first happened. Good thing he didn't sue and accepted it that it was only coincidental. He has a nice website too, for those of you who are health nuts or are interested in medicine.

  2. If only Capcom USA had stuck with his original name, Dr. Vile, they could have avoided this entire situation completely. I seriously doubt people woulda gotten him confused with Vile from MMX. They really do get a bit too carried away with the name changes. Oh well, at least he didn't sue.

  3. Unlike the fictitious character of the same name, the real Dr. Weil is a quack. You can read up about his "practice" here:

  4. Dr. Weil is a QUACK! Several years ago, I made the mistake of getting online at Dr. Weil's website. To this very day, I still get almost daily, or 2x, spam from him. It never stops. I've tried to stop it but it is impossible. Just this am Weil the quack was in my spam filter. FYI, he is also quite an idiot on some of his "natural" healing methods. If he's so healthy, why is he so fat!!!


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