Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rockman DASH 3 Finally Happening? A Dancing Queen Says It's Possible

Now this is what I call a rumor! According to "dancing queen" (who claims to have sources in high places), Capcom is currently working on a concept for DASH 3 on Wii:

"Regarding MegaMan on Wii, kind of a difficult subject to broach. My contacts have been very quiet it regarding a full-scale Mega Man Legends 3. There's some concepting going on regarding a MML3 on Wii, but nothing solid yet. I should mention I am commenting on retail games."

If this rumor holds some truth, it appears we might end up having two Wii titles coming down the pipe, the rumored "shovelware title" (possibly Scramble Battle) and the long awaited DASH 3.

Will 2008 finally be the year DASH will make it's triumphant return? God I hope so

News Credit: Dancing Queen


  1. *does the Data the Monkey conga* DASH DASH DASH DASH DASH, DAAASSH!

    But yea, you get my point. XD


  2. Dude this is DOPE! :O

  3. I would love to believe that Capcom is finally paying attention to the fans again, and will finally make a Dash/Legends 3, but until I see real evidence from Capcom I can't truley be excited about this.

  4. I hope capcom releases the third part or rockman dash or another releasing of rockman x or zx, because lately it has been occupied with that stupid ryusei-pokemon saga, damn how it sucks! for god sake!!

  5. I hope the other title is either a Classic or an X game. That would RAWK. I loved the X games. After Command Mission they never got their due. (Note to self: Get Command Mission...)

  6. Well...we've gotten Megaman 9. Not sure if that bodes well or not for Megaman Dash 3.

    One can hope, however.

  7. I come back to this almost everyday :(


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