Monday, December 11, 2017

Nendoroid Zero Now Available to Pre-Order

Pre-orders are live for Good Smile Company's Zero Nendroid from Ami Ami. This little Maverick Hunter will set you back 3,980 yen (roughly $34.99). The figure ships with a set of interchangeable faces, Z-Buster and Z-Saber with two different blade parts. A plastic base is included too for all your posing needs.

Nendroid Zero is expected to ship in July, 2018. Grab him here!

Yuji Ishihara Talks About Mega Man's New Look

Game Informer's month-long Mega Man 11 coverage continues with a three-minute video segment on the game's art director, Yuji Ishihara. Here, Ishihara talks about what aspects of Mega Man's character he looked at in redesigning the blue bomber for Mega Man 11 and what he hopes to achieve. Additionally, we get a nice look at some of Ishihara's past work and some new MM11 concept art. It's definitely worth a watch.

Head over to Game Informer for the video!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Monster Hunter World x Mega Man Collaboration Announced

Over the weekend Capcom launched a special trailer for Monster Hunter World titled "Third Fleet." At the tail end of the trailer, it was revealed the game will have a Mega Man collaboration in the form of an 8-bit style Palico and Hunter gear. Skip to 2:45 in the video above to see it in action.

Source: PlayStation

Friday, December 8, 2017

More Mega Man 11 Details – Physical Release Confirmed, Star Force Composer & More

The Game Informer staff recently took some time to chat and reflect on their Mega Man 11 coverage. In the process, the revealed a couple new details. The Mega Man discussion begins at 4:00. I've summarized the interesting tidbits below:

  • After you defeat a Robot Master, you're taken to a blueprint-like screen where you can test out the weapon. It's a bit like a tutorial – you can see what every weapon does before resuming the game.
  • Mega Man 11 has a certain feature/mechanic that changes the gameplay up more than any feature/mechanic throught any mainline Mega Man game. This mechanic is described as "helpful" and completely optional. But when you do use it, it "changes the moment to moment gameplay". That's about all Game Informer could say on the subject. We can infer this mechanic has something to do with the gears beneath Mega Man's health and weapon energy.
  • The composer of Mega Man 11 is an individual that worked on the Star Force series. Game Informer couldn't say who it was, but it could be Akari Kaida, Yoshino Aoki, Marika Suzuki, or Mitsuhiko Takano.
  • Mega Man 11 will receive a physical release. Capcom could not comment on how much the game will cost, though it will be less than the typical $59.99 MSRP.

Source: Game Informer

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 On Switch Will Include 3DS Museum Content & Amiibo Challenges

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 developer Digital Eclipse took to Twitter to field a few questions about the upcoming Nintendo Switch port. In addition to Amiibo support – which will unlock the 11 Amiibo-exclusive challenges – Digital Eclipse confirmed that all the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Museum Mode images will be making the jump to the Switch version.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rockman 11 Famitsu Preview (Concept Art, Screenshots)

This week's Famitsu includes a meaty Rockman 11 preview. While there's no new details to be found, this issue brings us a nice batch of clean concept art. We've got a really good look at Dr. Wily (who's looking fly with that black shirt/red tie combo), Rush, Sniper Joe and more. I would like to point out a new enemy that shows up in one of the conceptual screenshots illustrated by Yuji Ishihara. It looks like a new Mettaur variant with a pointy nose. It might be a drill? It's a little too early to say if these guys will show up in the final game, though.

Other than that, Famitsu's coverage includes a couple new screenshots too, though most of them already showed up in the latest Game Informer.

Source: Nintendo Everything

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Check Out the 15-Minute Mega Man 11 Analysis From GameXplain

GameXplain (with a little help from my friend Ash Paulsen) posted a 15-minute in-depth exploration of all the footage and screenshots we have so far on Mega Man 11. It's pretty neat and points out a lot of little tidbits you might have missed. For example, the immediate presence of the Special Weapon gauge from the get-go may suggest Rush's abilities are available by default. In other words, there might never be a need to switch to Rush specifically.

All in all, there's some interesting stuff going on here. Kick back, relax and give it a watch!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mega Man 11 Details From Game Informer's January Issue

The digital version of Game Informer's Mega Man 11 cover story is now available to read online for subscribers. The story covers a lot of ground and reveals a couple new, interesting details about the game.

I am a subscriber and I took some time to jot down some notes you might find interesting. You can read those after the jump. I will not, however, be republishing ANY images from this issue. You'll have to pick it up yourself or wait for screenshots to drop online officially.

Your First Look at Mega Man 11's Robot Masters (Updated)

This is the title screen from a demo version of Rockman 11, as seen on the 30th anniversary hub. And would look at that – behind a list of difficulty options, there's some funny looking silhouettes. I'm not a betting man but I'd wager they're MM11's Robot Masters.

Now, let's enhance that image a bit...

Mega Man 11 Announced (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC), Late 2018

Surprise! Coming in late 2018 to all current-gen platforms.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Just announced on stream, Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are headed to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018 with Amiibo support. It's unknown at the moment if both games will be sold together or individually.

More news soon!

Mega Man X1~X8 Coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC

Just announced on the Mega Man 30th anniversary stream, Mega Man producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya announced that all eight Mega Man X titles are coming to current-gen platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

At this time, it remains to be seen if this will be a collection or individual re-releases. More news as it comes.

Watch the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Stream Here (Pre-Show 10AM; Main Event 11AM PST)

We're just a couple hours away from Capcom Unity's Mega Man 30th anniversary event. What's gonna happen? What will we see? Tune in and find out!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Your First Look at Nendoroid Zero

Swallowed up by yesterday's tantalizing 30th anniversary stuff, Good Smile officially revealed Nendoroid Zero at the Tokyo Comic Con. First teased some months ago, "Nendoroid Zero X2 Version" is painted and just about ready for retail. A release date has not been announced, though it shouldn't be too far off.

Stay tuned!

Source: Good Smile Co.