Thursday, June 8, 2023

Rockman EXE: Rockman vs Forte Statue Updated Version Coming This Fall

Originally released back in 2020, the MegaHouse's out-of-print Rockman vs Forte statue is getting a reissue this November. Better yet, it will feature a fresh coat of paint!

Find all the details after the break!

Left: Original Release - Right: 1.5 Ver. Release

Not much to say about this statue you didn't know already. It's made with ABS and PVC materials, the height measures around 20cm, length around 24cm and it comes with an alternate battle mask face part for Rockman.

The paint job has been completely refreshed as well. Rockman.EXE has a metallic finish while Forte has a mate finish. The pedestal has changed from silver to gold too.

Pre-orders begin in Japan Friday, June 9th at 13:00 JST for 19,800 (roughly $141/132€). The statue will be exclusively available from AmiAmiPremium Bandai and e-Capcom. It's expected to ship in November.

The original statue was officially distributed in U.S, so we'll be on the lookout if this version heads stateside too!


  1. No thanks. Too much space and such. It is nice figure to look at but for this cost ? For what ? Worthless. To be honest with you. Nah.

    1. Maybe worthless for you but there will be people interested in this? Not myself in particular but to call this worthless is a bit extreme

    2. Take a look at what this statue is going for secondhand before calling it worthless. Honestly $140 bucks for this seems pretty reasonable judging by its quality.

    3. Not even remotely worthless. Yes, they arbitrarily raised the price but it's still half the price 1.0 is selling for.

  2. What a beautiful figure, hopefully it gets worldwide distribution!

  3. I want that, but I don't know if I'll be able to get it.

  4. Damn. I missed the original and I actually prefer it. :(

  5. Couldn’t sell all the first ones so they repainted the rest. 😅


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