Thursday, September 29, 2022

Kotobukiya Roll.EXE Annonced; New Images of Mega Man (MM11 Ver.), Blade Armor X

Big blowout of news from the Kotobukiya front tonight...

First up, a Roll.EXE kit was announced. The news comes just a day or so after the launch of MegaMan.EXE. No word yet on price or release date.

Next, we have our first look at the previously-announced Mega Man Mega Man 11 version kit. It's a nice recreation of Mega Man's updated armor from Mega Man 11. The additional panels and vents look spiffy. It will come with an alternate helmet-less head piece.  Price and release date are TBD.

Finally, an updated look at Blade Armor X. This is the full-color kit you can expect once its built. Accessories look to include blade parts and a Z-Saber that can be used with the normal X kit. Again, no word on price or release date.

More updates soon. Hit the links above for more images in the meantime!


  1. The Rockman 11 figure is really cool, I love Rock with his black hair!
    Completelly under the charm of the X6 Blade Armor, a fantastic one for sure, especially the helmet and buster style. Can't wait to have this one in hand. Kotobukiya made an incredible work and has a huge fan, it's a dream come true.

  2. finally, more BN merch! Hopefully this precedes a Bass.EXE model...

  3. Would love to get something Legends from this line...

  4. I'd really like a new or reissue release of Rock man Dash. But this looks pretty cool.


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