Monday, April 25, 2022

Kotobukiya Rockman.EXE and Dark Rockman.EXE Pre-Order Links

Right on schedule, retailers have begun accepting pre-orders for both Rockman.EXE and Dark Rockman.EXE kits. You can find a running list below. We'll continue updating this post as more pre-orders become available. 

As a reminder, Rockman.EXE is due in September with Dark Rockman.EXE following in October. You can find additional details, images and more Kotobukiya announcements here.

Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait for these! Hopefully pre-orders for the other new kits open soon.

  2. I really hope somebody sells the battlefield reproduction sheet. I wish I could just order through kotobukiya or Kotous

    1. The USGundamStore says theirs includes the battlefield sheet too.

  3. The regular mega.exe caught my eye. if i have enough money by the time, maybe i can get both. hope that amiami also features pre-orders

  4. the regular mega.exe caught my eye. if i have enough income when tie time comes, maybe i'll get both. hope amiami also features the pre-orders

  5. BN preorders are live at Kotobukiya US site and BigBadToyStore. Regular version is $75, dark is $82.

    And at that price range, passing. I'll pay it for X, not for this one.

  6. You know your line is truly finished when Megaman Battle Network and MM Zero rear their ugly heads... just look at the Jazwares, D-Arts and Sentinel lines.


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