Tuesday, June 4, 2019

New Rockman X Giga Mission Information – Story, Characters, Armor

Today, Bandai have shared new details about the upcoming Rockman X Giga Mission trading card series. As the successor to 2018's popular Rockman X 25th Anniversary Memorial Carddass series, Giga Mission (and its accompanying one-shot manga) aim to provide fans with an alternate take on the events between Rockman X5 and Rockman X6.

Plot summary:

"X has saved the world from the fall of gigantic space colony Eurasia, which had been situated at the moon's Lagrangian point. However, at the moment of the incident, his friend Zero has disappeared. As a result of the incident, the surface of the earth has fallen to ruin. Just as work to rehabilitate the surface began, someone discovered Dr. Doppler's research data, and developed the Extreme, a further evolved version of the Limited. Using that, they revived former Mavericks... and, a new Nightmare Police has begun to move. What is their goal....!?"


A brand-new enemy:

"The Introduction of a new powerful enemy, "Nihitsu"!! In "Rockman X Mega Mission", the Limited Reploid iX was introduced as a powerful rival, but in "Giga Mission", "Nihitsu", created by the Extreme, will be introduced. What is the conflict between X and Nihitsu, who bears a silhouette resembling Zero's? And what about the missing Zero? Unveil the many mysteries in "Giga Mission" for yourself!!

"The Extreme":

"Surpassing the Limited, what are the "Extreme"...!? The "Extreme" is an improved, evolved version of the semi-organic matter, the Limited, that Dr. Doppler created. Is this revival by that scientist's shadow [or remnant]!?"

No names are available for these two. It's assumed they part of the New Nightmare Police.

The "New Nightmare Police":

The other Legacy Nightmare Police that Dr. Doppler left behind From Dr. Doppler's data, the Nightmare Police have also been revived. Each specializing in speed and power respectively, when the new Nightmare Police combine, they become an even greater threat."

Rockman X Giga Mission will see the introduction of two new armors for X. The first is the "Proto Blade Armor"(shown left). The second armor is a bit of a mystery (shown right). Not much is known about it right now, but Bandai alludes that it is "the result of X interacting with the Extreme." You'll have to let your imagination fill in the blanks. A prototype version of X's Falcon Armor from X6 will also make an appearance.

The Rockman X Giga Mission trading card box set is currently a Premium Bandai exclusive with no plans for an English version. If you have the means to do so, you can pre-order it here. It's due to ship in August.

Thanks to Sky for the translations!


  1. The "Extreme", looks like Rockman Xtreme was meant to be an adaptation for Mega Mission, but they changed plans at the last moment, thats what I think.
    Would have been cool to have a game about this.

  2. "Nihitsu" seems to be katakana for the German word "nichts," meaning nothing. So Nichts *might* be his name.

  3. Weird looking character even for or maybe just for Mega Man.

  4. OOOOHHHHH, hot geisha police. nice

  5. pre-ordered before I had time to realize I've pre-ordered it.

  6. Damn. There goes my wallet...
    But this is gonna be so worth it.

  7. Proto blade armor eh? The blade armor Giga attack it self is pretty similar to X Third armor charge attack

  8. so are we going to get a new GODKARMACHINE O INARY then?

    1. It seems so! I hope they will keep with the Hindu/Buddhist naming conventions for them.

  9. You know what would be badass? Since X can keep on evolving, he has some new Sabre come out of his buster which is his own. X-Calibur! I think it could be even more badass than Z-Sabre.


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